Flaxmere parkrun Run Report, Event #74, 13th March, 2021

Flaxmere parkrun Run Report, event #74, 13th March, 2021

Congratulations Julie and Allan on your parkrun milestones, well done!

Congratulations Julie and Allan on your parkrun milestones, well done!

Kindly written by Gretchen Stone

We had a beautiful karakia to start our Flaxmere parkrun this morning.  Forty nine lucky people took part, with 3 first timers and 8 recorded new personal bests. The weather was cloudy and crisp, a perfect day for a run and walk.  Well done to everyone who clocked up the five kilometres in the park that we love, it was so much fun as always.

Special thanks to our nine volunteers who made the event possible -

Joce JONES • Andrew JONES • Peter YOUNG • Melissa THORBURN • Erin BRADLEY • Gretchen STONE • Nicki YOUNG • Ngaire BARNARD • Jeffrey DOOLAN

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Flaxmere parkrun Results Page.

And finally a history lesson and a poem.

Flaxmere parkrun started on 15th June 2019. Since then 875 participants have completed 4,311 parkruns covering a total distance of 21,555 km. A total of 123 individuals have volunteered 618 times.

And poetry in honour of the colder temperatures this morning and to inspire us to keep getting out of bed these autumn mornings:

People Who Go Running

can be recognised in various ways;

but don’t worry, they’ll tell you. They’re forever

synchronising their complicated watches,

or shopping for expensive trainers that

a physio said would be good for their arches.

. . .

They’ll come home from long runs in winter

and breathe joy into the cold air, morning

fizzing through their veins and sweat settling

on their skin like a beginning, like glory.

(Joe Caldwell)