parkrun #50 Event report

Happy Half-Century!!


Thanks to Vivienne HAWKEN for the great write-up and pictures!

Parkrun #50 was a lovely morning for getting up and out there and we had a very good turn out of 40 walkers and runners.  We had 8 first-timers to our run this morning with people from Lower Hutt, Napier, Cambridge - and Jayne CHALMERS all the way from Northern Ireland so thank you all for joining us on our 50th!


Jerym BRUNSON dropped in from Auckland on his way to the Wairarapa Country Marathon in Masterton.  Jerym came in first with a time of 21.08 mins.  His first time on our course but his 165th Parkrun!   There were also nine new PB’s made today which is a great achievement.

For full results, hop across to the results page.

Today we had the pleasure of Stu LESLIE from Lower Hutt join us.


Stu was keeping a little secret to himself for a while but couldn’t help but let us know that later on the same morning, he was getting married in Martinborough.  And he arranged for the wedding to be pushed out to 11 o’clock so that he could come and do our parkrun.  Such dedication!   Our congratulations go out to Stu and Heather Lewis for a wonderful day and all the best for your future life together.  Stu’s parting shot as he left after the run “Sorry girls, I’m taken!”


Our wonderful volunteers this week were:

Thanks for organising another great event, team!  If you want to join in and support a future event, please click across to the volunteer page.



Following the event, we all adjourned to the Offering Café for coffee and scones.  There was more catching up and even some plotting....



Don't forget our anniversary event is coming up on the evening of Saturday 2nd November.  Full details over on the Birthday Bash page.  Do let us have any questions or thoughts. and we'll add them to the page so all can benefit.

Next week is parkrun #51. If anyone has some alien technology they'd like to show-off next week, do bring it along.  We'll make sure we are all suitably adorned in alien getup, clip-on antennas, tin-foil hats to stop them reading our minds, and so on!



parkrun #49 Event report

How to celebrate the number 49?  It's so easy to be overshadowed by #50 next week!  So our challenge was to do something special.  So... welcome to our "minor #49-er".  This week we celebrated that "children are our future" and encouraged all participants to bring a child or two.

Children are our future.

Children are our future.

For those fortunate enough to be without any available children, a hard-hat and head-torch paid respect to the many that discovered gold in "them thar hills".


Sheryl, back from the mines.

If you have neither children, nor a hard hat, then for you the key this week is a sad, sad song.


Not a union meeting. More an event briefing.

Thank you to Vivienne HAWKEN for this write-up:

With the roar from the wind in the Tararua Ranges and the strong gusts buffeting the course this morning, a smaller group than last week gathered to the start.  At least it was not raining!  We had two people from out of town join us from Lower Hutt and New Plymouth and several first timers came along which was great to see.

This run also saw the first three-generational-group of Kim CATT, her mother Rae and her son Connor.

Wow, that is pretty amazing!!!

We also welcomed a new member Tilly MILLS, aged 7, running with her mother VanessaSharlene STOREY also brought her daughter Trinity along for her first parkrun.  It’s so lovely to see families coming along to parkrun.

First person home today was Craig Ewing so well done to you. Heading back along the track into a head-wind can not have been easy!  Full results are available over on the results page.


Great to see Craig "romping home" in first place.

Our amazing volunteers battled against the elements to stop everything blowing away!  A BIG THANKS to the following:

If you would like to volunteer at one of our events, find out more on this page.

Next week is our half-century!!  Come along and help us celebrate our BIG 5-0!


Di is kindly putting together another order for wristbands.  This is a great way to carry your registration barcode and to benefit from the best price you can get!  Email Di for more details.

We still have a number of wristbands from Barbara's previous order.  If you ordered a wristband from Barbara and your name is Rob. Mary or Louise, please collect from the team at any event.

Image result for parkrun wristbands



parkrun #48 Event Report

New record attendance!

How wonderful to be breaking records this early in the season!  We were fortunate enough to entertain 59 participants this week - and it's only September!

The big news was that Martin O'SULLIVAN had chosen to join us at Greytown to complete his 350th parkrun!  This is a huge achievement when you consider how far this adds up to.


Martin was well-supported in his run this week with many friends from "all over", visiting Greytown and joining in the event.

Not least were 2 regular visitors from Napier Nneka and Paul, who decided Martin might need some help focussing on the route.  They dressed up as hares (OK - bunnies) and made sure the route was obvious!  It is important to declare that the 2 bunnies have been included in the record total celebrated above!


We also met some new friends from Porirua and some that had come from Epsom parkrun in UK!

And the nice surprises didn't stop there... We saw 6 new Personal Bests (PBs) which goes to show how folk are getting faster/fitter/quicker off the mark etc.  And this week, 16 participants enjoyed their first parkrun on our particular route.

The full list of results can be seen on the website.

Because all performances are recorded, some great fun can be had with the resulting statistics.  For example there is a table that tracks parkrunners who have attended the most different events in NZThis week, the top 9 people on the parkrun NZ "most events list" were running at Greytown.  And, all except one of the people who have completed all 29 NZ parkruns were running at Greytown.  It was an experienced field, this week!

Our volunteers were absolutely "on the ball" as always - they had clearly read all the volunteer information before they donned the orange vest!  This week we are indebted to the following for making it all happen:

We are already preparing the roster for next week - it is shared on the website and you can volunteer by dropping us a line.



It was great to see so many younger participants this week and it set a thought running.  At parkrun, we believe that children are the future. And we want to encourage the next generation of parkrunners to come along to the Greytown-Woodside event and discover what the fun is all about.

We are therefore dedicating our next event on Saturday the 5th October to the under-16s and entitling it our "minor #49er".  If you are unable to bring any children, we will settle for a canary or a hard-hat and head-torch!


And don't forget our Birthday Bash on Saturday 2nd November at the Offering Café.  Full details on the website.



parkrun #47 Event Report


What a lovely day we had for parkrun #47!  After a bit of a damp one last week, the day dawned bright and beautiful and the numbers this week reflected the change in weather!  We enjoyed the company of 38 participants, plus a buggy and assorted park-hounds!


This week, we had 5 first-timers - folk who haven't completed the Greytown-Woodside parkrun before, and a couple of complete newbies who enjoyed their first ever parkrun experience.  Welcome to the start of a life-long habit!!

Some visitors came from far and wide, and we were pleased to meet Steve who had popped over from London to see what the fuss was about.

As well as thoroughly enjoying the weather and great company, 9 participants really put their foot down and achieved new Personal Bests!  Flynn REGISTER took the lead from the start and managed a convincing first place, but the clock suggests he may have been holding a little back!  For the full breakdown of results, hop over to this page.



The volunteers were great as always and we are hugely grateful to this week's team who enabled us to enjoy such a great event:

Don't forget, we are building up a set of descriptions about each volunteer role.  If you want to know more about what to do when you volunteer, head over to this page.  If you have something to add to any of the descriptions, drop us a line!


After the event, the group breakfast at Offering Café was fabulous as always.  Some even chose to sit outside!  Here comes summer!

Don't forget to save the date for 6pm Saturday 2nd Nov.  Full details of our Birthday Bash on this page.





parkrun #46 Event Report

Enjoying a wet morning under the gazebo.

Well, Spring has really really sprung as the skies opened up just as we were starting this morning's run.  It had rained heavily overnight and numbers were down today.  Fortunately, we had the parkrun gazebo to shelter under.  Although, at one point, there were so many parkrunners that huddling became difficult!

Many familiar faces were missing but the brave who turned up at the start included three first timers to Parkrun Sam and Kevin REID and Reanne TAWHARU.

Juno taking centre stage!

We also had three out of towners, Trish CUMMINS and Eric PHIMISTER from Napier and Andy HUMMEL from Kapiti pushing Juno in a pram.  Juno clearly loved the experience and kept buzzing for the stewardess all the way down the course!

A total number of 22 participants took to the Trail and 2 PB’s were achieved by Rachel GAWITH and Martha COULSON, well done to you both. It was a wet and bedraggled lot who came in over the finish line.

The event was made possible by our 7 awesome Hi-Viz volunteers:

  • Dave WHITE
  • Phil COX
  • Vivienne HAWKEN
  • Sheryl THOMSON
  • Miranda BARTON

Amelia doing a great job of distributing tokens.

Included in our volunteers today was Di BAILEY’s young granddaughter Amelia, who took on the role of handing out the tokens and a great job she did too.

Kevin and Sam REID from Greytown weren’t able to make coffee at the Offering Café afterwards as it was their 23rd wedding anniversary and they were off out celebrating. Congratulations!!!  Good to see though that Trish, Eric and Andy found their way to the Offering and joined us for a natter and food.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun Results Page.


parkrun #45 Event Report

This week's Event Report is by Ava Register.

Welcome to Greytown’s first spring parkrun. It was nice to see several kids running with their parents this week. We welcomed a whole family from Kapiti Coast*. Great to see some first-timers arriving, including a couple of new families.


A good job to Flynn Register and Ash Walker, our top two finishers today. Congratulations to all of those who recorded a PB:

  • kellybirchAllen Birch
  • Kelly Birch (right)
  • Louise McCormack.

Complete results

Thanks again to all the volunteers. This week's crew were Kathy Borland, Guy Fisher, Vivienne Hawken, Kirsty Hull, Ava Register, Brent Register, and Dave White. We couldn’t do this event without you!

*That would be the flying O'Sullivans. Young Rebecca has completed 168 parkruns, young Daniel has completed 230, and young Michael 249; slightly older Jessie isn't far behind, with 246. The deans of the family, Mark and Jo, round out the numbers, with 314, and 206, respectively.


parkrun #44 Event Report

This week's writeup comes from parkrun regular Ava Register. Thank you, Ava!


As spring has finally come, today was a beautiful day to run and walk the parkrun. We had several people from outside Wairarapa: a few from Lower Hutt and one from as far away as Tauranga. We enjoyed frosty and calm conditions. Surely this was not the windiest parkrun of the year!!!


We had a few bovines cheering us on at the start, and then we were off.

Flynn Register took 1st place for the 10th time this year, setting a new PB of 18.50. Well done, Flynn! Patrick Donovan of Lower Hutt was not far behind, in 19.41. Ian McKee came third, his time of 21.04 just missing being a PB; and our first female finisher was our Tauranga visitor, Isis Metcalfe, who claimed a new parkrun PB with her 21.40 finish.

Full results

Thanks, as always, to our volunteers. This week, they were Margaret Donovan, Jenny Duggan, John Duggan, Paul Furkert, Judy Rayner, Ava Register, and Dave White.

One thing to put on your calendars for the end of the year: We will have a parkrun on Christmas Day. Yes, that's a Wednesday, but parkrun we will. Start time will be at 9 a.m.


parkrun #43 Event Report

By: Vivienne Hawken

Spring may be on its way with blossom on the trees and daffodils in the fields, but it sure didn’t feel like spring out on the track this morning.   A cold strong southerly wind blew across the farmland with the hint of rain threatening.


Having said that, we had a great turnout today with 38 participants for the 5km course and not forgetting the support of our volunteers, who had to wait in the cold for our return and then clear up afterwards.


Some volunteers, waiting!

Thanks go to:

  • Dave WHITE
  • Fiona MCCARDLE
  • Vivienne HAWKEN
  • Jenny DUGGAN
  • John DUGGAN
  • Lloyd MILLAR

We had several participants join us today from Lower Hutt and Napier, plus there were five first-timers from Martinborough, Featherston and Greytown, which was lovely to see.


Another picture of Flynn in first place.

Flynn REGISTER was the first one home in 20 minutes, followed by Ash WALKER and then the first woman home and first timer was Sarah HIGGINS in an impressive 23:41.   Another great goal today was reached by Connor CATT, who completed his 10th parkrun and achieved a new Personal Best - breaking his previous PB by just over 2 minutes!

Fantastic achievement Connor!!!

69080355_2380541452013239_2842479098171752448_n 69260342_494172364482861_3424196602682671104_n

For the full set of results, please hop across to this page.

The wooden spoon this week goes to Dave WHITE, one of our organisers, who in his haste forgot to put the parkrun flag out on the road.  Luckily Sheryl THOMNSON was there with the orange cones to guide people.


Dave, THIS flag!


Warming up afterwards at the Offering Café was lovely and a great time for catching up on what everyone’s been up to.  Can’t beat those toasted scones"</p


The best cure for parkrun!

Amongst the bagels and coffee, the conversation turned to our approaching first anniversary. The year has flown by and it won't be too long until parkrun #52! Plans are taking shape and we will share the "currrent plan" in a post specifically created for the purpose. For all things to do with the birthday celebrations, please monitor this post.




parkrun #42 Event Report

Welcome to the 42nd running of the Greytown-Woodside Trail parkrun!  We are a bunch of walkers and runners who enjoy any excuse to get some fresh air on a Saturday morning.

This week, we celebrated the number "42" and it's significance as "the meaning of life, the universe and everything", thanks to Douglas Adams' great trilogy of 5 books: "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

On this cool breezy morning, parkrunners gathered, adorned with various mementos of the story.  There were walkers in dressing gowns, runners carrying towels, and even a complete set of the paperbacks!!


Some books.



Runners: never leave home without your towel.


We welcomed some visitors from over the hill, and it was great to have some first-timers - congratulations on your first parkrun!  May it be the first of many!

The rather unkind weather made it tough going today, but Julien Fallon enjoyed his first run at Greytown and led the pack home in fine style.  Despite the conditions, there were still some "Personal Best" times set and congratulations to those who continue to improve!  You can view the full set of results over on the results page.

A moment's silence as we prepare for the onslaught!


The volunteers are always critical to a successful event and this week we thank the following for their time, commitment and good humour in the face of wintry showers:

  • Phil COX
  • Kirsty HULL
  • Vivienne HAWKEN
  • Kim CATT
  • Paul FURKERT
  • Miranda BARTON

All parkrunners are invited to sign-up to volunteer every few weeks. Take a look at the roster to choose a role. Then apply through the volunteer page.


A volunteer with his towel and dogs.


The post-parkrun coffee at the Offering Café provided an opportunity to catch-up, update our "Hitchhikers" annecdotes, and find out more about our colleagues.  The staff were a little bemused at the sight of towels and pyjamas, but they coped well with the intrusion, and enjoyed the explanations!


Coffee in the Offering Café.



parkrun welcomes dogs and their humans to each event, and each week we see both runners and walkers enjoying 4-legged company (some might say "assistance"!). The only stipulation is that dogs are kept on a short, non-extending lead. This means that they share the same finishing time as their humans - always a bonus.










parkrun #41 Event Report


A big Greytown WELCOME to Di Bailey for her first stint as Run Director.  Huge congratulations to Di as the event went beautifully - we didn't lose anybody and no-one got hurt!

A chilly wind for our 41st parkrun at Woodside Trail.  But the rain stayed off and there were even some flashes of sunshine!


This week we had 30 hardy souls join us.  Welcome Sharlene Storey and Lois Pitt to your very first parkrun and Dan Joe and Stu Chandler from Lower Hutt and Charles Sanderson Dollery from Anderson.




Also a huge congratulations to Charles who chose to run his 50th parkrun with us at Greytown, thereby earning his red T-shirt.  The yummy cake was enjoyed by us all.


Well done to Lilla CSORGO, Barbara COMESKY, Ken SANDERSON and Karina JACKSON for recording new Personal Bests.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun Results Page.

Thank you so much to our awesome team of Hi-Viz volunteers. This week the following team made our event possible:

  • Fiona MCCARDLE
  • Phil COX
  • Vivienne HAWKEN
  • Sheryl THOMSON
  • Paul FURKERT
  • Miranda BARTON


Just a reminder that Barbara COMESY is driving the initiative to sort out a bulk order of wristbands.  If you are interested please email Barbara at:  The order will be closed and placed on 15 August.

Next week

Next week, we celebrate the 42nd running of the Greytown-Woodside Trail parkrun.  As we all know, "42" is the answer to "life, the universe and everything" and we shouldn't let this auspicious occasion go unmarked.  To celebrate  HG2G and all it has done for parkrun, and indeed, everything else, we invite all parkrunners to bring a towel - about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.

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