Flaxmere parkrun – Pāka Whakaomaoma o Paharakeke Event # 55 November 07, 2020

Joce and I both walked the Tauranga parkrun last week along with Ajay and your other run directors Philip and Louise before going on to complete the Tauranga Half Marathon last Sunday. Thanks to Joce for the tremendous support and the surprise invitation to write the run report this week.
For my 299th parkrun in Lower Hutt this morning we enjoyed a very overcast but dry morning with little wind and a bit humid as well. I believe you may have had similar conditions up there but possibly a bit warmer than down here.
Of the 36 parkrunners/walkers you had there there were 2 very quick times getting PBs today. Well done to Gretchen STONE and Pita LLOYD.
Welcome to the 1st timers to Flaxmere Shavaughn STANLEY-WILLIAMS, Phoebe NALDOZA DRAKE, Ryan ENNIS and Jarrod POPPLESTONE. Hoping you enjoyed the flat course and running round it 3 times.
No milestones this week but I'm sure there are some not far from doing them in the coming weeks.
Of course parkrun can not happen without the help of the volunteers. So if you haven't done a volunteer role please put your name down so that those regular volunteers can tick off another run towards their individual milestone goals. It is easy to learn and your run directors can show you how easy it is and you get to meet other parkrunners and see what it is like for those fast runners if you are a bit slower like me and don't experience that end of the parkrun.
Wishing you all a great week and hope your all back at Flaxmere next Saturday
Jan Cadwallender A472053