1st anniversary gathering 2nd Nov 2019

Save the date!

Just a reminder that the first Saturday in November will be our first anniversary of the Greytown-Woodside Trail parkrun.  We can't let such a huge milestone pass without celebrating - and we are planning accordingly!

We will be gathering at the Offering Café (of course) from 6pm until 7:30pm.  That means if anyone has other plans for the evening, or wee ones to put to bed, they can still fit us in.


It's $10 a person, to cover the finger food on offer. Drinks are pay-as-you-go. EFTPOS OK for drinks; please bring $10 in cash for the food.
We will be celebrating with a couple of birthday cakes.

We will hand out a few awards (most parkruns done in the first 52, etc). Word has it that an award or two involving costumes might be handed out.

Keep your eye on the wall above the doors for a slide show of photos from our first 52 parkruns. You might see yourself (more than once).

Keep your ears peeled for the music playing in the background because there will be a sort of quiz on ...