parkrun #112 Event Report for 1st May 2021

68 x 2-legged runners, nine volunteers and six 4-legged runners were greeted with glorious weather at the 112th Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun.


Congratulations to newlywed Aucklander Dion O’Neale, who stole the show with another first placing in 18:19.


Likewise congratulations to Lilla Csorgo for her first place in 23:16 (her 15th first pacing at Greytown Woodside from 19 starts!).


And well done to our Age Grade percentage winner this week, Marcia Hunter with 78.06%

Chris Mead, Kim Gourlay, Alison Payne and Heather Haines all capitalised on the windless conditions to snatch a PB. Well done!

We had nine Greytown Woodside Trail first timers, including three who chose our trail as their very first parkrun. Welcome. (Our first timers represented just 1.6% of the 190 first timers across NZ on Saturday).

One of the big attractions to many parkrunners are the statistics, so here are a few more:

Combined, our 68 runners have completed a total of 3,044 parkruns between them. Impressive!

The average time at event #112 was 33:26. This is slightly higher than the national average of 30:58. Remember, whether you complete parkrun in 17 minutes, or 68 minutes, you have both done 5km!

Of the 67 named runners this week, the most common first name initial was M with 8 people, followed by A with 6 people.

Thank you for attending and putting another 5km into your health bank.

Thank you also to our team of volunteers who make the event possible.

Ash WALKER • Judy RAYNER • Di BAILEY • Kim CATT • Lloyd MILLAR • Rachel GAWITH • Bede STEVENS • Frances SPITE • Rupert HOLBROOK

Particularly the Race Directing hydra, Di, Dave, Phil and Lew. Your work is appreciated.


Event Report #111

Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun
Event number 111
24th April 2021

This week’s run report is brought to you by Dan Joe, who is an adventurous parkrun tourist based in the Greater Wellington region.

On a beautiful sunny day today, 56 parkrunners and 9 volunteers enjoyed a nice refreshing atmosphere on the course. A couple of things that I noticed when I last visited this course was that the huge tree stump near the start/finish line is no longer there and it might make it difficult to get shelter, or to get some shade in. The other part of the course now has mixed sand and gravel terrain which actually helped my left knee injury that I am recovering from. It is also great to have a change of scenery and also recommendations to make the course more of an enjoyable experience. Each time I come to Greytown and run on this course I am very happy to see enthusiastic individuals getting their parkrun fix done and dusted for the day, while continuing their day to enjoy other things.

Even though we could not celebrate last year on Saturday at this time last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year will be the time to remember and reflect on those who have fought in Gallipoli as part of ANZAC. ANZAC day is one day of a year tradition that families and friends reunite to remember those who served and fought for us during their time in war. Although this coming Monday is an observed public holiday, next year is a different story again as ANZAC day next year will fall on the Monday. While I was watching the news about remembering ANZAC day, the motto that we all remember is ‘Lest we forget’, which means that we remember those who commemorate these special occasions and the war remembrance services. To those who have bought a poppy to help donate for the RSA this year, we thank you for doing so and the support of those who fought for us will always be cherished in our hearts.

As for the 7 first timers to this course, 2 of them ran/walked their debut parkrun for the first time. Congratulations to Seb BROOKER and Tracey SMITH. The remainder are first timers parkrun tourists from Hamilton, New Plymouth and Napier. 2 new personal bests were also recorded today, congratulations to both Rhys WINGATE and Robyn GREEN. There was also one milestone to celebrate today, congratulations to Nikki MORGAN from East End, New Plymouth for doing your milestone here and also to our run director Lew CAMPBELL also achieved his new purple volunteer shirt today.

Thank you to the volunteers who helped out today during the long weekend. Your efforts and participation is greatly appreciated. They are as follows: Judy CAMPBELL, Lew CAMPBELL, Dan JOE, Alan KOZIARSKI, Chris MEAD, Melissa MEAD, Vanessa MILLS, Bede STEVENS and Vicki WALLER

For some handy tips on how to write a run report, you are more than welcome to read on how this could contribute towards helping towards your first purple volunteer t-shirt (More volunteer shirts will be coming after 1st September as per parkrun HQ’s announcement this month) or alternatively, you can read the news section on a particular parkrun course’s website to help format your report. You can read the notes here.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you again sometime soon.

Many Thanks,




Event Report #109


This week 28 people ran, jogged and walked the course. A small crowd due to a damp morning (although it stopped raining once we set off) and probably some heading to Martinbourgh early for the fair. Today there were 5 were first-timers - welcome:

and 4 recorded new Personal Bests - congratulations:

Our first male home was Chris Mead and first female Marcia Hunter, well done.

We had representatives of 5 different clubs taking part.

Two people celebrated the milestone of 50 Parkruns - congratulations Chris and Melissa Mead. Chris had a busy morning!


We were rewarded with coffee in the warm and dry at the Offering Cafe and chat about Parkrun in Coventry with 700 people!

I also heard a rumor it was Parkrun regular Bede Stevens birthday, if so happy birthday!

The event was made possible by 11 volunteers:

  • Bruce MCCARDLE
  • Dave WHITE
  • Martin O'SULLIVAN
  • Fiona MCCARDLE
  • Phil COX
  • Judy RAYNER
  • Andrea COWLAM
  • Kathy BORLAND
  • Bede STEVENS
  • Vicki WALLER

Coming up on 24 April we have an Anzac Day run.  Make sure you are dressed in black, white and red to commemorate the occasion!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Hannah OLDROYD who recorded a time of 18:19 on 8th December 2018 (event number 6).
The male record is held by Matthew MOLONEY who recorded a time of 16:23 on 9th February 2019 (event number 15).
The Age Grade course record is held by Madison WOS who recorded 83.24% (19:59) on 1st January 2021 (event number 95).

Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun started on 3rd November 2018. Since then 996 participants have completed 4,757 parkruns covering a total distance of 23,785 km, including 755 new Personal Bests. A total of 139 individuals have volunteered 858 times.


Event Report #108

While Good Friday in the Wairarapa certainly appeared to mark the end of summer, Easter Saturday morning was crisp, clear and picturesque at Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun, #108.

Picture 1

Visitors flocked to the Easter special - from Eastbourne (which isn't a parkrun), Rotorua and Invercargill (must have been a very early start..).

I, dear reader, was encumbered with a dog – an excitable corgi named Renfield ( for those interested). He hasn't yet learnt the basics of rhythm and pacing. So, watching the runners pass by, backtracking and lurching to either side of the path, I held on firmly to what would be not so much a run, as a festive rabbit chase.

Picture 2

Bedecked in bunny ears, and traditional tutus, a bevy of 70 runners set off in the morning chill. Renfield and I sprinted forth in instinctive pursuit, exhausting ourselves in the first 1km. We were easily outrun, even with 14 first timers at GWT, these were clearly experienced rabbits! Newcomers Russell CLARKE, Joe REDFERN, Jacob VERSTRATEN, Phil GULBRANSEN, Josie WARD, Megan DWYER, Elizabeth DAINTY, Stephen HILL, Chris PEDDIE-BURCH, Anna ROSSITER-STEAD, Robyn SHARMA, Harry SHARMA, Jackson HUNT and Sharriie GIBBONS deserve an extra big egg for putting Ren and I through our paces.

Picture 3

Perhaps Nathan DALEY's bountiful bucket of Easter eggs was the incentive needed to bring home 12 PBs along this week. Very well done to Isham REDFORD, Aaron SMITH, Nickee VERSTRATEN, Melissa MEAD, Corin HAINES, Kim GOURLAY, Vicki WALLER, Sonet VAN DER WESTHUYZEN, Codi VAN DER WESTHUYZEN, Barbara SCHOLES and Paul RAYNER.

Congratulations to this week’s winners!:
● Porirua regular, Juan KOEKEMOER, bounded out and back in 18m 50s; both a win and a PB for his second trip to GWT.
Marcia HUNTER brought home her fourth female first place at GWT in 25m 16s.

Full results can be viewed on the results page.

But for all this success, the sweetest Easter treat went to Di BAILEY, regular GWT run director, who marked her 50th parkrun milestone in customary red tutu and seasonal bunny ears. And a huge, bank-holiday-weekend sized, thank you to this week’s volunteers: Ali LANG, Craig EWING, Dave WHITE, Greg LANG, Kelly BIRCH, Lloyd MILLAR and Phil COX

Picture 4
Picture 5

Oma rāpeti, oma rāpeti, oma, oma, oma!

Chris MEAD


Event Report #107

This week's Event Report comes to us from Kirstin Hunter:

Parkrun day dawned bright and early for Greytown Woodside Trail's 107th parkrun. Our field of 57 walkers/runners (plus our exceptional support crew) were presented with an exquisite March morning.

Today saw me cruising along the trail as a walker rather than at my usual jog. It certainly gives you more time to take in the view and truly appreciate the beauty in our own backyard. Today saw several first-timers to our humble trail. A big welcome to Jordan Horrell, Emma Keane, Candi McMickle, Chris Mead, Melissa Mead, and Charlotte Ross.

Our first man and woman home, Flynn Register and Rachel Gawith, are both locals. We also had a number of PBs, so congratulations to Robyn Cherry-Campbell, Pamela Feiertag, David French, Elliot Mauriri, Viv Mauriri, Martin Parker, Judy Rayner, Paul Rayner, and John Sage.

Full results

As always, a shout-out to our awesome team of volunteers - especially those who volunteered earlier in the week rather than 10 minutes before the run (I'll try to do better in the future). Thanks to Di Bailey, Martin Dransfield, Bede Stevens, Graeme Tindall, Ian Ward, Jan Ward, and Dave White.

Remember that next week is our annual Easter-themed parkrun, so let's dig out our bunny ears and have some fun.


Event Report #106

We talk a lot about not being able to have a parkrun if we don't have enough volunteers. A timekeeper and a barcode scanner are essential for recording results, and the scanner would have nothing to scan if another volunteer weren't handing out finish tokens. We couldn't safely keep participants and traffic from colliding if we didn't have our dependable Stout's Corner marshals, many of whom double as photographers. We couldn't safely keep the Greytown Woodside Trail owners on side if we didn't have our valiant Carpark Marshals ensuring that the area outside the archway remains vehicle-free. Those carkpark marshals also help many a parkrun tourist discover that they are, in fact, in the right place. And last (by design) and certainly NEVER least are our wonderfully dedicated Tail Walkers, ensuring that everyone else gets back safe and sound, every time out.

volunteers 13th March 2

That's our volunteers. But there's another element without which parkrun wouldn't, well, run (and walk). And that is our participants. You the walkers and you the runners and you the folk who bring your dog (on a short lead, of course!) along the trail with you and you the brave parents who push the prams through our myriad metal pinch points–everyone who starts at the tree (sadly, now a stump) and ends at the tree (after, of course, turning around at the red slab) is worthy of praise and an inspiration to all.

Here are some benefits to consider:

  • When you do parkrun, you are kilometres ahead of those who sit on the sofa.
  • When you do parkrun, you are among like-minded people who don't mind (too much) getting up early on a Saturday and coming out for a jaunt down the Greytown Woodside Trail. (And hey, if that's what you use as a motivation for earning your coffee and scone at The Offering afterward, then go for it!)
  • When you do parkrun, you challenge yourself as much as you want. It isn't a race, unless YOU want it to be. It might be a challenge, it will be a challenge, but you decide how much of a challenge you want every time you come out.

  • When you do parkrun, you are taking part in a global grassroots fitness program that rewards ALL who finish. Yes, we have fast runners. Yes, we have fast walkers. Fast is great. But ALL of us who complete a parkrun, from the youngest to the oldest, do the distance. We all complete 5 kilometres, every time. Use a watch or an app or just run/walk: It's up to you. We're all out there TO HAVE FUN. That's your reward: to say that you've set yourself a challenge and achieved it, to say that you've gotten your workout in early on the first day of the weekend, to say that you want to stay healthy and be around other people who wish the same.
  • Also, when you do parkrun on the Greytown Woodside Trail, you have access to, from many accounts, the most vibrant network of post-parkrun fellowship around. Many of us have done parkrun in other parts of New Zealand and in other countries. Many people from all around the country and all around the world have done parkrun on our course. Time and again, we hear that refrain that our community is the most welcoming–from the First Timers' Briefing to the parkrun itself to the chatting at the finish area afterward and then to the time at The Offering. All of us make it that way because of who we are.


So all of that is by way of saying thank you to our participants, for coming out week after week (or as often as you can), for smiling for our photographers, for cheering on other participants while running/walking and after you've finished, for making The Offering such a parkrun-happy place on a Saturday morning. Yes, parkrun needs volunteers to run. But parkrun also needs runners and walkers to operate. It is our participants as well who make parkrun go. So from the Run Director crew to all who run and walk on our course, a hearty thank you and a high amount of appreciation for your dedication, your spirit, and your determination to live a fit and healthy life. Wherever your travels may take you, you may well find a parkrun. But one thing that we all know is that right here in the heart of Wairarapa is a vibrant, happy, inspiring group of people who make parkrun go.

See you out there!

Dave White, Event Director

Some particulars from this week's event:

  • Completing her 50th parkrun this week was Fiona McCardle.
  • We marked St. Patrick's Day with a dress-up of course.
  • Our first finisher was Destry Gourlay; our first female finisher was Marcia Hunter.
  • Setting a Personal Best (PB) time along with Gourlay were Elliot Mauriri and Yvonne Sutherland.
  • Making our parkrun go this week were volunteers Kim Catt, Rachel French, Paul Gibbons, Kim Gourlay, Judy Rayner, and Bede Stevens.
  • We welcomed a pair of first-timers: Colin Lang from Dunedin and Karin Dalgliesh from Lower Hutt.

Full results


parkrun #105 Event Report for 13th March 2021

It was a nippy but still morning when the field of 47 lined up at the start line - perfect conditions for parkrun!

Today marked our first parkrun without our giant old pine tree sheltering our start/finish line. There was many a discussion about the loss of our trusty friend who has provided shelter on blustery winter mornings and sported many a decoration during our themed events. We suspect it was aged between between 80 to 100 years old and the stump now provides a great platform for our briefings.


RD 13th March 2021

Last week we were due to celebrate International Women's Day before a change in Covid alert levels meant parkrun was cancelled. Let's give a shout out to all our parkrun ladies - particularly our first woman home Marcia Hunter who has a two hour return trip to take part

Marcia Hunter

and our junior tailwalker Tilly Mills!

Tilly Mills

Today we had 7 parkrunners recording new Personal Bests including 4 of our first 5 finishers!!! So a big congratulations to
Rupert Holbrook, Aaron O'Neale, Adam Sigley, Graeme Tindall, Lew Canpbell, Sean McPoland and Clare Corcoran.

We also welcomed six people attending Greytown Woodside parkrun for the first time, including Aaron Smith and Yvonne Sutherland who completed their very first parkrun, and parkrun tourists Thomas Wynne from Lower Hutt, Lorna Sigley from Porirua and Destry and Kim Gourlay who have just moved from the Sunshine Coast.

Thank you to our team of Hi-Viz volunteers including the entire Mills family with Dad (David) as Timekeeper, Jamie handing out Finish Tokens and Mum (Ness) and Tilly as our Tailwalkers.

volunteers 13th March 2

We rely on volunteers as our parkrun cannot happen without these important people. Also we always appreciate the encouragement from our Stouts Corner Marshall. Thank you Martin Dransfield.

Today's Hi-Viz Heroes were:

Martin DRANSFIELD • Kirstin HUNTER • Di BAILEY • Kim CATT • Vanessa MILLS • David MILLS • Jamie MILLS • Tilly MILLS • Alan KOZIARSKI • Bede STEVENS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun Results Page.

Upcoming events

We will celebrate the following:

St Patrick’s Day: 20 March (shamrocks and leprechauns welcome)
Easter: 3 April (Easter bonnets/Bunnies/Eggs)
Tutu Day: 22 May (You know what to do)
Matariki Day: 26 June
Midwinter Christmas: (Sometime in) July


Event Report #104

A small but enthusiastic crowd saw the start of the 104th Greytown parkrun. With some away at other events on in the beautiful Wairarapa, it made for a lovely supportive and family atmosphere.

A total of 41 runners and walkers along with few pre-schoolers and several dogs all enjoyed the great start to their Saturday morning. It was great to welcome first-timers Tim and Will Dutton.

We were fortunate to have young 17-year-old Noah O’Sullivan join us for his 300th parkrun. What a milestone to have achieved! It was great to see his whole family there completing this achievement with him, with our 300 balloons there, too!


A number of participants recorded a Personal Best (PB). Congratulations go out to:

  • Rupert HOLBROOK
  • Andy KERR
  • Daniel O’SULLIVAN


The Team Orange volunteers who enjoyed the lovely weather were these:

  • Andy BATEMAN
  • Guy FISHER
  • Andrew KERR
  • Lloyd MILLAR
  • John SAGE
  • Frances SPITE
  • Bede STEVENS

Without volunteers, these events would not happen, so please try to volunteer 4 to 5 times a year. In some roles (such as writing the Event Report), you can still run/walk.

Full results

Upcoming events

We will celebrate the following:

  • St Patrick’s Day: 17 March (shamrocks and leprechauns welcome)
  • Easter: 3 April (Easter bonnets/Bunnies/Eggs)
  • Tutu Day: 22 May (You know what to do)
  • Matariki Day: 26 June
  • Midwinter Christmas: (Sometime in) July

Event Report #103

This week's Event Report is courtesy of Vivien Webster-Jones:

A bright fresh morning saw the start of the 103rd Greytown Park Run. Lew Campbell made his debut as Run Director. Welcome, Lew!

A total of 59 runners and several dogs large and small took part today, and all enjoyed the cool start to the day.


We welcomed the following to the Greytown Woodside Trail for the first time:

  • Katrina Gurnick
  • Coen Kramers
  • Sakia van Zijp.

We hope that you enjoyed our nice flat run in beautiful countryside and we will see you again soon.

A number of participants recorded a Personal Best (PB). Congratulations go out to:

  • Donald Bate
  • Paul Blowers
  • Colleen Cumming
  • Craig Ewing
  • Billie MacGregor
  • Sean McPoland
  • Elliot Mauriri
  • Aaron O’Neale
  • Catherine Rossiter-Stead.

Full results

The Team Orange volunteers who enjoyed the lovely weather were these:

  • Lew Campbell
  • Phil Cox
  • Ron de Bock
  • Andrew Kerr
  • Erin Lawton-McKenzie
  • Tilly Mills
  • Vivien Webster-Jones.
  • Bruce Worsley.

Without volunteers, these events would not happen, so please try to volunteer 4 to 5 times a year. In some roles (such as writing the Event Report), you can still run/walk.

Upcoming events

We will celebrate the following:

  • St David’s Day: 1 March (daffodils and leeks welcome)
  • St Patrick’s Day: 17 March (shamrocks and leprechauns welcome)
  • Easter: 3 April (Easter bonnets / Bunnies / Eggs)
  • Tutu Day: 22 May (You know what to do)
  • Matariki Day: 26 June
  • Midwinter Christmas: (Sometime in) July




parkrun #102 Event Report

Love was very much "in the air" at our "Valentines Special" parkrun on Saturday.  It was another superb day out on the Greytown-Woodside Trail and it was lovely to see so many walkers and runners dressed up in pink and red.


Pic by Di Chesmar

We were very happy to welcome the following to the Greytown-Woodside Trail for the first time:

A number of participants were able to set a Personal Best.  Congratulations go out to:

This week, extra special "Congratulations" were due to Kelly BIRCH, who completed her 50th parkrun!!  Well done, Kelly!

We also saw Billy MacGregor and Addi Burland completing their 10th parkrun each!

Well done, ladies!


Link to full results

The full results can be found by following this link.


Thank-you to "Team Orange", without whom there would be no event.  This week, we were supported by:

  • Fiona MCCARDLE
  • Bruce WORSLEY
  • Phil COX
  • Miranda BARTON
  • Rachel GAWITH
  • Bede STEVENS
Bruce's role was to make sure no-one got left behind and he made a very fetching "Tail Walker".  Pic by Di Chesmar.

Bruce's role was to make sure no-one got left behind and he made a very fetching "Tail Walker". Pic by Di Chesmar.

We ask that all participants have a go at volunteering and there are a number of roles to choose from.  For a full description of volunteering, have a look at the "Volunteer" page.

Upcoming events

We have some great events coming up.

Next week is Lew Campbell's first go as Race Director.  Do come along and give him loads of support.

  • In March we will celebrate St Patrick's Day.
  • 3rd April: Easter.
  • 22nd May: Tutu day.
  • 26th Jun: Matariki day.
  • July: Mid-winter Christmas.

Coffee at the Offering

Thanks again to the Offering Café for hosting our post-event coffee and cakes in such lovely surroundings.  It was lovely to catch-up with our parkrun baby this week!IMG_0846



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Female record: Hannah OLDROYD – 18:19 – Event 6 ( 8 Dec 2018)
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