Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun # 71

Fleet-footed Flynn Register Registered First...

...First Place this week went to Flynn REGISTER with a PB of 18:25 that beat the 8.17am Woodside to Wellington train into the station to boot!

Flynn was one of 53 participants this Leap Year Day who leapt into action at the start of the 71st Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun.


For the full results, please hop over to the results page.

In addition to Flynn’s remarkable PB, eight other fabulous fitness freaks filed Personal Bests. Well done to:

Vanessa was supported today by First Time Volunteers, Tilly, Jamie and David Mills; her children and husband!

Go the Mills’, for this week "The First Family of parkrun".

(I trust you are all celebrating in style today as it is Mum Vanessa’s birthday. Congratulations ‘Ness!).

In addition to the overachieving Mills family, the volunteer team today was fleshed out by:

  • Phil Cox,
  • Di Bailey,
  • Sheryl Thomson,
  • Bede Stevens and
  • Neil Scholes.

Thank you.

We missed Ash Walker’s 50th run last week as he ran it out-of-town but gave him a rousing cheer this week - the week of his 51st - as best we could over the "Loud Leapers" and "Deafening Dogs" (“SHUT-UP Riley!”).  Poor, enthusiastic Riley!

In all fairness to a 51st-er, lets celebrate a 49th-er...Well done Kirstin Hunter! We hope to see you next week to cheer you in for the 50th time too!

It was particularly lovely to see Kelly back after her marriage to fellow parkrunner Nathan. But wait. Where was Nathan? Kelly looked refreshed but Nathan was notable by his absence. Could he be exhausted?!

Next week we will be celebrating International Women's Day.  To help encourage the maximum turn-out of ladies, we are hoping that the men will step up and fill the volunteer roles.  Do drop us a line at to get your name in the frame.  You can find out all about volunteering and the different roles available at the volunteer page.  There is also a fancy new site dedicated to all things to do with parkrun volunteers at the volunteer hub.