parkrun #77 Event Report

Our first "Sub-zero" event!

How low can you go?!


Well, it was fresh one this morning as we chipped away at the perma-frost to get the flags in the ground!  Oh, OK - maybe -4 degrees at the start...

We were blessed with beautiful sunshine and a great crowd who seemed very keen to get under way!  We welcomed visitors from as far afield as Liverpool and Hutt Valley.  It was great to see parkrunners from such a well-known sporting and cultural centre....  and we made the visitors from Liverpool feel welcome too!

Despite the cold air, we saw some great achievements this morning.  Four visitors completed their first Greytown-Woodside parkrun and were very pleased with our course:

And the conditions must have been particularly invigorating for two of our parkrunners as we saw 2 new Personal Bests.  Congratulations on a great performance to:

Flynn's new best time would have easily beaten the train, but this week we didn't get one so we had to pretend.


You can find a full set of this week's results on the website.

Joel also did particularly well considering he was "running for two"!


We are very keen to ensure that everyone who takes part benefits from their own set of  results and has a family member identified "In Case of Emergency".  This is achieved by registering your details and being issued with a barcode and runner number.  Please remember to bring your barcode with you so we can scan you each week.  No barcode, no run.

Thanks as always to "Team Orange", our wonderful volunteers who selflessly ensured the event went ahead.  This week, we are indebted to:

  • Craig EWING
  • Frances SPITE
  • Guy FISHER
  • Kirsty HULL
  • Melanie MACGREGOR
  • Phil COX
  • Sheila BUTLER
  • Sheryl THOMSON

If you want to join the volunteers to support the event one week, please identify an empty slot on the roster, then drop us a line to let us know how you would like to help.  There is free training and lots of help to ensure you know what to do!


Next week, parkrun #78!