Flaxmere parkrun, # 57 21st November 2020

There really isn't a better way to start Saturday morning than at Flaxmere parkrun, especially on a beautiful Spring morning is there? This Saturday the sun was shining, the sky was blue. and the park was looking fantastic as a smaller than usual group of parkrunners gathered before for the briefing. Those of you who have been coming to parkrun since we restarted after the second lockdown will have noticed that our numbers have yet to recover to the 70s and 80s we were having regularly before April. There are undoubtedly many reasons why the numbers are down and it is hard to pinpoint any specific reason but we can all help encourage people to come back and join us. If you know someone who has fallen out of the habit of coming on Saturday morning perhaps ask them to come out, especially while the weather is nice. If you know someone who has talked about coming then ask them to come with you next time. And also tell your friends and whānau about how much fun parkrun is. Encourage them to sign up and come along. How about we aim to double the numbers next week? Let's give ourselves the collective goal of getting our numbers back to over 50 at least every week before the New Year. It's easy to do if we all bring someone new or who has done parkrun in the past to the next parkrun, and the one after that, and the next one.

One of the difficulties with low numbers of parkrun regulars is getting enough volunteers to help out. We all want to parkrun but we can only parkrun if we have people volunteering each and every week. Your parkrun team have done all they can to streamline the number of volunteers needed to operate each week but we cannot hold an event unless we have even that small number at least. Please, do consider volunteering whenever you can so that we can all parkrun. None of the roles are difficult and you can be certain that you will get any help you need. You need nothing more than a smile for most of the roles but you do need to have a smartphone (or at least access to one) with the parkrun Virtual Volunteer app loaded for the Timekeeper and Barcode Scanner roles. We would really love to see our younger parkrunners volunteer too. If you have a young one over the age of 4 who is registered with parkrun then we can arrange for them to have a volunteer role too. They will need a parent or adult (over the age of 18) with them but both will get volunteer credits. Talk to the Run Director next time you are at parkrun or let us know when you volunteer and we'll make sure you are both added to the roster. Since Flaxmere parkrun started there have been a total of 108 individuals that have volunteered 466 times. Are you one of those?

The event this week was made possible by these hi-vis heroes: Michael John LEARY • Joce JONES • Andrew JONES • Philip SHAMBROOK • Richard MILLS • Sarah SEW HOY • Nick JOHNSON • Meredith JOHNSON. Thanks to you all for giving up your time so that others can parkrun. It's easy to volunteer. Usually there's a roster you can add your name to at parkrun but some numpty forgot to print it this week - you just can't get good staff eh Philip? However, the future roster is always available online at our webpage - Flaxmere parkrun Future Roster and we routinely post requests on our Facebook page. All you need do is look to see what roles are available and either send an email to flaxmere@parkrun.com telling us which role you would like to do and when, or comment on the Facebook page.

This week 32 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 2 were first timers and 4 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 5 different clubs took part. Amongst the 32 people was Pauline Stone who completed her 50th parkrun this morning and earned her free 50 parkrun milestone t-shirt. Pauline has completed 48 of her parkruns at Flaxmere and also visited Anderson and Tauranga parkruns too. Congratulations Pauline. We look forward to seeing you resplendent in your 50 parkrun t-shirt in the not too distant future. Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Flaxmere parkrun Results Page. There were a few UNKNOWNS in there from the event today. These were all people who either did not have a barcode or who forgot their barcode. It is not the end of the world if you don't have a barcode but it does help you keep track of the events you have done and also keep you progressing towards your milestones. If you do have problems printing your barcodes do let the event team know and we will print them off for you.

Flaxmere parkrun started on 15th June 2019 with a huge fanfare and tremendous support from the local community and the Hastings District Council. We're tremendously grateful for the ongoing support from the council. Hope you noticed the shiny new piece of path that had been re-sealed during the week. Since we started last June, 745 participants have completed 3,442 parkruns covering a total distance of 17,210 km, including 648 new Personal Bests. Of that 745, there are 554 people who have registered directly with Flaxmere parkrun. Yes 554 people have registered and printed barcodes showing Flaxmere parkrun as their home parkrun. So there are a lot of people out there with barcodes gathering dust. Let's see what we can do to get those barcodes out into the light of day, along with their owners. Look at the people to your left and right. Are they parkrunners? If not ask them why not and persuade them to register and come with you next time you parkrun.

While we do celebrate those who tear around the course faster than tearing around things, we also celebrate with those who take a more relaxed approach. parkrun really is for everyone no matter how long it takes to cover the 5km. We are extremely happy to see the average time taken to complete Flaxmere parkrun is increasing. That means we are attracting more people who are happy to walk with us on a Saturday morning. It is important that we do all we can to encourage walkers and joggers to join us just as much as the runners. parkrun really is for everyone. Remember 5km is still 5km whether it take sixty minutes or 16 minutes. The female record is held by Eva GOODISSON who recorded a time of 18:25 on 10th August 2019 (event number 9). The male record is held by Paul DE JONGH who recorded a time of 17:41 on 1st January 2020 (event number 31). The Age Grade course record is held by Eric PHIMISTER who recorded 83.48% (20:53) on 30th November 2019 (event number 25).

Let's all do what we can to get more people parkrunning next week and future weeks at Flaxmere parkrun. See you next time.


Flaxmere parkrun – # 56 November 14, 2020

This week 49 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 8 were first timers to Flaxmere parkrun and of those 8, 4 newly registered parkrunners participated for their first time.  There were also 2 who recorded new Personal Bests, well done Cory MILLER and Kerry HARPER.


With 6 unknown’s, most being friends and family of registered parkrunners it reminds us all of the importance of having a printed barcode.  If one of those “unknowns” is you, we hope you enjoyed your parkrun experience and consider registering and joining us again or at one of the other 32 New Zealand parkruns (for the time being anyhow).  It’s so fantastic that people are inviting and bringing friends and family to experience parkrun. This is truly how parkrun evolves and how Flaxmere parkrun will grow. Please also register for your free barcode and ticket to any parkrun anywhere before you join us next time. All you need to do is to register for your barcode at https://www.parkrun.co.nz/register/, print of your barcode and bring it with you.  This weeks results can be found here: Event #56 Results.


Representatives of 4 different clubs took part.  We would love for you all to come back and see if you can beat your personal bests or simply join us for some free, friendly, and social, exercise.

There were 3 special milestones today.  Firstly, Michael Eastwood completed his 25 Volunteer milestone. Not only did he qualify for a free parkrun t-shirt but he also got to wear our special purple tutu. Congratulations Michael and to your family for your regular contributions to Flaxmere and Anderson parkruns over the years.  Michael welcomed in his 25th Volunteer role in a support role assisting his young son Liam as he fulfilled his first volunteer role as the Finish Token role, and Liam is only 4 years old.  Way to go Liam (and Michael).  We hope you had fun. We would love to have more children volunteering at parkrun too. It's a great way for our littlest ones to develop some life skills. Most of the time they will need to be supported by an adult, parent, or caregiver but that also means both of you will get a volunteer credit to count towards your milestone t-shirts. Children over 4 years old can take part in parkrun as both volunteer and parkrunner as long as they are registered and have a personal barcode.



Volunteering is a great way to support the parkrun community. Philip Shambrook, our Event Director and all Run Directors, llove to encourage all parkrunners to volunteer from the littlest to the not so littlest if, and when they can. If you are 4 years old or older and have a parkrun barcode, with the help of a parent or caregiver where needed, we can find a role for you.

This event was made possible by 9 volunteers:

Nneka OKONTA • Joce JONES • Michael EASTWOOD • Richard MILLS • Amy THOMAS • Melissa THORBURN • Amber THORBURN • Liz MYLES • Liam EASTWOOD

Many thanks to you all.  This was Liz MYLES first time volunteering also, thanks again!

We were also lucky to have Richard BERBER photograph our parkrun.  Thank you Richard for your lovely photographs. Richard is our parkrun Video and Photograph Ambassador which means he gets to travel around various parkruns collecting memories for us.

Two other special Milestones completed today was a mum and daughter affair, sporting matching red coloured shirts, the honorary red tutu’s and in the guise of Thing 1 and Thing 2.   They did their thing at last.  Amber and Melissa THORBURN completed their 50th parkrun milestone!  (OK, enough of me writing in the third person now).   This milestone was originally planned to align with Flaxmere parkrun's 1 year anniversary, which was a challenge suggested by Richard MILLS, Covid-19 had a different plan for us all.

It really doesn’t matter how long it takes, parkruns are something that just keep ticking over, if you put the time and energy in and don’t lose focus.  That is something that Amber has never done.   Amber started parkrunning at Anderson parkrun, not long after I started in April 2018.  It was a little stop start to begin with as we took many winter weekends out as Amber played Football.   But then Amber decided to let parkrun be the sport to get her out of bed on a Saturday and has enjoyed 5 different events and volunteered 14 times now.  The 25th Volunteer role is not that far away Amber!

So proud of you Amber, it was worth me putting my parkruns on hold while you caught up to me so we could do our 50th together.  Many thanks to the EASTWOOD family for our gorgeous flowers, what a lovely surprise!


Want to volunteer?  Event #57 or beyond still have some volunteer roles available.  So do check out the future roster and contact us at flaxmerehelpers@parkrun.com if you can assist.  Thanks and have a great week.

Run report written by Melissa THORBURN A4419003.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Flaxmere parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Eva GOODISSON who recorded a time of 18:25 on 10th August 2019 (event number 9).

The male record is held by Paul DE JONGH who recorded a time of 17:41 on 1st January 2020 (event number 31).

The Age Grade course record is held by Eric PHIMISTER who recorded 83.48% (20:53) on 30th November 2019 (event number 25).

Flaxmere parkrun started on 15th June 2019. Since then 743 participants have completed 3,410 parkruns covering a total distance of 17,050 km, including 644 new Personal Bests. A total of 108 individuals have volunteered 458 times.


Just one more sleep



1 sleep away until our favourite day, parkrunday!

This week with the added bonus of Halloween


1 Volunteer, 2 Volunteers, 3 Volunteers, Mwah Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaa!!!


Mwah!  It is time for our volunteer call, Mwah Ha Ha Ha!

Sadly, Count Dracula's Romanian relatives cannot fly to New Zealand, so to keep our parkrun from being a dark & gloomy one, we need you to dust off your capes and get your fangs into our "not so scary" available Halloween parkrunday volunteer roles.... Mwah Ha Ha Ha!

If you are keen to volunteer this week, the following roles are available:

Marshal (you have have fun with this role, especially if in costume).

Photographer (camera provided, let's see if vampires really don't show up in photos!)

Run Report Writer ( Stats from the day will be provided).

If any of these roles take your fancy, please email us at flaxmerehelpers@parkrun.com

Mwah Ha Ha Ha, oops, I mean Thank You!

Look forward to seeing you this parkrun day.  Costumes are optional, but always welcome.


Flaxmere parkrun #53 24 Oct 2020

A truely beautiful Spring morning saw 31 parkrunners walk, jog or run to start their day. The park looks truely stunning at the moment, green and lush before the summer soaring temperatures and drier weather (here’s hoping, but apologies to the farmers) browns the plants off. There were 3 first-timers participating today, including visitors from Rotorua and Hamilton. One of the visitors, Julian O’Hagan was our first person home today - well done! Another 2 visitors were completing milestones: Janine Hill and David Hannah. Both celebrating their 50th parkrun milestone. Thank you for sharing your achievements with Flaxmere parkrun. Janine even celebrated a PB on her 50th - awesome! A third milestone was achieved today by a local - Louise Shambrook reached her 100th parkrun - woohoo! Each milestone person donned the obligatory Flaxmere parkrun tutu (might have to get another red one!) to complete their 3 laps and for the necessary photographs.


The event this weekend was made possible by 7 hi-viz heroes - a big shout out to -

Manakore KIREKA • Philip SHAMBROOK • Jennifer DOOLAN • Amy THOMAS • Sarah SEW HOY • Tracy PAUL-UTIERA • Alan BARNARD.

Of note was that as well as completing her 100th parkrun today, Louise has also volunteered over 70 times since starting her parkrun journey in 2016. We always need volunteers to ensure we can deliver your free parkrun every week. It’s easy to volunteer - go to the Flaxmere parkrun Future Roster decide which vacant role you'd like to volunteer for then send an email to flaxmerehelpers@parkrun.com. All roles are easy and you'll get any necessary training. And each time you volunteer, you get one more volunteer role closer to the 25 needed for the highly coveted, much sought after, free purple volunteer milestone t-shirt.

It’s great to have parkrunday back again. While obviously this is a holiday weekend and folk take the opportunity to explore “our own backyard”, it will be good to see our numbers participating each Saturday return to our pre-lockdown levels. We would love to see everyone back again and, of course, any new participants - please spread the word and encourage friends and whanau to lock in their Saturday morning at parkrun.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Flaxmere parkrun Results Page.
The female record is held by Eva GOODISSON who recorded a time of 18:25 on 10th August 2019 (event number 9).
The male record is held by Paul DE JONGH who recorded a time of 17:41 on 1st January 2020 (event number 31).
The Age Grade course record is held by Eric PHIMISTER who recorded 83.48% (20:53) on 30th November 2019 (event number 25).
Flaxmere parkrun started on 15th June 2019. Since then 730 participants have completed 3,288 parkruns covering a total distance of 16,440 km, including 638 new Personal Bests. A total of 103 individuals have volunteered 432 times.


Flaxmere parkrun event #52, 17 October 2020

Again, a privilege to be writing another report for parkrun, this time Flaxmere parkrun. Saturday’s used to be a sleep in, cruise day, bit of TV or Netflix for me but since being introduced to parkrun I feel it’s the perfect way to start to the weekend. Come rain or shine parkrun always wins these days! The typical spring morning for Hawke's Bay always makes it worth getting out in the fresh air. After becoming captured by the parkrun spirit a couple of years ago I managed to suffer a ruptured Achilles back in January while attempting to add a jog into my walk. hashtag #ouch #seekingsympathy. This halted my walks as I was in a moon boot for several weeks and had physical therapy. It was then I discovered the joy of volunteering. I have been a volunteer now to several parkrun clubs including Blenheim, Palmerston North, East End Taranaki and Anderson doing the various roles. It provides me satisfaction knowing I am giving something back to the parkrun community. A special thanks has to go to the volunteers Nneka OKONTA • Joce JONES • Manakore KIREKA • Jennifer DOOLAN • Sarah SEW HOY • Melissa THORBURN • Mamie Agnes MCLEAN • Jeffrey DOOLAN and myself Kerry HARPER.

I would encourage everyone to give volunteering a go as it’s a great chance to get to know the fellow members. It’s easy to volunteer. Simply go to the Flaxmere parkrun Future Roster page, choose a vacant role then let the team at Flaxmere parkrun know by sending an email to flaxmerehelpers@parkrun.com. All the roles are easy with little if any training needed but the team will make sure you are briefed as necessary. You will need to have the free parkrun Virtual Volunteer app on your smartphone for the Timekeeper and Barcode Scanning roles but there is nothing else needed for the other roles other than a smile.

Welcome to the Flaxmere parkrun newbies Robin Claxton, Amrinder Sigh, Debbie Bly and Karen Sante and other visitors from different clubs. There were representatives of 3 different clubs taking part, I did hear one chap say he was from Ireland so guess he must be stuck here because of Covid. Always nice to see visitors at Flaxmere and show of our wonderful park. If you have yet to visit another parkrun why not start with a trip over to Anderson parkrun sometime. It’s only 13 kms away and a very different parkrun to Flaxmere. Who knows? Once you’ve visited one different parkrun you might begin a journey to parkrun at all 30 parkrun events in New Zealand.

This week 32 people ran, jogged, and walked the course in Flaxmere, of whom 4 were first timers and 4 recorded new personal bests. Congrats to the following for achieving a new personal best times: Graham Minnie, Chris Corradino, Dianne Lowther, Amanda Laubscher, well done! You can see all the latest results here. Why not register a friend and bring them to our next parkrun?

Look forward to seeing everyone again next time and hope the rest of the weekend treats you well. Kerry Harper

Picture 1


Paharakeke pākaoma Event #51 October 10 2020

It was a clear and cool sunny morning with the usual smattering of volunteers and early runners coming together. A good turnout of 29 people as there are several big events on around the area and country this weekend. As photographer today it is fun getting to encourage people at both sides of the course. From struggles to speedsters their joy to be thanked and urged along makes me feel better too.

Hope you all like the photos I try and mix it up each week for you all.



Paharakeke pākaoma Event #50 October 03 2020

Flaxmere 50th event was held in brilliant sunshine on the 3rd of October 2020.

Red balloons around the start area to greet us all and the children enjoyed going home with them afterwards.

It was also International parkrun day today (which I omitted to mention at briefing oops).

We had 26 runners/walkers enjoying the three laps around our course.

We welcomed Kirsty and Diane Lowther from Crownthorpe who joined us for the first time. Look forward to seeing you again ladies and thanks for making the journey.

Bede Stevens from Greytown parkrun and Robert McDonald and Amanda Laubscher also enjoyed running around our park for the first time.

Parkrun could not happen without our volunteers and a big thank you to Manu, Jennifer, Tracy, Jeff, Dianna, Michael and Ajay for helping out this week.



Paharakeke pākaoma Event #49 September 26 2020

A clear blue sky, brilliant sunshine, and a park bursting into life greeted us for the re-re-start of Paharakeke pākaoma (aka Flaxmere parkrun) this morning.

A sombre start as we remembered Pam O'Keefe who passed earlier in September. We were joined by Henare O'Keefe and members of his whānau in remembering all the good Pam has done for the Flaxmere Community. Henare blessed us with a moving tribute to Pam and a reminder that all of us have responsibilities to each other, to our whānau, and to our communities. Thank you Henare. The thoughts of the parkrun community are with you.

We welcomed visitors from Lower Hutt and Hamilton to our lovely part of the world and also some first-timers who had never taken part in parkrun before. Thank you for joining us and we hope to see you all again in the very near future.

I would particularly like to acknowledge all the volunteers this week who stepped in at very short notice so that we could hold our first event of the re-re-launch. This week's volunteers were Michael John LEARY • Andrew JONES • Manakore KIREKA • Philip SHAMBROOK • Louise SHAMBROOK • Eileen MILLS • Richard MILLS. Jeff Doolan was on the list to marshal but sadly he is in hospital. Jeff is one of those parkrun volunteers who does not parkrun. He's the gentleman you see at the 4km marker with his bell cheering you on and ringing the bell to mark your last lap. We wish Jeff a speedy recovery and hope to see him ringing the bell before too long. Volunteers are the lifeblood of parkrun and we always need volunteers. Please, have a look at the Future Roster and see what roles are free for next week or any of the future weeks. Find a role that you'd like to do then contact the event team at flaxmere@parkrun.com and let them know which role you'd like to do and when you'd like to do it.

This week we had 33 people running, jogging, or walking around our beautiful park. All happy, all smiling, and all glad to be out enjoying the sun. There were four people completing their first parkrun at Flaxmere, one of whom completed his first ever parkrun. Our first place finisher also recorded her fastest time at Flaxmere parkrun while the more sedate people enjoyed the sun and friendship as they walked and talked around the course. Do remember, there are no prizes for finishing first at parkrun and nobody cares how long it takes either. We welcome everybody to parkrun from those who want to tear around like tearing around things to those who want to enjoy a peaceful walk, catching up with friends   in Flaxmere Park. The full results for this week's event are available on our Flaxmere parkrun Results page.

Flaxmere parkrun started on 15th June 2019, which means usually we'd befell past 50 parkruns by now. The Covid-19 suspensions mean that next week Flaxmere parkrun will celebrate it's half century of parkruns in Flaxmere Park. Since we began in June last year 717 different parkrunners have completed 3,169 parkruns covering a total distance of 15,845 km, including 628 new Personal Bests. A total of 101 individuals have volunteered 400 times. These are tremendous stats for a relatively new parkrun. We want to keep growing. We want you to encourage your whānau and friends to come and join us. We want to see more people wearing our bright and brilliant hi-vis volunteers vests each week. because parkrun is not just about parkrunning; it's about volunteering, it's about community; it's about celebrating life each and every week.


Flaxmere parkrun #46, 25th July, 2020

Flaxmere parkrun, Event number 46
25th July 2020

Flaxmere park was humming & glistening more so today, as we celebrated in her newly crowned honour “New Zealand most Active Park of the Year”.  With the help of the Hastings City Council, Hastings Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst, Councillor Henare O’Keefe & Traci and the crew at Trail Media, Whānau Fun Day was here to enjoy.


Henare O’Keefe opened the morning with a warm welcoming and karakia on the parks stage before our parkrun briefing.  It is not very often that our run directors need to speak into a microphone, and I have to say, it was daunting, but there was no time for the nerves to take hold (thank goodness) as the park running needed to start.

One thing I love about parkrun, is how it allows us to challenge yourselves; whether it is taking on a new volunteer role, starting a new fitness programme such as Couch to 5km, pushing ourselves to be the first through the finishing funnel, chasing a new parkrun milestone or simply using parkrun as a training tapering platform as some athlete’s did today in the eve of Sunday’s Triathlon Hawke’s Bay Scott Clinic Duathlon.  Whatever attracts you to parkrun, parkrun is there for you with open arms.

This week 54 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 10 were first timers, of those first timers, William KELSEY was first through the finishers funnel to add to his impressive parkrun stats and 4 recorded new Personal Bests; Congratulations to Keirrran STAFFORD Jaxx, Tama and Hope KIREKA. Representatives of 8 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 8 volunteers:

Andrew JONES • Michael EASTWOOD • Amy THOMAS • Sue WATSON • Melissa THORBURN • Julie WILLIAMS • Joy WILSON • Jeffrey DOOLAN


Thank you so much for your assistance to bring a great parkrun morning together for our community.  Isn’t it great how we now have two volunteer roles that allow you to get closer to your 25 volunteer and run milestone’s?

These being the “First Time Briefing” and the “Run Reporter”, with these roles you can complete your volunteer role and run or walk in parkrun as well.  Unfortunately, the Run Reporter role was not filled this time.   Therefore, by default the day’s run director is writing this report.   Sadly, that means someone out there is not getting a volunteer credit and no, the run directors don’t get two volunteer credits for doing two roles.  One thing to remember is that we all have a story to tell of our own parkrun experiences and my perspective of the day, will always be different to yours. So, don’t be shy, run report writing could be your new forte!

Special mentions to Kelly EASTWOOD and Richard MILLS for your contributions as well.  Kelly, hopefully your next Tail walking opportunity will be more enjoyable.

Thanks all for participating in this event, a shame we can’t have celebrations like this every parkrunday, now the challenge is to keep the most active park crown!


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Flaxmere parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Eva GOODISSON who recorded a time of 18:25 on 10th August 2019 (event number 9).
The male record is held by Paul DE JONGH who recorded a time of 17:41 on 1st January 2020 (event number 31).
The Age Grade course record is held by Eric PHIMISTER who recorded 83.48% (20:53) on 30th November 2019 (event number 25).

Flaxmere parkrun started on 15th June 2019. Since then 705 participants have completed 3,048 parkruns covering a total distance of 15,240 km, including 612 new Personal Bests. A total of 100 individuals have volunteered 375 times.


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