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Wow, it's not often that the Tailwalker volunteer role is available so close to our next parkrun.

To make this weekends parkrun volunteer roster complete, we require a Tail Walker and a Run Report writer.   The awesome thing about both of these roles, is that you gain a parkrun credit and a volunteer credit to help you reach your desired milestones sooner.  Of course there is also the option to just volunteer as the Run Reporter role, parkrunning is optional with this role.

Nervous and not sure about what to write, please do take a look at past run reports, they can be as short or novel as you like.  Here is a link to last week's report by Julie: run report event #69

If you would like to give either of these roles ago, please either comment below or send an email to

Going to be away this weekend, but keen to volunteer in future weeks?  Do check out our Future Roster and let us secure your volunteer role:

Ngā mihi.

Flaxmere parkrun.


Volunteer Call for Flaxmere parkrun event #66

With Flaxmere parkrun event #66 just 4 days away, it's time to confirm the volunteer roles to ensure we can all parkrun with a smile.

Thanks so much to everyone who has secured their volunteer spot already, we appreciate you!


There only remains one role to fill, the Finish  Token role.  If you are available to volunteer in this role, please  email:

If you can't volunteer this week, but can next week or beyond, please also let us know which role you would love.
The future roster can be found here: Future Roster.

Ngā mihi.


International Women’s Day – 8th March

International Women's Day is on 8th March and we're on the lookout for women who would be interested to share their parkrun journey on the parkrun blog site. We're particularly looking for women and girls up to the age of 29, and in their 70s and 80s, who parkrun in NZ and would be willing to share a few paragraphs of their parkrun story and a photo of themselves at parkrun to feature on our blogsite, preferably people who weren't a runner previously. We are looking for real life role models who can inspire other women to get involved in our events.
If you are interested, or know of someone who might be interested please let us have a words on each of the following:
  • Name (and age if comfortable including that).
  • What motivated you to register with parkrun?
  • What were you nervous about before taking part and how did you overcome this?
  • How has parkrun had a positive impact on your life beyond a Saturday morning?
  • What would you say to encourage other women and girls to take part in parkrun who have signed up but not yet come along?
  • Anything else you’d like to add?
  • Finally, a photo of you at parkrun.
We need to turn this around by Jan 31st so any help would be greatly appreciated. You can send the information directly to our Health and Wellbeing Ambassador Glen Turner at or to your local Event Ambassador

Plog around the Park

Every week before parkrun the Run Director takes a stroll around the park checking the course and picking up litter. Plogging is a combination of walking/jogging and picking up litter.- So, why not join your RD this parkrunday at 7:15 for a Plog around the Park before parkrun? Great way to warm up. Great way to clean the park. Great way to start the day. Bring a bag for the litter and gloves if you feel you need them.

Who knows? We might make this a weekly thing :-)


parkrun needs you…and your ghostly friends and ghouls

Boo hoo, we don't have a full list of volunteers yet for this weekend's Halloween parkrun.
Are you keen to Timekeep*, Photograph or write our Halloween parkrun report?
Please let us know by commenting on our Facebook page or email us at
Full training will be provided if you are new to the role.
*Time Keeper role, you will need a smart phone with the parkrun volunteer app downloaded. Instructions will be provided. The app can be downloaded on android and Apple phones through your app store, it's a free download from Apple and Google. Search for parkrun virtual volunteer app.
Many thanks and looking forward to doing the monster mash, oops I mean parkrun :-)

Christmas and New Year at Flaxmere parkrun


Nothing like planning ahead is there? Well, we want to give you plenty of time to plan your parkrunnning festive season. Because at Flaxmere parkrun do we have some fun things for you.

Christmas and New Year are the only times when we can stray away from the usual Saturday  morning run.  Better still you can get to parkrun two parkruns on the same day. With planning you can get 6 parkruns notched up in the space of 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year period.

How? Flaxmere parkrun will be parkrunning on Christmas Day and New Year's Day as well as the usual Saturday morning, so there's two extras for you. And to top it off, we're doing a double with Anderson parkrun. At 8am on New Year's Day you parkrun Anderson parkrun, then you take a leisurely drive to Flaxmere Park and parkrun Flaxmere parkrun starting at 9:30 am. How's that for a fun morning? There won't be any coffee available in the park though just lots of friendly camaraderie. What a great way to start the New Year!

parkrun 2020

So, to sum up the dates that you need to put in your diary:

Saturday 21 December - normal parkrun

Wednesday 25 December - bonus parkrun 8am start as usual

Saturday 28 December - normal parkrun

Wednesday 1 January - parkrun double; Anderson parkrun 8:00am, Flaxmere parkrun 9:30am

Saturday 4 January - normal parkrun


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