We are back!! 4 July 2020

Wow! After what feels like a long time we are back this weekend with Invercargill parkrun. We start at 9am. First timers briefing is at 8:45am and full event briefing is at 8:50am.

We are mindful that the rest of the parkrun countries worldwide aren't able to start back just yet, so as we get ready to launch, many of the New Zealand Events have adopted a parkrun country to represent for our opening parkrunday! At Invercargill parkrun we have adopted the rainbow nation of South Africa. With 226 parkrun events, we are super excited to parkrun for South Africa this coming Saturday!

Come dressed as safari animals or in the colours of the South African flag for this parkrunday's event!

The other 29 parkruns that are operating on the 4th of July are supporting the following Countries

Australia - Gisborne parkrun
Canada - Balclutha parkrun
Denmark - Foster parkrun
Eswatini- Porirua parkrun
Finland - Hamilton Lake parkrun
France- Wanaka parkrun
Germany - Puarenga parkrun
Ireland - Hagley parkrun
Italy - Millwater parkrun
Japan - Queenstown parkrun
Malaysia - East End parkrun
Namibia - Lower Hutt parkrun
Netherlands - Dunedin parkrun
New Zealand - in their inaugural event - Whanganui Riverbank parkrun
Norway - Barry Curtis parkrun
Poland - Western Springs parkrun
Russia - Cornwell Park parkrun
Singapore - Taupo parkrun
South Africa - Invercargill parkrun
Sweden - Whangarei parkrun
UK - England - Cambridge parkrun
Wales - Pegasus parkrun
Scotland - Anderson parkrun
USA - Palmerston North parkrun

To support the Ministry of Health’s NZ COVID Tracer app, each parkrun event will display a QR code poster to help walkers, joggers, runners and volunteers keep track of where they have been. The QR code can be scanned by the individuals using their own NZ COVID Tracer app.

Scanning the QR code poster helps with contract tracing and will be presented at the event, on the event Facebook page, and on the news section of the event website, should you not take your smartphone to parkrun.

We remind you of the parkrun code, please refresh yourself with this code prior to Saturday's event.

The parkrun code for 5k events:

Please pay attention to the pre-run briefing
Respect everyone’s right to participate in their own way
Under 11s always with arm’s reach of a parent or guardian
One dog on a short lead per person
Be mindful of your local environment and other park users
No barcode, no time, no exception
Have fun, it’s only a walk, jog or run
Thank the amazing volunteers


Health and Safety:
As part of our restart we have a few changes to reduce contact points and our tokens will be washed after each event. Remember if you come through the finishing funnel please take a finish token and get it scanned. If you do not have your barcode, then you can drop the token in the bucket. Please be patient with our volunteers as we get started again. We will have hand sanitiser available at each event for your use if you would like to use some.

Cooler weather:
Given it is winter now, the temperature has dropped significantly. We encourage you to dress appropriately for the cooler weather, and suggest beanies and gloves, particularly for the children running, but also for walkers. Our marshals will be keeping an eye out to make sure that people aren't struggling with the cold.

We could do with some volunteers for the rest of the month, please let us know if you can help!
email: invercargill@parkrun.com or message us on facebook @invercargillparkrun

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!

Liz Henry
Event Director
Invercargill parkrun