Hagley Christmas and New Year parkruns

We are excited to add two more opportunities to parkrun at Hagley. We will be holding a Christmas Day parkrun at the usual time of 8am; and a New Year’s Day parkrun at the special time of 9:30am.

For the New Year run, you have the option to run twice, once at Foster parkrun or Pegasus parkrun at 8am, and then again at Hagley parkrun at 9:30am. This is the only day you can do a “double” and record two parkruns in one day.

A big welcome to any visitors and hope you can join us.


5km run series

A 5km run series will be run in the new year by Port Hills Athletics Club in Hagley park. The first event will be on the Tuesday the 10th of January ending on the 7th of February.

There are 3 races on each Tuesday, the first race is 5:30pm which is the 1.6km event for ages 14 and under only (free). 5:45pm for the 5km Athletics NZ registered race ($5) and 6:15pm for the 5km fun run and walk ($5).

More information and online entry at: http://www.5krunseries.com/

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