Hobsonville Point parkrun is cancelled on 2021-10-02 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Hobsonville Point parkrun – Event #92– 7 Aug 2021

Hi fellow Parkrunners this week's run report is brought to you by Jody (Mum), Bobby (daughter) and Mog (dog) who were cheering at the turning point today!
It was so great to see everyone go past and to be able to see all your happy smiley faces or looks of determination! We enjoyed the hi fives, watching the buggies reach some extreme G's zipping round the hairpin and of course seeing the Barkrunners.
Today felt so nice as everyone was so kind by saying hi or giving thanks. It was so appreciated. I've been coming along to Hobsonville for a couple of years and especially since I've been volunteering more frequently, I've been feeling such sense of community, recognising faces even learning some names. Everyone today just looked like they were out there to have fun,  get their weekend off to a great start and we picked up on the atmosphere and the run seemed to fly by.
The conditions were dry although there was a brisk wind in parts which may have affected your times. Bobby described the weather as grey in the distance and we did spot a rainbow as we came through the finish.
I really hope everyone finished and felt as good about their day as we did.
Just a thought if you ran every park run in a year (I think there is an extra around New Year?) that's 53, 5km runs and you would have covered 265km in park runs alone and gain at least your 50 Parkrun milestone! Something to aim for.
I hope the first timers enjoyed themselves and come back.
See you all soon,
Love Jody, Bobby and Mog

Hobsonville Point parkrun – Event #90– 24 July 2021

Today we had 161 athletes who choose to come to Hobsonville Point parkrun, rather than stay at home and watch the Olympics on TV. Parkrun offers these athletes the choice of several different
events. You can choose from sprints, jogging, running, plodders, walkers, talkers, buggy pushers and dog walkers. All events are a 5km out and back course, which includes Bomb Point.
Don’t forget to bring your barcode. You can either print it out or get it laminated, or there are some other options available from www. parkrun-barcode.com including tags and wristbands. But whatever option you decide, remember to bring it to every parkrun. As well as it recording your time, it also has important emergency contact information. At another local parkrun recently, an athlete had a medical event where these details were actually required.
Instead of getting a gold, silver or bronze medal you will get an email with your time and place, along with the sense of satisfaction of knowing you have started off your weekend, in a positive way. You
will also be one parkrun closer to gaining your coveted parkrun shirt. We have a few people getting close to their purple 25 volunteer shirts, and red 50 parkrun participant shirts. Also there are black 100 parkrun participant shirts and green 250 shirts and blue 500 shirts on offer.
Today we celebrated Brian Salton on doing his 250 th parkrun, and Jacob Moolman on doing his 100th parkrun. Well done to them both. Matt Johnson, Maddie Park, Tom Kilding, Corine Johnson and Mary Huang all choose to do their first ever parkrun with us. Matt Smith did his 327th parkrun today. We are pleased that the misty, foggy weather didn’t stop you all having lots of fun today.
First male today was Matt Smith, first female was Emily Register and first junior was Aaron Douglas.

Our Chef had her Olympic Officials aka valued volunteers of Kate Wanden, Juanita Taylor, Anna Harding, Liam Wiggil, Dione Robinson,
Bessie Brown, Feng Han, Ivy Lu, Jody Knight and Linda Barker.
We are fortunate that afterwards we can celebrate with a coffee and treat with our friends, instead of having restrictions like Toyko Olympic athletes.
The best thing about parkrun is that you can do this all again, next Saturday and not have to wait four years like the Olympics.

Linda Barker.


Hobsonville Point parkrun – Event #88– 17 July 2021

What a fantastic park run morning in our awesome community, I love how parkrun gets so many people from so many different walks of life out and about being active, promoting mental and physical health! I know it has changed mine since I started a year ago! And I just love how it encourages families to all get out there together!
This morning started with a urgent call for a course set up volunteer and a huge thanks to Tony Halalilo for coming down early on short notice and making sure we can all get out and run! The weather turned it on yet again in our little microclimate of hobsonville point leaving the rain away till well after we had all finished.
There was a hit of wind out on the course today but that only helps with keeping us all cool for those PB's right????
The mighty pacers were out on the course today doing an amazing job at getting across the line on time! Stella effort everyone
Athlete's foot joined us this morning and I saw some people having some great chats and getting some new info on some pretty cool gear...
And to top the day off how good are the free bananas! Chur countdown!
Do we really have to wait 6 more days to do it all again???
Thank you to every volunteer who did there bit to make today happen! Please consider volunteering and give back to somethingwe all get so much out of.
This is Si signing out

Hobsonville Point parkrun – Event #88– 10 July 2021

Welcome to the 145 people who attended the 88th parkrun at Hobsonville Point.

Today we welcomed Keegan Burgess, Andy Taylor, Ryno and Sonnika De Beer, Phoebe Willis, Shelley Freestone, Jonell Mongie, Hannah and Matt McHugh as first timers to parkrun.  We hope to see you back again, soon.  Also welcome to Jessie Pang, Fen Han, Lei Liu, Catherine Horide, Tess Hayes, Stuart Smith and Mark Hudson, who were visitors to our parkrun today.

Picture 2

Congratulations to Barry Harrison who was first male, Mikki Wlliden first female and  Keegan Burgess was first junior, doing his first ever parkrun. Keegan is in the 11-14 year old, age group.

Last weekend, my husband and I were in Wellington so we did the Porirua parkrun. It was nice to know we were in the right place, when we saw this sign.

It was a chilly day there, but the welcome was warm, as they celebrated their 8th birthday.  This is a pic from the day.

Picture 1

Next Saturday, 17th July,  Hobsonville parkrun will have pacers.  Like all parkruns, this is done by volunteers.  A big thank you todays volunteers of Marcus Bristol and the team of Baden and Caitlin Todd, Emily  and Kate Wanden, Eugene Bingham, Jody Knight, Linda Barker, Peter Stoner, Petra Hnykova and Ryan Frost.

Linda Barker.



Hobsonville Point parkrun – Event #87– 3 July 2021

Well it was a bitterly cold morning with the thermometer showing 2 degrees at Hobsonville Point.


The skies were blue, the sun was shining, many areas were white from the frost, the boardwalk a little slippery but 104 of you made it out of bed to do parkrun and another half a dozen or so who stood in the cold and volunteered. With it being so cold I think it made most of us walk and run a little faster than usual to keep warm.

Congratulations to Jasmine Finney who was our first female back with a PB of 19:20. 17 of you got PB’s this week. Sorry not sure who how fastest male was as the first runner back had no barcode or time.

What is Parkrun? It’s a 5km run or walk held every Saturday morning, worldwide, at 8am. It is just you against the clock. You are not competing in a race and it is up to you how fast or slow you go. Some people like to try and outdo their own times each week and gain PB’s, others try and outdo their friends or family. However you do it make it fun.

Parkrun to me has become a ritual. Out of bed around 6.30am on a Saturday, rain or shine, though I might pull the pin if there are gale force winds, it’s hailing or thunder and lightning. Staying in bed would be much more appealing! It is meeting up with friends and family, enjoying the company and the scenery, having a laugh together while enjoying a 5km walk for fitness, health and stress relief. It is congregating at the market after for our ritual coffee and a bite to eat and more chatter and laughter. Overall Parkrun is a great family atmosphere and it is always so lovely to see so many kids taking part along with their Mums and Dads and of course our barkrunners. Just as the humans talk amongst themselves our many furry friends bark amongst themselves.

We are currently so incredibly lucky here in NZ that we are able to do Parkrun every Saturday without the restrictions in place like the rest of the World. Let’s hope it stays that way. Here’s to many more Parkruns this year and for many more years to come.

Debbie Craighead

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