Event Report #126

A half century of Runners, Joggers and Walkers took part in event number 126. With a few vocal canines making their presence known.
The weather Gods once again were kind with a tailwind out and a mild head wind home. Initially the wind felt nasty but this wasn’t an issue once the gun went off.

Welcome to the 5 first timers at our Parkrun with 2 making Greytown their first ever:
Michellie GOURLAY (first ever)
Amelia WOS (first ever)

Hopefully for the 2 newcomers this is the first of many! Shout out to Alan and Christine, who joined us for the run and at the Offering afterwards - we'll hopefully see you for a run at Hagley in ChristChurch soon!

2 new PBs today congratulations to:

Harrison CATT wowed us with his 10th parkrun milestone! Great work!

Train was running late this morning so a few runners beat it in. Hopefully the winter is in the rear view mirror and we can look forward to Spring weather soon.


As always this event can not be possible with out a solid team of volunteers. Thank you to: Destry GOURLAYKim GOURLAYAndrea HARVEYKate HARVEYKirsty HULLIan HUNTERBillie MACGREGORChris MEADMelissa MEADBede STEVENS


Thanks Ian for the early warning about the water hazard - just one of those things with all the winter rain!

Stay safe but keep on running!


Event Report #125

Another fantastic day in the 'Rapa today, for Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun #125! Congratulations to all 50 runners and walkers who completed our 5km course.  Supposedly cold winter temperatures are bringing snow in the next day or two, but you wouldn’t have even thought that was the case as we all lined up on a lovely warm winters morning.


We welcomed visitors from Wanganui Heads and New Plymouth - thank you for choosing to run with us in the Wairarapa, we hope you love our parkrun trail as much as we do!


A huge congratulations to Melissa MEAD running her first parkrun as Run Director, well done! And lets not forget it was also her 25th volunteer as well earning her purple shirt.  Another big congrats to Chris MEAD, also earning his 25th volunteer purple shirt, what a way to celebrate 35 years around the sun.


It is easy to volunteer and we always encourage regular participants to do so about 4 times a year.  There are roles as well that mean you can still complete the 5km run.  If you are interested in helping out you can see the clipboard at every parkrun, or email greytownwoodsidetrail@parkrun.com.



Well done to all runners and walkers today, and we look forward to seeing everyone next week!

Personal Bests:


First Timers at GWT!





Event Report #124

In a week, where I am sure we have all been motivated by the NZ Team at the Tokyo Olympics, I think a few of our regulars may have slept in today, after some late nights!! We still managed a good turnout, with 35 people who ran, jogged and walked the course this morning.

These chilly mornings are taking a bit of getting used to, for those of us who have moved back from Queensland. But it’s not hard to get out of bed when you arrive and get a friendly welcome, from one of our parkrun family.

One of our regulars, Sheila, used this week's parkrun to complete a 425km walk - the equivalent of the refugee path from Afghanistan to Pakistan - in support of the Red Cross.


If anyone would like to know more about Sheila's journey, please follow this link. Well done Sheila!!

First Timers

We had five new parkrunners today. Welcome! We hope this is the first of many at Woodside:

Ben and Julie did particularly well on their first parkrun with Julie achieving "first lady" and Ben coming first overall.


It's also interesting to note that this is our first event in which both first- and second-placed finishers beat the train!  Congratulations, guys!


New Personnel Bests

Pleased to see the wet, chilly conditions a few weeks ago for your first parkrun, have not put you off, Rachel.

And congratulations, Kim on achieving a new PB and still having the energy to prepare this great write-up!


Thanks to the Volunteers

As always, we are very grateful to Team in Orange who made this event happen:

  • Dave WHITE
  • Paul GORDON
  • Phil COX
  • Vivienne HAWKEN
  • Sheryl THOMSON
  • Lisa FLEMING
  • Bede STEVENS

We ask that all participants have a go at volunteering and there are a number of roles to choose from.  For a full description of volunteering, and how to snag a role, have a look at the "Volunteer" page.


To see the full list of results, please follow this link to the results page.


Event Report #123

Event Report # 123

A crisp and frosty Wairarapa winter's morning

As we drove to Woodside Greytown on this frosty morning from Masterton, the temperature gauge dropped below zero. There was a stunning full-moon still on display and baby lambs were curled up next to their Mums. A mist had settled over Woodside Greytown and the lyrics of Mull of Kintyre entered my head.

63 Runners were huddled up in their gloves, hats and winter coats, many dressed up as their Olympic heroes as the Tokyo Olympics get underway. There was a lot of support for Team New Zealand.

Picture 1Picture 2

There were plenty of four-pawed "bark runners" trying to make more noise than Phil during his race briefing.  Note that "barkrunners" can enter to win an Eukanuba™ activity pack.  Click on the picture:



Picture 3


We had six new parkrunners:

We hope you enjoyed your morning and that we see you again.

10 New Personal Bests

Of the 63 finishers on Saturday 10 were inspired by the Olympics and bettered their previous times and set themselves a new PB. Congratulations to:

Picture 4

This week's results

This week’s results can be viewed here.

Thanks to the volunteers

As always we are very grateful to Team Orange who made this event happen:

  • Di BAILEY,
  • Miranda BARTON,
  • Judy CAMPBELL,
  • Phil COX,
  • Rebecca EDGECOMBE,
  • Vivienne HAWKEN,
  • Ian HUNTER,
  • Joe MARTIN,
  • Fiona MCCARDLE,
  • Bede STEVENS,
  • Dave WHITE

We ask that all participants have a go at volunteering and there are a number of roles to choose from. For a full description of volunteering, have a look at the "Volunteer" page.


Following parkrun, most parkrunners visited the Offering Café in Greytown, which offers parkrunners a nice discount and a debrief on the mornings parkrun and the week gone by.
On the way home the sun was thawing the frost, the baby lambs were frolicking and the balance of the day awaited.

See all the results from every Greytown-Woodside parkrun at: https://www.parkrun.co.nz/greytownwoodsidetrail/results/eventhistory/

Dates for the diary:

7th August - first parkrun of Spring

6th November - our 3rd Birthday

Details to follow

Report written by Rebecca EdgecombeEukanuba


Event Report #122

Do or do not? We do

There's a bit toward the end of the lovely film Four Weddings and a Funeral in which the male and female protagonists are sorting out their future together, and it's raining. You remember the bit, and the Andie MacDowell character, Carrie, utters the famous line, "Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed."

That encapsulated this week's parkrun experience on the Greytown Woodside Trail, otherwise known as the 26 Club. A hardy 21 of us ran and walked the 5k course to get an official result; a hardy five others of us did the volunteering in order to facilitate those results. A special shout-out to Paul Furkert, who was on Marshal duty this week.


As Tail Walker Robyn Cherry-Campbell could tell us, the Tail was a mermaid's tail, a thing that was no stranger to being wet. Saturday's weather didn't disappoint in that regard, as our walkers and runners battled through a whale of a wind on the return journey, complete with a pouring rain. Everyone arrived safe, soggy, and sound, and the usual quorum turned up at The Offering to warm up, dry out, and have a bit of nosh and natter.

8 7

The usual stuff, right? Well, nearly. You see, it was still raining, when people began to turn up. It was still raining, when the runners and walkers set off. It was still raining, when people returned, after slogging their way back, into a brutal headwind, up the slight incline that functions as the final kilometre of our home course. But as usual, a handful of finishers stayed around at the end–to greet others coming in, to have a bit of a catch-up, to revel in the part that they had played in doing something that would make a lasting memory. A wise man once said of such achievements, "These are the kinds of things that they write songs about."


Speaking of memories, we celebrated two milestones on this soggy, windy day:

12 15
  • Rachel Millar (above left), who lives just down the road from the Greytown Woodside Trail, joined us for her very first parkrun. She was one of the ones who stayed for a bit afterward, soaking it all in, as it were. She promised to return, whatever the weather.
  • Lexus Hunter (above right), who is all of 8 and therefore a Junior parkrunner, completed her 10th parkrun. She wasn't about to let a little bit of weather keep her from reaching her first milestone.

Full results

We recorded no Personal Best (PB) times this week, unsurprisingly. Matt Durney (below), our first finisher, went 2 minutes slower on his second time running our course than on his first attempt, back in May. It was that kind of day.


Personal Bests are all well and good. We all love to record them. But that's not why we're really out there, pounding the crushed gravel path between Woodside and Greytown, is it? Not totally, anyway. I would suggest that we're out there for the sheer enjoyment of being out there–no matter the challenge. It's always a challenge, to one degree or another:

  • Some days, it's a bit hot; other days, you don't warm up until the turnaround.
  • Some days you feel great and then you don't, all in the span of a few kilometres; other days, you start out with a whimper and wind up in a sprint.
  • Some days, you get a shower while you're doing the 5K.


That's the nature of it, really. But we keep on doing it because we like it, because it challenges us, because we like seeing similarly minded friends, because we know that it's good for us on several different levels.

Do I think it's worth it? To quote Carrie, I do.

See you out on the Trail!

Dave White
Event Director


Event report #121

A typical Wairarapa frosty winter's morning

As we all know when you run, walk, or jog a parkrun at this time of year, eventually you’ll
warm up. You’ve got to feel for the volunteers standing around waiting for us to finish our
5kms. Thanks for wrapping up warm and greeting us with a welcoming smile as we crossed the finish line one by one.

We soon warmed up with a hot drink and some food at The Offering. As we chatted post
parkrun I was very pleased to learn from Dave that Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun now
has in its position a defibrillator, thanks to our friends at Invercargill parkrun.


John WYETH ran his first ever parkrun on Saturday. Hopefully, this is just the start of a long and happy parkrun journey.

We also welcomed Leigh SOLOMON and Luke SOLOMON, who visited Greytown Woodside Trail this week for the first time. We hope you enjoyed your run and your visit to Greytown’s Festival of Christmas afterwards.

6 New Personal Bests

Of the 38 finishers on Saturday 6 bettered their previous times and set themselves a new PB. Congratulations to Ali LANG, Chris MEAD, Dylan WALKER, Melissa MEAD, Rebecca EDGECOMBE and Sian LEAN.


Report written by Bruce McCardle


Event report #120

This week's run report comes from Destry GOURLAY - also this week's first place finisher!


Event number 120 started with the mercury just off zero at 1 degree. There was a reasonable frost on the ground and 27 runners, joggers and walkers braved the chill to complete the midwinter Christmas addition of the Greytown Woodside trail Run.

Conditions made PBs hard to come by with only Nickee VERSTATEN recording a PB today.


Being it was our Midwinter Christmas Di helped spread the Christmas cheers with a very nice fruit cake and some biscuits which went down a treat.


Were some terrific costumes on display with many rocking the Christmas theme can’t wait for the next instalment of dress up

As always this event can not be put on without our team of Volunteers who braved the conditions and don’t get the benefit of moving much to warm up. Kim GOURLAY, Chris MEAD, Melissa MEAD, Di BAILEY, Craig EWING, Bonnie MACBETH, Vicki WALLER and Ian HUNTER, love your work!


As always most participants travelled to the Offering Café in Greytown to warm up and partake in some great food and compare Strava results.

Remember, on your way to the start, make sure you cross the railway at the lights and not at the platform. Big Brother is always watching... see you all next week!

See all the latest results at: https://www.parkrun.co.nz/greytownwoodsidetrail/results/latestresults/

Dates for the diary:

24 July - Celebrating the Olympic Games

7th August - first parkrun of Spring

6th November - our 3rd Birthday

Details to follow


Event report #119

This week's Event Report comes from Sheila Butler.

Forty runners and walkers enjoyed a mild Autumn morning for parkrun 119 on the Greytown Woodside Railway Trail.  The welcome and briefing by Lew, our race director today, was presided over by Maggie, who hopped up and took her rightful place at the front of Speakers Stump. We were delighted to welcome Natalie and Dave McNaught joining us from Lower Hutt today for the first time, and hope you all enjoyed the trail and coffee at The Offering afterwards. We loved having the company of Lew and Judy's daughter, Claudia, and their three grandchildren. We will look forward to seeing you all again sometime.


First back was Destry Gourlay in a brand new personal best time. Well done, Destry, you were flying! Personal bests were also recorded by Marcia Hunter (and it looked like Greg's encouragement was really helpful), Kim Gourlay, Fiona McCardle and Barbara Scholes. Congratulations to you all. Kim’s was actually that very special kind of PB, a BPB (Birthday Personal Best). Happy Birthday, Phillip, and thank you to Marcia for organising a card to surprise you. A very Happy Birthday to Kim too and thank you for all the lollipops! There were lots of happy, sticky faces!

Happy birthday and many happy returns to Kim and Phillip.

IMG_4375   IMG_4383

And there were even more celebrations today! Melanie 'Mel' MacGregor completed her 100th parkrun! Congratulations on this amazing milestone, Mel. Now for the next 100!  We also cheered for Bede Stevens who was formally presented with his long awaited finishers medal from the recent Hawkes Bay Marathon, bravely completed with a broken foot. You have earned an impressive haul of medals, Bede. Today also marked one year since Lew and Judy made the move to Greytown, and we are all very glad they did.

IMG_4406   IMG_4410

Full results can be found here; https://www.parkrun.co.nz/greytownwoodsidetrail/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=119

A vote of thanks to all our volunteers today who worked together to make this another great parkrun:

Phil COX,
Sheila BUTLER,
John SAGE and

We could not do it without you. Thank you to all the enthusiastic parkrunners who signed up to volunteer at future events today too.

Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun event statistics
Finishers: 1,048
Finishes: 5,267
Average finishers per week: 44.3
Volunteers: 150
PBs: 795
Average finish time: 00:34:28
Average finishes per participant: 5
Clubs: 89

Female record: Hannah OLDROYD – 18:19 – Event 6 ( 8 Dec 2018)
Male record: Matthew MOLONEY – 16:23 – Event 15 ( 9 Feb 2019)
Age graded record: Nick MOORE - 85.38% 16:52 – Event 110 (17 Apr 2021)



Event Report #118

Report by Sheila Butler.

What a fine, dreich morning for a Scottish lassie to volunteer to do our parkrun write up! Autumn leaves, mountains obscured by mist, and that special stillness in the air in which the sound of the burns clattering over the boulders seems so close as you cross the little bridges. We had a good turnout of 49 folk for the 118th Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun. Well done to all for a great event!

We celebrated the achievements of fellow park runners Kim Catt, Graeme Tindall and Craig Ewing this morning. Graeme and Craig completed their 100th runs in good style, with a cracking new PB from Craig. Congratulations to you both! Craig's runs have all been clocked up at Greytown parkrun, by the way!



Today's volunteer tail walker, Kim Catt, reached not just one, but two milestones today. It was her 50th run and her 25th time volunteering. Two new tops today!  Congratulations, Kim!


First back was Mark Bouwman in a fabulous new PB time! Congratulations, Mark! Congratulations to Marcia Hunter, Catherine Burnett, Rae McMaster, Billie MacGregor and Kate Harvey for setting new PBs today as well. Dog with the waggiest tail this week was Alley, who belongs to Lexus.


We were delighted to welcome newcomers Tineke Hooft and Steph Pattrick to parkrun, and to welcome back Catherine Burnett. Look forward to seeing you all again next week!  We also loved having runners from Porirua, Lower Hutt and Christchurch join us today. We hope you enjoyed your morning and that it won't be too long before we see you again. Safe travels!  The full set of results can be viewed over on the results page.

Thank you to Phil COX, our Run Director today, and the team of volunteers:


There is nothing better at the start, middle, and end of a parkrun than hearing all your encouragement and seeing all your smiles.

Best wishes to the communities celebrating Puanga today.


Event Report #117

Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun #117

parkrun 117


Kia Ora and welcome to the Run Report for Greytown Parkrun this Queens Birthday weekend. We started the day with an early morning drive over the hill from Wellington and were given a Royal welcome from the lovely Bede, who earnt the Crowning Achievement of his 25th volunteering award today!

bede 25


Annalese’s perspective:

Annalese & Martin 117
We read about the course the night before our road trip. Little did we know we were in for a Peasant surprise on a course fit for Queen Lizzie herself. A chilly winter morning did not take away from the beautiful Woodside - I was excited to get started and check the trail out.

Martin DRANSFIELD kept me on my toes and was hot on my heels on the return, but I was able to Duke it out cross the finish line one second ahead!


Hayden’s perspective:

Hayden 117
The crisp and foggy morning was all too familiar to me, hailing from the South. The hands were frozen and the feet fast. I did my best to keep the front runner in my sights, but he disappeared into the mist at the 2km marker.

Reaching the turnaround point I could see third place runner Destry GOURLAY closing in on me. I knew the Greytown regular would be accustomed to the steady incline on the return leg. He kept me honest and pushing. Congrats on the PB, Destry!
The run down:
Everything was Throne out on the course for 47 runners and walkers, especially for Destry GOURLAY and Fritz COOKS who both had PB’s today.

We were joined by other first-time visitors to the Greytown Kingdom:
Stephen BATES
Gerrard SMITH
Eleanor GODWARD and

The King and Queen of the Course today was Flynn REGISTER who finished in 18.51 and Marcia HUNTER with a 24.33. Marcia, we are sure you will hit your next running goal very soon!

Make sure to be back next week to celebrate the many milestones – All the best with the PB attempt Craig – in the words of Queen’s Freddie Mercury “I want to break threeeeee” (23 minutes that is.)

Thanks as always to the other volunteers who also made this event happen!

Lew CAMPBELL • Judy CAMPBELL • Vivienne HAWKEN • Sheryl THOMSON • Kim CATT • Bede STEVENS • Neil SCHOLES • Barbara SCHOLES • Hayden KING

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Hannah OLDROYD who recorded a time of 18:19 on 8th December 2018 (event number 6).
The male record is held by Matthew MOLONEY who recorded a time of 16:23 on 9th February 2019 (event number 15).
The Age Grade course record is held by Nick MOORE who recorded 85.38% (16:52) on 17th April 2021 (event number 110).

Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun started on 3rd November 2018. Since then 1,042 participants have completed 5,178 parkruns covering a total distance of 25,890 km, including 783 new Personal Bests. A total of 150 individuals have volunteered 934 times.

Thanks again for having us, Greytown – we will back soon with more friends from over the hill. We’re looking forward to another great run and another delicious breakfast (sorry for the puns).

Hayden KING

Annalese LAPWOOD

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