Flaxmere parkrun, # 57 21st November 2020

There really isn't a better way to start Saturday morning than at Flaxmere parkrun, especially on a beautiful Spring morning is there? This Saturday the sun was shining, the sky was blue. and the park was looking fantastic as a smaller than usual group of parkrunners gathered before for the briefing. Those of you who have been coming to parkrun since we restarted after the second lockdown will have noticed that our numbers have yet to recover to the 70s and 80s we were having regularly before April. There are undoubtedly many reasons why the numbers are down and it is hard to pinpoint any specific reason but we can all help encourage people to come back and join us. If you know someone who has fallen out of the habit of coming on Saturday morning perhaps ask them to come out, especially while the weather is nice. If you know someone who has talked about coming then ask them to come with you next time. And also tell your friends and whānau about how much fun parkrun is. Encourage them to sign up and come along. How about we aim to double the numbers next week? Let's give ourselves the collective goal of getting our numbers back to over 50 at least every week before the New Year. It's easy to do if we all bring someone new or who has done parkrun in the past to the next parkrun, and the one after that, and the next one.

One of the difficulties with low numbers of parkrun regulars is getting enough volunteers to help out. We all want to parkrun but we can only parkrun if we have people volunteering each and every week. Your parkrun team have done all they can to streamline the number of volunteers needed to operate each week but we cannot hold an event unless we have even that small number at least. Please, do consider volunteering whenever you can so that we can all parkrun. None of the roles are difficult and you can be certain that you will get any help you need. You need nothing more than a smile for most of the roles but you do need to have a smartphone (or at least access to one) with the parkrun Virtual Volunteer app loaded for the Timekeeper and Barcode Scanner roles. We would really love to see our younger parkrunners volunteer too. If you have a young one over the age of 4 who is registered with parkrun then we can arrange for them to have a volunteer role too. They will need a parent or adult (over the age of 18) with them but both will get volunteer credits. Talk to the Run Director next time you are at parkrun or let us know when you volunteer and we'll make sure you are both added to the roster. Since Flaxmere parkrun started there have been a total of 108 individuals that have volunteered 466 times. Are you one of those?

The event this week was made possible by these hi-vis heroes: Michael John LEARY • Joce JONES • Andrew JONES • Philip SHAMBROOK • Richard MILLS • Sarah SEW HOY • Nick JOHNSON • Meredith JOHNSON. Thanks to you all for giving up your time so that others can parkrun. It's easy to volunteer. Usually there's a roster you can add your name to at parkrun but some numpty forgot to print it this week - you just can't get good staff eh Philip? However, the future roster is always available online at our webpage - Flaxmere parkrun Future Roster and we routinely post requests on our Facebook page. All you need do is look to see what roles are available and either send an email to flaxmere@parkrun.com telling us which role you would like to do and when, or comment on the Facebook page.

This week 32 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 2 were first timers and 4 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 5 different clubs took part. Amongst the 32 people was Pauline Stone who completed her 50th parkrun this morning and earned her free 50 parkrun milestone t-shirt. Pauline has completed 48 of her parkruns at Flaxmere and also visited Anderson and Tauranga parkruns too. Congratulations Pauline. We look forward to seeing you resplendent in your 50 parkrun t-shirt in the not too distant future. Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Flaxmere parkrun Results Page. There were a few UNKNOWNS in there from the event today. These were all people who either did not have a barcode or who forgot their barcode. It is not the end of the world if you don't have a barcode but it does help you keep track of the events you have done and also keep you progressing towards your milestones. If you do have problems printing your barcodes do let the event team know and we will print them off for you.

Flaxmere parkrun started on 15th June 2019 with a huge fanfare and tremendous support from the local community and the Hastings District Council. We're tremendously grateful for the ongoing support from the council. Hope you noticed the shiny new piece of path that had been re-sealed during the week. Since we started last June, 745 participants have completed 3,442 parkruns covering a total distance of 17,210 km, including 648 new Personal Bests. Of that 745, there are 554 people who have registered directly with Flaxmere parkrun. Yes 554 people have registered and printed barcodes showing Flaxmere parkrun as their home parkrun. So there are a lot of people out there with barcodes gathering dust. Let's see what we can do to get those barcodes out into the light of day, along with their owners. Look at the people to your left and right. Are they parkrunners? If not ask them why not and persuade them to register and come with you next time you parkrun.

While we do celebrate those who tear around the course faster than tearing around things, we also celebrate with those who take a more relaxed approach. parkrun really is for everyone no matter how long it takes to cover the 5km. We are extremely happy to see the average time taken to complete Flaxmere parkrun is increasing. That means we are attracting more people who are happy to walk with us on a Saturday morning. It is important that we do all we can to encourage walkers and joggers to join us just as much as the runners. parkrun really is for everyone. Remember 5km is still 5km whether it take sixty minutes or 16 minutes. The female record is held by Eva GOODISSON who recorded a time of 18:25 on 10th August 2019 (event number 9). The male record is held by Paul DE JONGH who recorded a time of 17:41 on 1st January 2020 (event number 31). The Age Grade course record is held by Eric PHIMISTER who recorded 83.48% (20:53) on 30th November 2019 (event number 25).

Let's all do what we can to get more people parkrunning next week and future weeks at Flaxmere parkrun. See you next time.


Flaxmere parkrun – # 56 November 14, 2020

This week 49 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 8 were first timers to Flaxmere parkrun and of those 8, 4 newly registered parkrunners participated for their first time.  There were also 2 who recorded new Personal Bests, well done Cory MILLER and Kerry HARPER.


With 6 unknown’s, most being friends and family of registered parkrunners it reminds us all of the importance of having a printed barcode.  If one of those “unknowns” is you, we hope you enjoyed your parkrun experience and consider registering and joining us again or at one of the other 32 New Zealand parkruns (for the time being anyhow).  It’s so fantastic that people are inviting and bringing friends and family to experience parkrun. This is truly how parkrun evolves and how Flaxmere parkrun will grow. Please also register for your free barcode and ticket to any parkrun anywhere before you join us next time. All you need to do is to register for your barcode at https://www.parkrun.co.nz/register/, print of your barcode and bring it with you.  This weeks results can be found here: Event #56 Results.


Representatives of 4 different clubs took part.  We would love for you all to come back and see if you can beat your personal bests or simply join us for some free, friendly, and social, exercise.

There were 3 special milestones today.  Firstly, Michael Eastwood completed his 25 Volunteer milestone. Not only did he qualify for a free parkrun t-shirt but he also got to wear our special purple tutu. Congratulations Michael and to your family for your regular contributions to Flaxmere and Anderson parkruns over the years.  Michael welcomed in his 25th Volunteer role in a support role assisting his young son Liam as he fulfilled his first volunteer role as the Finish Token role, and Liam is only 4 years old.  Way to go Liam (and Michael).  We hope you had fun. We would love to have more children volunteering at parkrun too. It's a great way for our littlest ones to develop some life skills. Most of the time they will need to be supported by an adult, parent, or caregiver but that also means both of you will get a volunteer credit to count towards your milestone t-shirts. Children over 4 years old can take part in parkrun as both volunteer and parkrunner as long as they are registered and have a personal barcode.



Volunteering is a great way to support the parkrun community. Philip Shambrook, our Event Director and all Run Directors, llove to encourage all parkrunners to volunteer from the littlest to the not so littlest if, and when they can. If you are 4 years old or older and have a parkrun barcode, with the help of a parent or caregiver where needed, we can find a role for you.

This event was made possible by 9 volunteers:

Nneka OKONTA • Joce JONES • Michael EASTWOOD • Richard MILLS • Amy THOMAS • Melissa THORBURN • Amber THORBURN • Liz MYLES • Liam EASTWOOD

Many thanks to you all.  This was Liz MYLES first time volunteering also, thanks again!

We were also lucky to have Richard BERBER photograph our parkrun.  Thank you Richard for your lovely photographs. Richard is our parkrun Video and Photograph Ambassador which means he gets to travel around various parkruns collecting memories for us.

Two other special Milestones completed today was a mum and daughter affair, sporting matching red coloured shirts, the honorary red tutu’s and in the guise of Thing 1 and Thing 2.   They did their thing at last.  Amber and Melissa THORBURN completed their 50th parkrun milestone!  (OK, enough of me writing in the third person now).   This milestone was originally planned to align with Flaxmere parkrun's 1 year anniversary, which was a challenge suggested by Richard MILLS, Covid-19 had a different plan for us all.

It really doesn’t matter how long it takes, parkruns are something that just keep ticking over, if you put the time and energy in and don’t lose focus.  That is something that Amber has never done.   Amber started parkrunning at Anderson parkrun, not long after I started in April 2018.  It was a little stop start to begin with as we took many winter weekends out as Amber played Football.   But then Amber decided to let parkrun be the sport to get her out of bed on a Saturday and has enjoyed 5 different events and volunteered 14 times now.  The 25th Volunteer role is not that far away Amber!

So proud of you Amber, it was worth me putting my parkruns on hold while you caught up to me so we could do our 50th together.  Many thanks to the EASTWOOD family for our gorgeous flowers, what a lovely surprise!


Want to volunteer?  Event #57 or beyond still have some volunteer roles available.  So do check out the future roster and contact us at flaxmerehelpers@parkrun.com if you can assist.  Thanks and have a great week.

Run report written by Melissa THORBURN A4419003.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Flaxmere parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Eva GOODISSON who recorded a time of 18:25 on 10th August 2019 (event number 9).

The male record is held by Paul DE JONGH who recorded a time of 17:41 on 1st January 2020 (event number 31).

The Age Grade course record is held by Eric PHIMISTER who recorded 83.48% (20:53) on 30th November 2019 (event number 25).

Flaxmere parkrun started on 15th June 2019. Since then 743 participants have completed 3,410 parkruns covering a total distance of 17,050 km, including 644 new Personal Bests. A total of 108 individuals have volunteered 458 times.


Flaxmere parkrun – Pāka Whakaomaoma o Paharakeke Event # 55 November 07, 2020

Joce and I both walked the Tauranga parkrun last week along with Ajay and your other run directors Philip and Louise before going on to complete the Tauranga Half Marathon last Sunday. Thanks to Joce for the tremendous support and the surprise invitation to write the run report this week.
For my 299th parkrun in Lower Hutt this morning we enjoyed a very overcast but dry morning with little wind and a bit humid as well. I believe you may have had similar conditions up there but possibly a bit warmer than down here.
Of the 36 parkrunners/walkers you had there there were 2 very quick times getting PBs today. Well done to Gretchen STONE and Pita LLOYD.
Welcome to the 1st timers to Flaxmere Shavaughn STANLEY-WILLIAMS, Phoebe NALDOZA DRAKE, Ryan ENNIS and Jarrod POPPLESTONE. Hoping you enjoyed the flat course and running round it 3 times.
No milestones this week but I'm sure there are some not far from doing them in the coming weeks.
Of course parkrun can not happen without the help of the volunteers. So if you haven't done a volunteer role please put your name down so that those regular volunteers can tick off another run towards their individual milestone goals. It is easy to learn and your run directors can show you how easy it is and you get to meet other parkrunners and see what it is like for those fast runners if you are a bit slower like me and don't experience that end of the parkrun.
Wishing you all a great week and hope your all back at Flaxmere next Saturday
Jan Cadwallender A472053

Flaxmere parkrun – Pāka Whakaomaoma o Paharakeke Event # 54 October 31, 2020

Flaxmere parkrun – Pāka Whakaomaoma o Paharakeke

Event # 54

October 31, 2020

This weeks report kindly written by Jo Reyngoud. Ngā mihi nui Jo.

The Setting: 

It’s Springtime and a Saturday morning in Flaxmere Park.   There’s a gentle warm breeze blowing, not unpleasant.  The park is looking lush with new Spring leaves on the trees and blossom now carpeting the paths.  It’s pretty picturesque.  The perfect setting for getting your move on.

The Occasion: 

The parkrun.  It happens every Saturday morning at 8.00am and it’s free to be a part of.  All you need to do is register once and then turn up and walk, jog or run 5km, which is 3 times around our beautiful Flaxmere Park.  Wear what you wish and set your own pace.  What matters most of all is participating.  Fur babies on leads and kiddies in strollers are super welcome too!


This weekend 37 people, many of whom have done the parkrun before, ran, jogged and walked the course.  Representatives of 5 different clubs took part.  2 participants recorded new Personal Bests. 

 Well done to all of you!  

A special shout out and round of applause to one of our youth parkrunners Lachie MacGregor, on completing his 10th parkrun.  Congratulations on reaching this milestone Lachie! 


We are very blessed to be able to have this volunteer-coordinated event, as many countries around the world are still unable to meet in this way.  This weekend parkrun was made possible by 8 volunteers:


Well done to all who participated.  Walkers, joggers, runners and volunteers…what a fabulous way to start a Saturday!

We look forward to seeing you all again next week and if you haven’t been for a while or are thinking of giving the parkrun a go for the first time we’d love to see you there too!  Spread the word and encourage your friends and family to join us.  It’s a mighty community event.

Oh, and remember your barcode! 

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Flaxmere parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Eva GOODISSON who recorded a time of 18:25 on 10th August 2019 (event number 9).

The male record is held by Paul DE JONGH who recorded a time of 17:41 on 1st January 2020 (event number 31).

The Age Grade course record is held by Eric PHIMISTER who recorded 83.48% (20:53) on 30th November 2019 (event number 25).


Flaxmere parkrun started on 15th June 2019. Since then 730 participants have completed 3,325 parkruns covering a total distance of 16,625 km, including 640 new Personal Bests. A total of 104 individuals have volunteered 440 times.




Flaxmere parkrun event #48, 8 August 2020

Yet again, we were soooo lucky! The rain stopped before we set up and the odd spot of rain just started falling minutes before everyone finished – a parkrun weather window! Within minutes of leaving Flaxmere it was raining pretty hard. The park is looking very lush and green, with Spring growth more evident each Saturday.
This week 46 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 5 were first timers and 2 recorded new Personal Bests – congratulations to Sal Turi and Adrian White. Representatives of 10 different clubs took part. There were a few visitors, although some were shy, so we only know of Lower Hutt being represented by the lovely Chrissy, who also volunteered to be our tailwalker. As always the volunteer crew today were superb – thank you. Volunteering is a great way to meet other parkrunners, so please consider giving the very-easy-roles a go. The hi-viz heroes this week were: Christine OSULLIVAN-ROBERTSON • Manakore KIREKA • Louise SHAMBROOK • Jennifer DOOLAN • Gail HUSSEY • Amy THOMAS • Lisa POHATU • Jeffrey DOOLAN. We always need volunteers so please take a look at the Flaxmere parkrun Future Roster to see what roles are vacant, and let us know which role and when you'd like to do it please. 

The briefing is an important part of every parkrun. We would really appreciate it very much if you would ensure you arrive in time for it and listen. It's a time for us all to welcome new parkrunners and visitors from other parkruns, and for the Run Director to make any safety announcements about the course and any other announcements about special events coming up. We really would be grateful if you would please arrive in time for the briefing. You never know. You might miss something important.

The parkrun Code

We heard some commenting that the conditions were just about perfect – obviously for Sal and Adrian, who achieved PBs. It was not too cold and not too warm and with the rain holding off, it was another happy parkrunday. We are still the only country in the world to be able to get our weekly fix and enjoy our Saturday parkrun – even more reason for a happy parkrunday. Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Flaxmere parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Eva GOODISSON who recorded a time of 18:25 on 10th August 2019 (event number 9). The male record is held by Paul DE JONGH who recorded a time of 17:41 on 1st January 2020 (event number 31). The Age Grade course record is held by Eric PHIMISTER who recorded 83.48% (20:53) on 30th November 2019 (event number 25).

Flaxmere parkrun started on 15th June 2019. Since then 713 participants have completed 3,136 parkruns covering a total distance of 15,680 km, including 627 new Personal Bests. A total of 101 individuals have volunteered 392 times.


Flaxmere parkrun #47 August 1

This week's parkrun welcomed us with warmer temperatures than last week's minus 1 and obviously made for very good running conditions as 14 of our 42 runners, joggers and walkers recorded PB's. The full results and event history can be found on the Flaxmere Park Run Latest Results page. There were still a few more Unknowns in the results than we would like. Please do remember to bring a printed barcode with you each week so that you can have your parkrun recorded and counted towards your milestone T-Shirt. You get a free milestone T-Shirt when you have completed 50, 100, 250, and 500 parkruns. There is also a certificate for juniors (classed as under 18) who have completed 10 parkruns. These can be accumulated at any parkrun as long as you have your barcode with you whenever you visit another parkrun. Don't forget there's always an opportunity for some park run tourism too as there are now 30 Park Runs to participate in around New Zealand. I certainly felt grateful for the lovely flat course at Flaxmere after visiting the hillier parkrun at Cambridge recently! Your barcode is your free ticket to over 2000 parkruns worldwide. This week we welcomed visitors from Porirua and Palmerston North and one brand new member to the parkrun family - welcome all. We hope to see you in New Zealand's most active park again soon. We also welcomed Richard Berber, parkrun photo ambassador, he certainly captured some great shots of the friendly atmosphere that helps to get us out of bed on a Saturday morning!

Today's event couldn't take place without our lovely team of volunteers- Michael John LEARY • Samantha MINNIE • Manakore KIREKA • Michael EASTWOOD • Philip SHAMBROOK • Amy THOMAS • Katrina EDMEAD • Julie WILLIAMS • Peter EDMEAD Thank you all. You all looked terrific in those hi-vis vests. If you would like to volunteer, please check out the Future Roster, find a role you would like to do then contact us and work your way towards the 25 Volunteer Milestone t-shirt. All roles are straight forward & you will get all the help & support that you need.

The female record is held by Eva GOODISSON who recorded a time of 18:25 on 10th August 2019 (event number 9). The male record is held by Paul DE JONGH who recorded a time of 17:41 on 1st January 2020 (event number 31). The Age Grade course record is held by Eric PHIMISTER who recorded 83.48% (20:53) on 30th November 2019 (event number 25). While we do celebrate the parkrunners who are across the line first do please remember that we also celebrate equally as hard when our tail walker comes down the finish chute. We really do not care how fast you run, walk, or jog; 5km is still 5km whether you complete the distance in under 20 minutes or over 60. The only important thing is that you are with us each Saturday morning.

Flaxmere parkrun started on 15th June 2019. Since then 708 participants have completed 3,090 parkruns covering a total distance of 15,450 km, including 625 new Personal Bests. A total of 100 individuals have volunteered 384 times. We're into our second year, which should mean we have accumulated over 50 parkruns. However, due to lockdown we're still a few parkruns shy of 50. We will be celebrating our half century of Flaxmere parkruns on 22 August. Not only that, it's a tutu run! So start looking for that tutu so that you parkrun in your tutu on August the TwoTwo and celebrate our first half century of parkruns in Flaxmere Park.

parkrun Report by Julie Williams


Flaxmere parkrun Event #43 July 4

105938012_552338548794132_6747962367826036996_oIt might have been a chilly day to restart our Saturday morning parkruns but the sun was shining from a clear blue sky and there was no lack of warmth from the parkrunners. It was thermals for almost everyone and there was lots of bright, colourful clothing on display to celebrate. It's been 112 days since we last had a parkrun in Flaxmere park and all us have been waiting patiently for the day to come when we could parkrun once again. We're the only parkrun country in the world operating as of this week so please spare a thought for the 21 other countries who can only look on as we parkrun again.

Spare a thought too for Estelle Minnie. After our last event on 14th March, Estelle had completed 99 parkruns and was looking forward to celebrating here 100th milestone parkrun on 21st March. But we all know what happened a few days later. It was particularly special that Estelle finally got to celebrate finishing 100 parkruns on the day that parkrun re-started in New Zealand. Congratulations Estelle. We're sure you'll agree it was worth the wait.


Did you know that since we last met our beautiful Flaxmere Park recognised as the most active park in New Zealand. There's a terrific video of showcasing the park including some of our parkrunners too. If you have yet to see it, take a look here.

It is always great to see first timers at Flaxmere parkrun, even more so this time after such a long time between parkruns. Welcome to you all. We hope to see you again, and again, and again. We also had visitors from Whanganui who occupied the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 26th placings today. They will be returning to a new parkrun when they go home too. It's been over 13 months since the last parkrun launched in New Zealand. Any ideas which parkrun that was? Yep! It was Flaxmere parkrun on 8th June 2019.

91433937_129740341949729_2343480018081939456_nLet's extend a warm welcome to Whanganui Riverbank parkrun to the parkrun New Zealand family. That means your free barcode will now give you access to 30 parkruns around New Zealand from Whangarei to Invercargill and many points in between. Why not give yourself a goal of visiting some this year. Anderson parkrun is just 13kms away at Anderson Park in Taradale with Gisborne, Taupo, and Palmerston North just a little further away. And don't forget the 21 other countries that have parkuns too. They will be operating again eventually but for now enjoy parkrunning in New Zealand.

A big thank you to our volunteers this week especially on such a cold day.
Nneka, Jocé, AJ, Philip, Eileen, Richard, Jennifer, Peter, Dianna, and Jeffrey, thank you all for giving up your time so that we could parkrun this weekend. parkrun is as much about completing 5km around Flaxmere Park each week, it's also about volunteering. parkrun is all about simplicity and none of our volunteer roles are difficult. There's always plenty of support and for all but two of the roles all you need is a smile. For the Barcode Scanner and Timekeeper roles you will need to install the free parkrun Volunteer App for either Google or iOS smartphones. We need volunteers each week. All you need do is take a look at the Future Roster and drop an email to the event team at flaxmerehelpers@parkrun.com and let us know the role you want to do and when. You can also post a message on our Facebook Page or add your name to the roster on Saturday morning at parkrun. And you get to wear brightly coloured hi-vis vest that colour matches almost anything.


Even though it was cold Sal Turi, Meredith Johnson, Barbara Edmead, Isobel Coutts Weakley, Alex MacGregor and Joann Doolan all managed to achieve PBs - must have been parkrunning faster to keep warm :-) There were 56 parkrunners on Saturday running, jogging, or walking around our wonderful Flaxmere Park. You can find the full results on our website here - Flaxmere parkrun results Event #43. Have you noticed a change to the results too this week? In the past you would get a time even if you didn't have a barcode. Looks like that's no longer the case so it's more important than ever that you bring a printed barcode each week to ensure you get your parkrun counted towards your next milestone shirt.


Do you know someone who has not joined us yet? Why not encourage them to come with you next week? See you on Saturday.


Flaxmere parkrun – #42 March 14

Some important notes from your Flaxmere parkrun event team.


The World Health Organisation has declared Covid-19 (Coronavirus) a pandemic. What does this mean? It means that governments are able to take stronger measures to prevent and contain the disease. At a personal level it changes little. We all need to be taking measures to prevent the spread of any infectious disease, not just Covid-19 by always being mindful of our personal hygiene. Steps include washing your hands, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, and ensuring you do not cough or sneeze over anyone.

There have been concerns expressed about the Finish Tokens at parkrun. The Finish Token is just one of many items that you encounter on a day-to-day basis that you have no control over. To reduce any risks of spreading any infectious disease you should wash your hands thoroughly before parkrun and again after finishing.
If you feel unwell, or think you have been in contact with anyone who is unwell, then you should avoid public gatherings until you feel better.

Whether or not parkrun is allowed to continue is still in a state of flux and very dependant on what the New Zealand government advise. As of this event report, the Flaxmere parkrun team are planning to operate as normal. It is up to each individual parkrunner to follow the advice to wash hands frequently, avoid coughing and sneezing on people, and stay indoors if feeling unwell. The best advice is to stay away from any community gathering if you are uncertain about your health or that of your family members.

Event Briefing

In recent weeks the numbers attending the pre-event briefing has been very low. While you might think we say the same thing every week, the reality is that some things do change. There might be hazards on the course - we have had ice and falling trees to avoid before now. If you don't attend the briefing you could very easily parkrun into a problem. Not only that we are a community. The briefing gives us the opportunity to welcome first timers to our parkrun community and also acknowledge those who have travelled from afar to come and visit us. We also get to celebrate important parkrun milestones when people achieve their 25th Volunteer milestone, or a junior who has attended 10 events, or others having reached 50, 100, or 250 parkrun. When you sign up to parkrun you agree to follow the parkrun code. The briefing is the most important part of that code. We would all appreciate it very much if you make every effort to be at parkrun in time for the briefing that always starts at 7:50. And equally important, please listen to the briefing!


In recent weeks the Run Directors have had to spend considerable time amending the results. This is usually as a result of us trying to be flexible and accommodate people who forget their barcodes, or have barcodes that cannot scan, or present a barcode on a phone. The global parkrun directive is that printed barcodes, and only printed barcodes, must be presented or times will not be recorded. We have tried to be flexible but it is causing problems for the Run Directors when processing the results afterwards. We are all volunteers and do not always have the time to spare to try to fix the results afterwards. For all future events, please make sure you have a printed barcode that will scan. If your barcode is little more than crumpled piece of paper, the chances are that it will not scan. Please also do not ask our barcode scanners to scan a barcode on a mobile phone. Your Run Directors and Volunteers are all giving up their time. Your help to make things as easy as possible for the event is very much appreciated. This is not a decision that we have taken lightly (actually it's more the Event Director saying this is what is going to happen so blame him) but it is one that will reduce the likelihood of problems with the results in future.

If you cannot access a printer to print your barcodes send them to us and we will print them for you. There is also a range of inexpensive products that you can buy from the parkrun shop so that you will always have a barcode that will scan. The plastic cards work really well and cost only $7.80 including postage.

And now to the run report from Sundeia...
One member of our car full of five was particularly excited all the way to parkrun this morning; he could hardly contain himself. And contain himself he did not; he continues to loudly express his excitement every time we arrive on the scene of his favourite park run of the week. I wonder if they make ‘50’ t-shirts for dogs?
We had a good turnout this morning. There were 83 parkrunners which again shows just how well we are growing. However, it was noted that there were only about a quarter of the parkrunners present at the briefing this morning. Attending the briefing is very important so let’s try to arrive a little earlier; I am speaking to myself here also and will adjust my alarm clock [adherence] accordingly.
Barbara Edmead achieved her 50 parkrun milesone today which is a huge achievement – a feat attainable by a full year of non-stop weekly parkruns or maybe several years of semi-regular parkruns. Congratulations Barbara! Jackson McKay completed his 10th parkrun today, but on a new course for him as he was one of our 15 first timers this week and he finished first! Well done Jackson from the Hastings Athletics Club Inc., one of 8 clubs to take part this morning.
Out on the track it was business as usual with friendly faces and a community spirit. I noticed one of our very regular parkrunners slow and stop running partway round and it was nice to see someone ask if he was OK. As with any event, we need to look after one another and also know our own limits. It is OK to stop if you feel a niggle or pain or strain in any area of your body. Addressing niggles early can often be key in helping to prevent further or more serious injuries from developing.
Today’s event was made possible by 11 terrific volunteers:Nneka OKONTA • Andrew JONES • Paul GIBBONS • Eileen MILLS • Melissa THORBURN • Peter EDMEAD • Sundeia LOMBERG • Hana LOMBERG • Kelvin LOMBERG • Hazel SANKOVITZ • Patrick SANKOVITZ

Note that some volunteers are children volunteering alongside their parents. This is possible and the children also get to wear a hi-vis vest and work towards their 25 volunteer t-shirt at any age. Nice! In fact, today I noticed that one of the marshals encouraging us along the course was a youngster. Good work. Please check the future roster page to sign up for a volunteer position and let the team know if you’d like to sign up a child to co-volunteer a role with you. Please be aware though that all children need to have an adult with them when undertaking the Marshal or Tail Walker roles. We allow older children to undertake the Timekeeper, Finish Tokens or Barcode Scanner roles alone however, a parent should be undertaking one of the three roles at the same time. The event team will not accept responsibility for children. But we do want to encourage our juniors to volunteer. Our goal is to have an all Junior team of volunteers in the not too distant future. So please encourage you children to volunteer with you. We'll always make space on the roster where appropriate.
Speaking of children, as I completed a bonus lap with my tail-walking family, a mother and daughter duo ran past us. They’d missed the start of the event and were ‘chasing the tail’ in laps to catch up. And catch up they did. It was Kara’s (8) first time and she told me that it was ‘tiring’ and that she was ‘excited and nervous at the start and happy at the end,’ all said with a smile on her face. Her mother Shelley, who completed her second parkrun this morning, said parkrun is a ‘good incentive to get out of bed and do something on the weekend.’ Kara is planning to have her own barcode for next time and work towards her first 10 runs.
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Flaxmere parkrun Results Page.
Flaxmere parkrun started on 15th June 2019. We are now 75% of the way through our very first year at Flaxmere parkrun! In the blink of an eye we’ll be celebrating our first birthday, together.
Nga Mihi


Flaxmere parkrun – #41 March 7th

Cooler temperatures were a reminder that we're now into Autumn but hopefully Summer will still say hi for a little while longer. There were a lot of people away attending events at home and away but we still had a great turnout for the parkrun. This week 56 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 11 were first timers and 9 recorded new Personal Bests. It's always great to welcome people who have never completed a parkrun before. It's even better when they keep coming back and even better when they bring friends. If you did complete your first parkrun this weekend make sure you come back with another friend. A very warm welcome to our visitors from out of town and also those who made the trip over from Anderson. We are very proud of our park, our parkrun, and our parkrun community. Welcome one and all.


This week we welcomed a another of our younger parkrunners to the Junior 10 club. Ella Leary has now completed her first 10 parkrun and began the journey too her 50th milestone shirt. And didn't she look good flying around the park in the flowing J10 white cape?


Our volunteers starred again even if the Run Director (who was that I wonder) forgot to thank them for volunteering! Oops! Please accept my heartfelt thanks for volunteering today and the thanks of all those who were able to parkrun. Our hi-vis heroes were Michael John LEARY • Philip SHAMBROOK • Joanne DOOLAN • Jennifer DOOLAN • Julie WILLIAMS • Dianna KARAURIA • Rob MORTON. Volunteering is an aspect of parkrun that is often overlooked when we talk about parkrun. Did you know that parkrun provides nearly 500 000 volunteering opportunities every week? parkrun provides more volunteering opportunities than any other organisation anywhere in he world. it's a great way to develop social capital and friendships. We have a strong core of volunteers a Flaxmere but are always looking for others to join the team. It's easy to volunteer, all you need do is take a look at our Future Roster page on our website and let us know which role you'd like to do then let us know. So far a total of 91 individuals have volunteered 329 times. How long before we get that 91 to one hundred or more? Will you be the 100th individual volunteering for the first time and starting your journey to the coveted V25 milestone T?


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Flaxmere parkrun Results Page.
The female record is held by Eva GOODISSON who recorded a time of 18:25 on 10th August 2019 (event number 9).
The male record is held by Paul DE JONGH who recorded a time of 17:41 on 1st January 2020 (event number 31).
The Age Grade course record is held by Eric PHIMISTER who recorded 83.48% (20:53) on 30th November 2019 (event number 25).
Flaxmere parkrun started on 15th June 2019. Since then 662 participants have completed 2,771 parkruns covering a total distance of 13,855 km, including 575 new Personal Bests.

See you all next week :-)


Flaxmere parkrun #40 – 29th February 2020

On another beautiful Hawkes Bay Saturday morning 79 people lined at up at to participate in the Flaxmere parkrun number 40.  It also happened to be 29 February, the first ever leap day in the history of park run.  So before we began we all had to take a leap for the camera.



We had visitors from South Africa, Invercargill (special shout out to Barry Smith who helped me your intrepid park run reporter to her new pb) and Cambridge. We had some milestones to celebrate today, Andrew Jones (AJ) volunteered for the 200th time! Easy to see how much Jocé and AJ have contributed to parkrun. And we had Serena Lomberg complete her 10th park run and join our ever increasing number of juniors in the J10 club. Great work Serena!


The female record is still held by Eva Goodisson in a time of 18.25 and Paul De Johgn still holds the male record of 17.41. The age grade record is held by Eric Phimister who 83.48% (20.53) on 30 November 2019. The weather was very conducive to running (being not too hot and not too cold).  Grant Lincoln blitzed to be the first across the line (well done Grant) while others took a more relaxed approach and jogged or walk around the course. And that's one of the great things about parkrun. We celebrate just as much with the speedy first finishers as well as for those who prefer a more relaxed pace. We don't care how long it takes. We are here for everyone so never think you'll hold anyone up. And you'll never be last. We always give that honour to the Tail Walker. The only thing that matters is that you are here. We had 25 personal bests recorded today and 6 first time park runners.  Welcome to all the newbies and we hope you enjoyed your first parkrun. Full results are available on the Latest Results page of the website


From a personal perspective it was definitely the perfect running conditions for me.  My previous PB was 30.58 and I was keen on challenging that today.  Feeling good I left the start line chatting to the ever beautiful Jocé Jones who promptly said to me off you go Amy see what you can do.  So off I went.  I caught up to Barry Smith one of our park run tourists from the deep south (Invercargill) who was up in the beautiful bay for the Masters Athletics competition (competing in the triple jump, 60 meters and something else).  Barry asked if I was lapping him ( as we were just getting into our second lap) and after I had finished laughing hysterically at the idea that I could be that far ahead to be lapping people on my second lap we chatted a bit about times etc.  Barry learned that I was keen to beat my PB and kept an eye on the time (I refused to look at my watch).  We got to 1km to go and Barry said to me if we up the pace just a bit you’ll get a PB but I don’t think it’ll be under 30 minutes.  I’m all good with that I said (as I really didn’t think I was close to getting under 30 minutes).  500 meters later I actually thought I may be sick or fall over, but we kept going.  I crossed the finish line in a time of 29.03!!!  So huge thanks to Barry Smith, I hope you went well today at the Masters Athletic champs and have enjoyed your time in Hawkes Bay.  The award for the happiest runner actually goes to Barry who said good morning to every person we passed on our way round the course (I couldn’t talk by this stage).


I would also like to give a huge shout out to our volunteers without whom these events wouldn’t be possible: Andrew Jones, Michael Eastwood, Kelly Eastwood, Philp Shambrook, Richard Mills, Jennifer Doolan, Camile Saxton, Melissa Thorburn and little old me. Volunteering is a great way to see parkrun in a different light. You also get to see and cheer all the parkrunners having fun too. Volunteering is easy and none of the roles are overly challenging. All training is given where necessary and there is plenty of support. And, more importantly, the beautiful hi-vis vest is colour co-ordinated to match any outfit. We also want to see as juniors joining the ranks of volunteers too so please encourage your juniors to join you. They too can start counting volunteer credits towards there V25 milestone shirts. Who's going to be the first Junior to get hold of the coveted V25 shirt? The challenge is on! There are no problems having both you and your young'un on the roster; just let us know in the usual way. And what is the usual way? Take a look at the Future Roster, see what role you'd like to do, then drop us an email or comment/post on Facebook.



Finally a shout out to the first aiders who provided assistance when one parkrunner pushed herself to the limit (and achieved a great result in the process). Thanks for looking after her Sarah Sew Hoy and Florrie Kerr. It's never nice to see parkrunners in distress but it was a timely reminder to always be aware of those around you. Never be afraid to ask if someone is ok and always be quick to respond if someone is having problems or you think is having problems. Deal with the situation at hand, including dialling 111 if necessary, before worrying about getting a message to the Run Director. We do not have an AED at present but we are working to get one. In the meantime, the nearest AEDs are at the New World Supermarket and the Police Station. If you need one, send a person to each location while you or someone begins chest compressions.



That's it for another great week. What a great event and a great community park run is, especially Flaxmere parkrun. Keep up the good work all you parkrunners and volunterers.  See you next week.

Amy your intrepid park run reporter (with support from Jocé).

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