parkdog of the week – Coconut

0FDAA6BC-A7DC-4BA5-8B85-41A4F0E88E66_1_105_cMy name is Coconut and in a couple of weeks I will be 1 year old! I am 3/4 Japanese Spitz and 1/4 West Highland Terrier.

I first went to Park Run last year in November. My mum was recovering from surgery and because I was too little to do 5km back then, she took me because she was volunteering. This is where I learnt to dig and Dave had to keep covering up my holes! We had to hide it from Phil so he didn't tell his mates at the Greytown Woodside Trail Trust!!
When I got a bit older my mum would take me but I was still a bit little and got very distracted on the course. Now I am big enough to run and the last two park runs, mum and I have done it in 30mins!
Our goal is to beat Bede and Rachel, and then we want to beat Craig (mums park run rival). I still get a bit distracted, especially by Mary, Maggie and the Carterton Mayor's dog. I also like Scout and Kenny very much, but they don’t like me as much as I like them. Maybe I will grow on them if I can get a bit faster! One day I might be the fastest Parkdog at Greytown woodside!