parkrun #78 Event Report

Thanks to Ava Register for this week's Event Report:

Well done to the people who came out to parkrun today.
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It was a pretty fresh morning starting off; but as you got started, it warmed up pretty quick. In all, we had 53 finishers today. Well done to all!

We welcomed some people from outside the area, including from Rotorua and Ashburton (my grandma!).

We celebrated some milestones today:

  • Jenny Duggan and Flynn Register completed their 50th parkruns today.
  • James O'Sullivan recorded his 25th time volunteering today.
  • Alison King completed a parkrun at her 50th different location today. (More on that below.)
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Well done to those who got parkrun PB’s today:

  • Bianca Green
  • 1 (2)Robyn Green
  • Emily Harvey
  • Ali Lang
  • Bonne Macbeth
  • Tilly Mills
  • Dion O'Neale (right)
  • Christine Voelkerling

Good job to all the volunteers this week:

  • Phil Cox
  • Fiona McCardle
  • Nneka Okonta
  • James O'Sullivan
  • Lucy Smith
  • Dave White
Thanks, Ava!

One of our volunteers (and, indeed, one of our runner-walkers) was wearing a Cow onesie today. Although that might not be out of place in our part of the country, the people who wore them did so for a specific reason. Joining us today was Alison King from Rotorua, who took time out from running at Puarenga, her local parkrun, to run in Wairarapa.

Today, Alison ran at her 50th different parkrun. For doing so, she joined a club. You might be aware of the parkrun challenges. One of those is to join the Cowell Club, so named for Chris and Linda Cowell, the first man and first woman to record a finish time at 100 different parkrun locations. And if you join this Club, you can say that you have completed a Cowell. So half of 100 is 50 and so half of a Cowell is, naturally, a Cow. Today, Alison achieved her Cow, here in Wairarapa. We are happy to report that the cows along the course gave Alison a shout-out. So Nneka Okonta and Paul Gibbons, regular visitors to our fine part of the country, knowing this, dressed up to help Alison celebrate. Well done, Alison. Please let us know when you've done a Cowell.

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By the way, Alison has been chronicling her journey on her way to the Cow. You can read all about it here.