Hagley parkrun # 264 – 5th October 2019

Saturday, 5 October 2019 dawned grey and gusty - weather not seen for the first year of Hagley parkrun’s  existence and definitely not weather befitting such a momentous day. This parkrunday, parkrunners throughout the 21 parkrun countries around the world celebrated the 15th anniversary of parkrun (originally known as the Bushy Park Time Trial). A little closer to home, 337 parkrunners (including 8 pacers and the tail walker) and 11 volunteers celebrated Hagley parkrun’s 5th anniversary. Modecai NKWHAZI, today’s run director, carried out his 158th volunteering task over 113 events.

Forty four people were first timers to Hagley, with 17 of those first timers recording their first ever parkruns! Welcome, and congratulations to you all.  We also had visitors from Ballina Coast (Australia), Blackbuttt (Australia), Cairns (Australia), Capabala (Australia), Mitchelton (Australia), The Entrance (Australia), Exeter Riverside (UK), Ashton Court (UK), Dunedin, Invercagill, Queenstown, Pegasus, Foster, Kapiti Coast, Blenheim and Lower Hutt.

Jo TAYLOR, Hagley’s original event director, started Hagley parkrun because a family member in Australia was a keen parkrunner. In her time as event director, she ran 10 times and performed 65 recorded volunteering roles over 43 different days.  Brad HENDERSON, Hagley’s current event director, started his parkrunning at Albert Melbourne. He has run 141 parkruns and performed 174 recorded volunteer tasks over 117 different days. Both have spent many unrecorded hours ensuring Hagley’s smooth operation. Thank you both for bringing parkrun to Christchurch and for everything you have done for the Hagley parkrunners.

Greg and I were warmly welcomed into the parkrun family at Hagley’s 5th event, and haven’t looked back - it’s just how Saturday mornings are spent, now with our two daughters in tow. During the 4 years with Hagley as our home event, we made friends with other regular parkrunners and Saturday was always a highlight of the week as we would catch up with them. Today was no different and it was great to reconnect with so many after heading away to start Foster parkrun almost a year ago.

It was also wonderful to have The Athlete’s Foot at Hagley with a selection of shoes for people to take for a test run, together with delicious cake and brownie. A big thanks to Simon and his team for braving the cold to provide support and nourishment!

The first of Hagley’s parkrunners are fast approaching their 250 milestone shirts with Yvette TUCKER leading the charge on 244 runs and Colin CHIN close on her heels at 243. That’s five years of dedication to parkrun! There has been a total distance of 239,285km run at Hagley parkrun in the last five years, that’s very almost 6 times around the Earth’s equator!

Today’s fast field saw Alistair RICHARDSON cross the finish line in 16.59, closely followed by Corban STRAKER (17.30) and Tom SOMERVILLE (17.36).  The females were led home by junior Isobel REDFORD (21.31, 45th overall), followed by Petra MOSSOP (21.40) and Bernadette JAGO (22.35).

This week’s event was made possible by 19 volunteers, a huge thank you to Sinead IRELAND • Sharon CLOSE • Richard MALLOCH • Yvette TUCKER • Regan HELLYER • Big Dan FIDOW • Suzy PETERSEN • Modecai NKHWAZI • Colin THOMS • Alan MONNOX • Alex KELLIHER • Jonathan GIBBONS • Billy CARTER • Anna DOWLING • Jackie MCGEORGE • Callum TEMPLETON • Richard ANNESS • Micheal HANLON • Emma HARDING. If you haven’t volunteered for a while, we encourage you to try your hand at one of the roles, it’s very rewarding and full training is given for each role.

Thank you to everyone (runners, joggers, walkers and volunteers) who make Hagley such a delightful parkrun. 

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Hagley parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Michael KERNAHAN who recorded a time of 15:08 on 23rd December 2017 (event number 170). The female record is held by Angie PETTY who recorded a time of 16:40 on 23rd December 2017 (event number 170).  The Age Grade course record is held by Loris REED who recorded 96.65% (23:25) on 23rd March 2019 (event number 236).

Hagley parkrun started on 4th October 2014. Since then 7,101 participants have completed 47,857 parkruns covering a total distance of 239,285 km, including 7,245 new Personal Bests. A total of 417 individuals have volunteered 2,538 times.