1 Volunteer, 2 Volunteers, 3 Volunteers, Mwah Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaa!!!


Mwah!  It is time for our volunteer call, Mwah Ha Ha Ha!

Sadly, Count Dracula's Romanian relatives cannot fly to New Zealand, so to keep our parkrun from being a dark & gloomy one, we need you to dust off your capes and get your fangs into our "not so scary" available Halloween parkrunday volunteer roles.... Mwah Ha Ha Ha!

If you are keen to volunteer this week, the following roles are available:

Marshal (you have have fun with this role, especially if in costume).

Photographer (camera provided, let's see if vampires really don't show up in photos!)

Run Report Writer ( Stats from the day will be provided).

If any of these roles take your fancy, please email us at flaxmerehelpers@parkrun.com

Mwah Ha Ha Ha, oops, I mean Thank You!

Look forward to seeing you this parkrun day.  Costumes are optional, but always welcome.