parkrun 67 write-up

Our 67th parkrun drew 49 participants to Woodside; 12 first timers to the spot - one who remarked the course was “gorgeous” and went on to come in first, and two other first timers to GWTpr who were FIRST EVER parkrun participants. Good for them!

Olive was also a first time visitor . Though she didn’t register or complete the course she made a great impression, and if her master was suitably taken with the warmth generated (each and every Saturday) by our regulars perhaps Olive the Vischeler puppy will become as regular a “participant” as the dogs Kenny, Scout and Mary.


We’ve a variety amongst the human contenders too. The Race Director welcomed back a regular visitor from Hawke’s Bay who, it was noted, was not accompanied by the crutches that have dogged him for six weeks, however she stole a glance at someone who was wearing slippers (a sartorial shocker - gasp) and quipped “we get all sorts here”! To give credit both the crutchless and the slippershod were two of the eight volunteers that helped this event happen. Thank you Fiona McCardle, Di Bailey, Bede Stevens, Paul Gibbons, Vivienne Hawkins, Miranda Barton, Lisa Fleming and Andrea Cowlam.

bar code scanner finish line volunteers finish tokens tail walker

It’s just as much fun to volunteer as it is to run or walk parkrun (both long term commitments yield commemorative tee-shirts) so do think about helping out. parkrun doesn’t run without volunteers or, er, runners.

Personal Best times were achieved by Connor Turton, Nathan Daley, Michael Duthie, Franky Spite, Morgan Davis and Jan Ward. And special mention of Connor Turton and Becky Holmes setting age group records for our parkrun on Saturday. Congratulations to you all. And well done to all 49 that gave-it-a go, whether for the 1st time or the 11th time or 324th time this past weekend.