Foster parkrun #93 – 5 December 2020

Today was the 93rd Foster parkrun completed. We were visiting from Pegasus so a bit of an early start for us this morning – but well worth the visit to this lovely, flat and, for today, relatively wind free, course! Having read Foster's last Run Report there is no way I can compete with the amount of really interesting facts and info about Rolleston – so instead I shall talk about parkrun volunteers…

Today was International volunteer’s day, with a theme for 2020 of Together We Can Through Volunteering so a huge thanks to this week’s volunteers:

Reuben BEER  •  Lizzie CHARTERS  •  Stuart CHARTERS   •   Jackie HANCOCK   •  Sharyn HOULT •   Roland PINCHES  •  Shannon ROSS  •   Neil WAREING

Every parkrun relies on volunteers, we cannot do it without you so a massive thank you to each and every one of you who has volunteered in the past, is currently an active volunteer and to all of parkrun future volunteers.

There were a few purple shirts out on the course today which was lovely to see – and thank you to the lovely lady who pointed out my purple shirt to your gorgeous girl and explained about volunteering – was lovely to hear you making it something exciting and special (which of course it is!).

There are a wide variety of ways to volunteer:

The Event Director takes overall responsibility for their event and can be considered the chair person of the local team. Most Event Directors (though not all) will act as Run Director on a pretty frequent basis.

The Run Director is in charge of a particular event on a specific day.
They have ultimate responsibility for deciding whether or not the conditions are suitable for the event and with advice from the other volunteers may decide to modify the course (because of new hazards, for example), delay the start, or even in exceptional circumstances cancel the event that day (very poor weather being the most common reason for this).

The Tail Walker stays right at the back of the field and should be the last person to cross the finish line ensuring that everyone is accounted for. They are encouraged to carry a mobile phone in case of emergencies. They also collect the cones and markers on their way through at Foster. Volunteers undertaking this role receive both a run credit and a volunteer credit.
The Timekeeper is responsible for recording the finish times of all the participants at the event.

The Finish Tokens volunteer is responsible for handing out position tokens to all participants.

Barcode Scanning volunteers scan your personal barcode, followed by the barcode on the finish position token.

The Results Processor is responsible for bringing together the times and positions and uploading them to parkrun HQ for publication.

The Run Report Writer produces a written summary of the event which is uploaded to the news page of the event website.

Photographers capture images of our events in order to help us to inspire other people to engage in physical activity and to redefine what it means to be active.

I think cake maker should be an option too…

Milestones (50) were achieved today by Scott Boyce, Mark Boon and Shayna Early– congratulations to you!

Well done to the following people who achieved a PB - Carl Edminstin, David Lewes, Dean Harrison, Derek Wallace, Karen Smith, Michael Wright, Sarah Coursey and Simon Roydhouse.

Welcome to Nick Johnson a First timer today and to Zygmunt Juchnowicz (162) Mike Asmussen (153) both visiting Foster for the first time today!

- Jackie Hancock, Pegasus parkrun


Foster parkrun #91 – 21 November 2020

Named after William Rolleston, Superintendent of the Province of Canterbury from 1868 to 1876, and originally coming into existence as a railway junction in the 1880s, Rolleston was something of a sleepy backwater. In the 1970s, then Prime Minister Norman Kirk had a vision to develop it into a small city and gave it the nickname, “The Town of Future”. This moniker provided amusement to locals for many years but in the last couple of decades has begun to be realised and the population has increased roughly tenfold (to over 20,000) since the turn of the century.

With more people, so the demand for more space and facilities for recreation grows, and it is to meet this that Foster Park came about. Purchases of land in 1999 and 2010 from the Foster family (hence the name) provided council with just over 40ha on which to develop a sports complex. Facilities for hockey, football, softball, baseball and cricket, the Selwyn Aquatic Centre, a highly acclaimed children’s playground, and an almost complete stadium can all be seen from what, in my totally biased view, is the real jewel in the crown, the 5km parkrun course!

As a keen birder, I always like to note what I see whilst parkrunning and the extensive green spaces of Foster Park provide home to an extensive array of (mostly introduced) species. I saw Spur-winged Plovers, Feral Pigeons, Starlings, Song Thushes, Blackbirds, House Sparrows, Chaffinches and Australian Magpies this morning, and my wife added White-faced Heron to that list.

The course itself is one that looks a bit confusing on the map, but due to careful placing of cones (many of which bore the names of other NZ parkruns, a nice touch though I don’t know the history behind it) and even the judicious moving of some part way through, it was easy to follow. For those speedsters looking to set records, it should also be a fast course being completely on asphalt paths and absolutely flat. It contains no sharp corners or turnarounds, and attracts just modest numbers for the space available.

Today though was probably not one for breaking records as there was quite a strong wind blowing. It was behind us to start with and I was very pleased to reach the 1km marker as quickly as I did. Soon after that, a couple of direction changes had us running straight into it, and the next couple of kms were rather slower. Somehow you never seem to get the same advantage from a tailwind as you do disadvantage from a headwind!

This was the 91st event at Foster Park and there were 51 human participants, plus a dog, lined up on the start at 8am. The first finisher was Jonathan Dixon, in 20.46, a PB for him which is very impressive given the wind, whilst taking the 51st finishers token was Shanya Early, volunteer tail walker. Thank you for taking that role Shanya, it’s important that no one should feel put off coming to parkrun for fear of being last, and this is the only way it’ll ever happen, by volunteering for it.

Between Jonathan and Shanya were 49 others all doing parkrun their own way, which is what it’s all about. Special shout-outs to Lisa McGonigle, 1st female across the line in 24.14. Whilst outside her PB (as mentioned, we can blame the wind for that) still considerably faster than most of us mere mortals could ever contemplate. Well done. I’d also like to congratulate the other 7 runners who did return PBs this morning, a great effort in the blustery conditions. No one reached any milestones this morning and there were just 6 of us running at Foster for the first time. My wife and I from the Coromandel, 2 of our good friends from Prebbleton, another from Christchurch, and Luke Churton. This was Luke’s first ever parkrun anywhere, so welcome to the family, I hope it’s the start of a long and happy association. No other visitors admitted to having come from any further afield than Hagley, but I hope any other out-of-towners felt as welcome as we did and enjoyed themselves as much.

After the run, we joined several other participants for the important job of replacing those calories so recently lost. The Robert Harris Coffee Shop did an admirable job in facilitating this, probably even providing me with a few “spares” through their delicious All Day Breakfast! It’s also a great chance to meet other runners/walkers and to talk parkrun. We’re so lucky to be able to do these things here in NZ at the present time so I feel we ought to make the most of it.

Lastly, the biggest thank you, as always, goes to Run Director Eryn Deverson and her team of high-vis heroes who made parkrun happen this morning. People like this keep it free, for everyone, every week, and the best news is YOU CAN JOIN THEM! It’s easy to sign up (details on the volunteer page on the website), there’s a variety of roles to fill and you even get a free T-shirt after just 25 times. What’s not to like about it?

Nigel Milius, Cooks Beach


parkrun in the ‘hood – solo parkrun #3 – 4 April 2020

Today marked my 3rd solo parkrun.  Even though parkrun has been suspended  worldwide due to the Corona virus, I’ve kept to getting up and clocking 5km on a Saturday morning.  Each Saturday as I’ve done an old 5km loop in the neighbourhood I’ve envisaged our regular Foster parkrun course.  The first week I walked past the finish shoot first time, I could picture the volunteers in their orange vests, that wouldn’t have happened if we’d been running at Foster, I’d have waited until I’d done the corner or got to the trees at 3km!!!  Last week there was a huge increase in other pedestrians on my solo parkrun route, where have they all come from? The biggest thing was to navigate passing them, lots of on the road running (lucky there’s so few cars).  This week it was back to normal and sooo much quieter, only 4 other folk out and I passed another parkrunner at almost 4km.

Even though I’ve been running solo I’ve pictured Foster parkrun each week.  This week I had Miss 4 in the buggy along for the ride.  LC - Ada buggyAnyone who sees our crew on the benches near the finish at Foster might recognise the chant “GO FASTER….Mummy/Daddy/names they know.  I had this around 500metres in whilst we discussed why the street lights were still on. At 1 Kilometre there was a new chant, “one, one, one kilometre, when is it two?” Thankfully the two kilometre chant faded quickly as we went on our way.  19minutes in and we talked about who would be finishing about now, Geoff, Harry, maybe Andrew? Sorry Dan must have been away today, Philip if he was running, or was he cheering people on this week?  parkrun is a huge part of our week and the kids recognise you and randomly mention parkrunners during the week at home.  We passed Jo and David along the imagined Goulds road at 3 + km and waved at Vicki (for real), nice red 50 t-shirt, just before 4km.  There are some tall trees at 4km that I imagined as the tall gum at the end of the Dynes road straight in Foster park.  We got to the finish, Miss 4 didn’t know who the barcode scanner was today and I haven’t looked up the volunteer roster either.  I’d best up my game as next week I was originally down as run director.

Each week I’ve chosen to wear a parkrun top and either some cheery leggings (sourced for our retro fluro 1st birthday) or my bright spotty socks as they bring a smile to my face (and hopefully others, although you may just think/know I’m a little wacky). LC - Lizzie socks 


LC - Lizzie leggings


There’s quite a few of you who are still keeping up a Saturday 5km (or more), not necessarily at 8am and it’s encouraging to see.  The bonus of your own start time and no commute to the start line.  There’s easily an extra 30 minutes or more in bed before setting out for an 8am run here.  Check out the Foster parkrun Facebook page and Strava club.  This week Teresa has had a good go at some strava art (parkrun tree) LC - Teresa parkrun art and Geoff who I reckoned would be finished by 19minutes had a go at parkrun round the house. Yep in the garden, round his house.LC - Geoff homerun  This week he clocked an encouraging 49 minutes 25 seconds, even better he wore his brand new, label still on, red 50 parkrun’s t-shirt.  I’m now a little worried on two counts, one, I’ll be challenged to do parkrun at home and two it will become a necessity.  I need to do some clearing of the trail section and gate so that I can do a full loop, guess that might be part of this weeks getting outside at home.  Well it’s a long ramble, I miss you all.  Enjoy your walk, jog, run whether it’s from the front gate or round your own place.  Next week I think we’re going to attempt the parkrun café at home experience post run (chocolate brownie recipes please).


Lizzie Charters


Foster parkrun #75 – 7 March 2020

This week 118 of us joined parkruns from around the world in the celebration of International Women's Day on Sunday 8th March & in celebrating female participate at parkrun. We encourage you all to keep encouraging the women and girls in your lives to participate in parkrun as walkers, joggers, runners and volunteers.

A big congratulations to Jo Allan on completing her 50th parkrun today.

Today we welcomed 4 first time park runners and also visitors from Scotland, South Africa, Dunedin and Lower Hutt. Welcome to Foster & we hope to see you again soon.

Today's event was made possible by 10 volunteers:

Greg PETERSEN • Vicki EARLY • David EARLY • Noel WHITESIDE • Joshiah EARLY • Teresa WHITESIDE • Sophia WARD • Deborah RIDGE • Glenn JARVIS • Liam FOSTER


Congratulations to the 18 new Personal Bests which were recorded today. An extra congratulations to our first three females home, Wendy, Freya & Lisa, who all ran PBs!!

Dave PARKINSON (21.49), Wendy WRENN (22.02), Ivan BERGH (23.08), Freya MACDONALD (23.50), Vaughan MORRISON (24.01), David LEWES (24.31), Lisa GRAHAM (24.32), Kathy SHAILER (26.28), Ola BROWN (26.36), Shannon ROSS (27.00), Kyla JARVIS (27.26), Isla TOUGAS (29.08), Caleb MACDONALD (29.55), Heather Jean TAYLER (32.41), Anna TAYLOR (32.50), Josie MCNEE (37.51), Kirsty EVERETT (38.50), and Jasmine KINLEY (50.00)

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Foster parkrun Results Page.

Parkrun is only made possible by the power of volunteers so thank you to everyone who has put their names on the volunteers' board for the next few weeks - we still have some spots available, have a look at or flick an email to if you can help.

The female record is held by Hannah OLDROYD who recorded a time of 17:48 on 10th November 2018 (event number 3).
The male record is held by Dan BENNETTS who recorded a time of 16:48 on 13th April 2019 (event number 26).
The Age Grade course record is held by Bernadette JAGO who recorded 89.95% (21:53) on 30th March 2019 (event number 24).

Foster parkrun started on 27th October 2018. Since then 1,180 participants have completed 5,788 parkruns covering a total distance of 28,940 km, including 1,282 new Personal Bests. A total of 113 individuals have volunteered 591 times.


Foster parkrun #74 – 29 February 2020

This week 88 people ran, jogged and walked the Foster course for our leap day parkrun. We hope to see you all back here in 2048 for our next leap day parkrun.

Thank you to today's volunteers who make it possible for parkrun to happen:


Parkrun is only made possible by the power of volunteers so thank you to everyone who has put their names on the volunteers' board for the next few weeks - we still have some spots available, have a look at or flick an email to if you can help.

Today we welcomed 8 Foster parkrun newbies:

Jake WOODHEAD (completing his fifth parkrun), Yvonne TSE (from Lower Hutt parkrun completing her 205th parkrun), Matthew SKILES (completing his first ever parkrun), Viyasan ARULRAJAH (from Lower Hutt parkrun completing his 34th parkrun), Eilish BYRNE (completing her first ever parkrun), Andrew MACKLAN (from Hagley parkrun completing his 10th parkrun), Heather Jean TAYLER (completing her first ever parkrun), and Chris ROBERTS (completing his first ever parkrun).

Welcome, we hope to see you all again soon.

Congratulations to the 15 people who set new Personal Bests today:

Dave PARKINSON (21:59), Heidi BERGH (26:11), Ola BROWN (26:44), Kathy SHAILER (26:54), Gemma CULLING (27:32), Craig MENZIES (28:22), Luise TSCHAKERT (29:21), Isla TOUGAS (29:31), Ryan BEZUIDENHOUT (31:11), Vicki EARLY (32:19), Jo COSSEBOOM (38:29), Josie MCNEE (40:41), Kirsten ROYDHOUSE (42:30), Carol ROBERTS (48:26), and Christine JONES (59:07)

Each week we meet for our post-run coffee  at Robert Harris, we would love to see you there next week!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Foster parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Hannah OLDROYD who recorded a time of 17:48 on 10th November 2018 (event number 3).
The male record is held by Dan BENNETTS who recorded a time of 16:48 on 13th April 2019 (event number 26).
The Age Grade course record is held by Bernadette JAGO who recorded 89.95% (21:53) on 30th March 2019 (event number 24).

Foster parkrun started on 27th October 2018. Since then 1,162 participants have completed 5,670 parkruns covering a total distance of 28,350 km, including 1,264 new Personal Bests. A total of 112 individuals have volunteered 581 times.

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