Hagley parkrun # 250 – 29th June 2019


At parkrun everyone loves to celebrate runners persistence and the achievement of reaching significant milestones. Today we celebrated 250 events at Hagley parkrun and what a day it was!

While the city centre recorded a temperature of -5 at 7am this morning the temperature had risen to a balmy -1 by 8 o’clock. 285 braved the frosty conditions and either ran, walked or jogged the course.

21 outstanding individuals volunteered. Of those a brave 14 were either marking the course or waiting at the finish area. Thank you for your amazing efforts and for withstanding the cold. Another 7 individuals paced the course, in what was our second ever pacer event. Thank you all for giving our participants this fantastic experience. It was wonderful to receive such positive feedback and to know that it contributed to so many individuals runs.

Today’s volunteers were:

Amelia HINTON, Barry WILLIAMSON, Bartosz MORAWIEC, Bruce WOODS, Claire HORNCASTLE, Colin CHIN, Colin THOMS, David SCOBIE, Heath TAYLOR, Jean WILLIAMSON, Jonathan GIBBONS, Maria AMOS, Micheal HANLON, Modecai NKHWAZI, Rachael SEXTON, Robyn DALY, Ross MACKAY, Sinead IRELAND, Stephanie RUMBLE, Yvette TUCKER

Thank you all for your contribution to this special event.

To add to the celebration everyone was greeted with cake and cookies. Thank you Original Foods for the kind and ever so yummy donation of chocolate cake it was a massive hit!

We welcomed a number of parkrun tourists today, including Julia and Paul Gordon from Lower Hutt who ensured that our event was not absent of a Green 250 Club T-shirt, or two. Another group visiting from the UK managed to cram in two PBs, a 50th milestone and make their 10am flight! Great going team! We also got to welcome back Greg Petersen, a recent Run Director of Hagley who is now Event Director at Foster parkrun.

Other important numbers today included:

  • 61 PBs including all three of our first finishes.
  • 33 people visited Hagley parkrun for the first time, 20 of those experienced their first ever parkrun.
  • 21 clubs were represented
  • 4 people recorded milestones. One 100, Two 50’s and a Junior 10! Congratulations Glenda, Charlotte, Greg and Stewart (also on your PB).

Today is also a great opportunity to extend an extra thank you to all our past, and present, Run and Event Directors. They all work extremely hard behind the scenes each week to make sure we can all turn up to run, walk, jog or volunteer. Thank you! Over the last 250 events so many people have contributed to Hagley parkrun, whether you’re a parkrunner or a volunteer you've made it happen and made it the fantastic community it is today. Congratulations to everyone at Hagley parkrun!!!