Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun is cancelled on 30 May 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

parkrun 73 Event Report

A cool clear Autumn morning with little to no wind greeted the 60 people who ran, jogged and walked the trail this morning. Proving to be ideal conditions for the 8 parkrunners who recorded new Personal Bests. Congratulations to:

David FRENCH, Izzie EDGE, Frankie SPITE, Penelope HILL, Dave TURTON, Tilly MILLS, Milly FLETCHER and Barbara SCHOLES

We welcomed 16 first timers to our parkrun coming from far and wide - England, Northern Ireland, Australia, Porirua and Lower Hutt and those enjoying their very first parkrun.

first timers briefing

Our parkrun tourists outran the locals to be the first three finishers. Well done:


2nd 3rd


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun Results Page.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who made today's parkrun possible


volunteers 2

volunteers 1

volunteers 3

volunteers 4

We have a strong core of volunteers at Greytown Woodside Trail but are always looking for others to join the team. It is easy to volunteer - just take a look at our Future Roster page on our website and let us know which role you would like to do. And you earn points to the coveted V25 milestone top.

25 volunteer t

See you all next week.


parkrun Profile: the Mills Family



Familiar faces now at our parkrun are the Mills Family: Jamie, Ness, Tilly, and David.

jamiemills ness-tillie-mills davidmills
Here is a bit more about each of them, including their answers to our Five Profile Questions:


In the sporting realm, Tilly particularly enjoys tennis and swimming. She also likes dancing and riding her bike and scooter. She's 7 and enjoys studying reading, writing, and art. When she's not at school, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing cards and other games and going to the pool and to the beach.

  1. What do you like about parkrun?
    That it gets you fit.
  2. How did you find out about parkrun?
    From my mum and dad.
  3. What motivates you to come out to parkrun?
    My mum and dad get me out of bed and I try and get a PB so I can go to the Lolly Jar.
  4. How would you convince someone else to join you at parkrun?
    It's really fun because it makes you feel happy and it's nice when people cheer you on.
  5. What's your preference: cheese scone or date scone?
    Cheese scone AND a strawberry milkshake!

In the sporting realm, Jamie particularly enjoys running, cycling, swimming, doing triathlons, and playing cricket, football, and tennis. He's 9 and enjoys studying maths, he says, "because now I'm onto the more confusing stuff that takes a while to get the hang of". When he's not at school, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing games like Monopoly and chess and Yahtzee and going on bike rides.

  1. What do you like about parkrun?
    How it's a challenge to get faster and beat my PB. It's kind of like a mini race, and lots of people round the world do it.
  2. How did you find out about parkrun?
    My mum told me about it.
  3. What motivates you to come out to parkrun?
    I want to get fitter and exercise.
  4. How would you convince someone else to join you at parkrun?
    It's pretty easy. It doesn't matter if you stop and walk as long as you make it over the finish line.
  5. What's your preference: cheese scone or date scone?
    Cheese scone, but a milkshake is better!

The 40-year-old Ness (who just "aged up") is an early childhood teacher at Greytown Early Years. She was previously a primary school teacher. When she's not working, she's at the library (feeding her love to read) or going on bush walks and camping with family and friends, enjoying a wine or two now and then. She enjoys running several times as week, she says, "especially since I discovered the best app in the world - Charge Running - which host live runs all through the week. I've met people from all over the world and enjoy running "with" them cause #runningalonesucks !"

  1. What do you like about parkrun?
    I love the community aspect. The support from other runners is incredible, and our family has been welcomed at Greytown and other parkruns we've been to. I love how everyone cheers on the kids and knows their names now. I love how everyone is encouraged, from the speed demons to the amblers. Everyone is equally important, and this is so great for our kids to see. It's a perfect family event: kids, adults, prams, dogs!
  2. How did you find out about parkrun?
    I had heard of the concept for a while but saw the Greytown event on Facebook. Now we try to get everyone we know to come!
  3. What motivates you to come out to parkrun?
    Knowing I can start my weekend well: it gets me out of bed at a decent time on a Saturday morning.
  4. How would you convince someone else to join you at parkrun?
    Tell them they'll be welcomed into the family and they'll feel fantastic for starting their weekend off with some exercise on a beautiful trail.
  5. What's your preference: cheese scone or date scone?
    Toasted cheese scone all the way, but you have to be quick at the Offering because they're popular!

The 46-year-old is a piano tuner and technician who also works for Rival Wealth financial advisors. When he's not working, he likes spending with the family and getting his exercise. A keen runner and cyclist, he also enjoys triathlon and is training for a charity bike ride from Sydney to Canberra to raise awareness for Stillbirth and SIDS.

  1. What do you like about parkrun?
    Watching the improvement in my kids running and the constant amazement at how well they do.
  2. How did you find out about parkrun?
    Through a friend.
  3. What motivates you to come out to parkrun?
    Kids and a great way to start the weekend.
  4. How would you convince someone else to join you at parkrun?
    I've convinced a few already. I tell them it's about getting out there. Whether you walk or run, it's something you can do with your kids or parents. It's suitable for all ages and fun.
  5. What's your preference: cheese scone or date scone?
    Cheese scone!

Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun # 72

International Women's Day

It was a chilly but sunny morning for the 72nd Greytown Woodside Parkrun. This was a special park run as it took place on International Women's Day. This involved the majority of runners wearing purple to support this cause and a lot of male volunteers.
purple volunteers IWD

Thank you to the volunteers:

A lot of PBs were achieved today and quite a few first-time parkrunners with 54 people competing today.

In addition, Kirsten earned her red t-shirt, having completed 50 parkruns!!
Kirsten Hunter 50

Full results are listed on the website.



Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun # 71

Fleet-footed Flynn Register Registered First...

...First Place this week went to Flynn REGISTER with a PB of 18:25 that beat the 8.17am Woodside to Wellington train into the station to boot!

Flynn was one of 53 participants this Leap Year Day who leapt into action at the start of the 71st Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun.


For the full results, please hop over to the results page.

In addition to Flynn’s remarkable PB, eight other fabulous fitness freaks filed Personal Bests. Well done to:

Vanessa was supported today by First Time Volunteers, Tilly, Jamie and David Mills; her children and husband!

Go the Mills’, for this week "The First Family of parkrun".

(I trust you are all celebrating in style today as it is Mum Vanessa’s birthday. Congratulations ‘Ness!).

In addition to the overachieving Mills family, the volunteer team today was fleshed out by:

  • Phil Cox,
  • Di Bailey,
  • Sheryl Thomson,
  • Bede Stevens and
  • Neil Scholes.

Thank you.

We missed Ash Walker’s 50th run last week as he ran it out-of-town but gave him a rousing cheer this week - the week of his 51st - as best we could over the "Loud Leapers" and "Deafening Dogs" (“SHUT-UP Riley!”).  Poor, enthusiastic Riley!

In all fairness to a 51st-er, lets celebrate a 49th-er...Well done Kirstin Hunter! We hope to see you next week to cheer you in for the 50th time too!

It was particularly lovely to see Kelly back after her marriage to fellow parkrunner Nathan. But wait. Where was Nathan? Kelly looked refreshed but Nathan was notable by his absence. Could he be exhausted?!

Next week we will be celebrating International Women's Day.  To help encourage the maximum turn-out of ladies, we are hoping that the men will step up and fill the volunteer roles.  Do drop us a line at to get your name in the frame.  You can find out all about volunteering and the different roles available at the volunteer page.  There is also a fancy new site dedicated to all things to do with parkrun volunteers at the volunteer hub.



parkrun #70 Event Report from Nigel Milius, Cooks Beach

Greytown, despite the somewhat uninspiring name, is a rather attractive little place. Indeed, in 2017 it was awarded the title of “New Zealand's Most Beautiful Small Town”, and toward the end of the following year, on 3rd November 2018, it got even better when parkrun started.

The railway branch line linking the town to the main line to Wellington operated between
1880 and 1953 and it is along the course of (part) of this that we have our parkrun. The first 2.5km of the railway from the town to Woodside Road opened, after much volunteer effort, as a walk/cycle trail in November 2011, the second stage, from there to Woodside Station in February 2013, and it is along the latter that our route lies. The full trail, at 5km, would make an ideal parkrun, though there would be logistical issues with a linear route leaving the start and finish 5km from each other! Therefore it sensibly takes an out and back from Woodside Station, first running toward town, then back.

Being along an old railway, it not that surprising it’s almost flat, though apparently the first half is downhill which may account for why it took me a minute longer on the return leg. It cuts through mainly agricultural land, though the verdant green fields one might expect were today showing a variety of yellows and browns, evidence of the long and dry summer that the whole North Island has been experiencing. A few cows grazed as best they could, whilst Magpies, House Sparrows and Spur-winged Plovers foraged among the dry grasses.


Waiting at the Finish Line

The fine gravel provided a good surface for running and marker posts pointed out each km and the turnaround point, the latter also marked by a red stripe across the track. The scenery was attractive enough on the outward leg, but on turning for home the views went up to another level with the magnificent Tararua Ranges now ahead. Looked much greener up there and we could even see rain, though a regular told me that had been quite common over the last few months without it ever reaching the plains. Today was nice for running, though I imagine it can get a little windy at times due to the open nature of the area.

This was Greytown's 70th parkrun, and was celebrated by another round number with 50 runners and walkers lining up on the start line today, many sporting brightly coloured tutus to celebrate the date – 22. Whilst on the subject of the number 50, congratulations to Di Chesmar and Michael Edwards who both reached the 50 parkrun landmark today, well done both of you.

Shout outs too for Trace Higgins, Kelly Warner, Mary Williams, Barbara Williams, Becky
Johnson and Andreas Dahlinger who were all taking part in their very first parkrun today, welcome to the family and may you get as much enjoyment from parkrun as I and many others do on a regular basis. The last mentioned was visiting from Germany (good news Andreas, they have them there too!) and there were other visitors from Brisbane Australia, Cornwall England, and various parts of the North Island, which probably account for most of the other 5 taking part here for the first time.

Amongst the regulars, Conor Turton led the field home, a speedy teenager indeed,
seemingly going as fast as the trains that once made their way along this route several decades before he was even thought of! Well done to him and to the 6 people who ran new PB’s.


Our awesome volunteers today

As always though, the biggest thankyou goes to Run Director Di Bailey and her team of volunteers. Her run brief this morning included an all too familiar plea for helpers. If you volunteered just 4 or 5 times a year it would make a huge difference, and what’s not to like about it? You can get free training in a variety of roles, all of which are transferable to almost 2000 venues worldwide, after just 25 times you qualify for free T-shirt (which is in a much nicer colour than any of those given out for simply completing a certain number of runs), the pay goes up 25% every time you volunteer, and most importantly, you can feel even more part of “the team”, not feel guilty every week when the plea goes out, and know that you’re doing your bit to keep parkrun “free, for everyone, for ever”.

Greytown Woodside Trail is a super friendly event, and quite a large proportion of
participants head back to town to “The Offering” for breakfast and/or coffee afterwards. It’s a tradition of parkrun to meet for a coffee after the run, though it’s quite unusual for the chosen café to be 5km from the start/finish. However, it’s well worth it! In just one visit you can’t try everything on the menu (though I made a good attempt!) and my plate provided a hearty meal of eggs, toast, mushroom, kumara rosti, tomatoes and sausage that was delicious. You also get 10% off on a Saturday morning on production of your barcode, another reason not to forget it!

Thanks to all at Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun for a most enjoyable morning.

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