Run Report 10 July 2021

Barry Curtis parkrun
Event number 401
10th July 2021

This week 148 people ran, jogged and walked in temperatures that must have been at least 10 degrees warmer than our event last week.  We welcomed visitors from Hamilton and Western Springs, and of the 9 people who were visiting Barry Curtis parkrun for the first time, 5 people were doing their very first parkrun. We hope all our first-timers enjoyed themselves today. Please come again!

The slightly muddy conditions didn't deter 10 people from recording new Personal Bests. Congratulations to you all.

Thank you to the following people for volunteering:

David DOWLING • Karen ROUT • Grant LINCOLN • Ray FREEMAN • Tristan NICHOLLS • Ronald LOBJOIT • Keegan KOKKE • Lana LOBJOIT • Jono WILLIS • Maria SHALLARD • Caitlin SHALLARD • Mia FALETANOAI • Josiah WILLIS • Andrew SHALLARD • Juliet HUNT • Gail FLEMING • Emily WILLIS

We really appreciate you giving up your time to help run our event. If you would like to give volunteering a go, please email us at or write your name on the whiteboard on Saturday morning.  If you're unsure about something, talk to Ray, and he will show you how easy it is.

Thank you to Sequel Café for giving us coffee vouchers to reward some of our volunteers. This morning Jono and Dave were the recipients and the Willis family also received a pizza voucher kindly donated by Gareth. Sequel makes lovely coffees, so if you'd like to join us for the after parkrun get-together, you'd be very welcome. It's a great way to get to know people a little better!

Thank you too to our parkrun sponsor, The Athlete's Foot, who help to keep parkrun in New Zealand free for everybody.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Barry Curtis parkrun Results Page.

Barry Curtis parkrun started on 25th May 2013. Since then 3,921 participants have completed 38,015 parkruns covering a total distance of 190,075 km, including 5,774 new Personal Bests. A total of 298 individuals have volunteered 3,000 times.


Run Report 3 July 2021

Barry Curtis parkrun
Event number 400
3rd July 2021

Guest Report from Dan Joe

It was very cold and frosty this morning where it didn't stop our 163 parkrunners and 19 volunteers from showing up. It was also the 400th event today and for those who contributed to bringing a plate to share for the occasion, we would like to thank you for contributing to the occasion, although our 8th parkrun birthday was 6 weeks ago. Maybe the numbers were a bit smaller than usual as there might have been some regulars who have travelled to the new North Shore parkrun, who had their inaugural today. Grant LINCOLN achieved 100 first placed overall positions last weekend. Big congratulations and may there be more goals to tick off.

A photoshoot of how fast the food was taken at the 400th parkrun milestone run is shown below

3 July 2021

Barry Curtis is also a name that I am also familiar with as my in-laws live on a street named after this parkrun in Levin, which is just over an hour's drive north of Wellington. I have always wanted to run at this parkrun as there has been so much history about the name itself, especially when it was named after the former mayor of Manukau City between 1983 till 2007. 

This weekend also marks Matariki new year, which is going to be our 11th national holiday commencing next year around the Maori lunar calendar. Matariki is well known in our New Zealand history and in Wellington city, they stopped displaying Guy Fawkes in 2019 in lieu of Matariki new year in its place. Maybe other cities and towns may follow suit and I believe it is a council decision to change that. Hopefully this could potentially help those to have a longer weekend, which could possibly lead to some parkrun tourism.

We had a few people who were doing their debut parkrun. There were 13 first timers to the course, 5 of whom have started their debut parkrun for the first time. They are as follows: Logan ABBOTT, Michelle BARRY, Wietske OLTHUIS, Zihan ZANG and Benny JEKEL. In terms of visitors, I was the only one from the Wellington region who was in attendance today, otherwise there were a few others from other Auckland parkruns who also visited this parkrun for the first time. There were 2 milestones today, one official and one unofficial. 23 new personal bests were also achieved. Congratulations to Delwyn SMEDLEY on completing her 50th milestone and Chris LAWRENCE on completing his 150th parkrun today. Every unofficial milestone is a step closer to the next big one!

Volunteers are the real heroes of parkrun, which makes all of our events happen. Today’s event was led by run director Ray FREEMAN. The other volunteers are as follows: Zachary BRYANT, Selina CHAN, Mia FALETANOAI, Fishy. (Lyn) FISCHER, Gail FLEMING, Rosalie FREEMAN, Dan JOE, Keegan KOKKE, Brian KWOK, Grant LINCOLN, Ronald LOBJOIT, Kawal MATHARU, Richard Julian MATTHEWS, Karen ROUT, Andrew SHALLARD, Caitlin SHALLARD, Delwyn SMEDLEY and Jono WILLIS.

This parkrun is also my 24th New Zealand course and I hope to slowly accomplish all of the parkruns nationwide one day. Which includes all of the new courses in other parts of the country that will be starting up. As most of us are getting to know our parkrun community better the past year, the dedication of setting up an event and for those to show up is a remarkable effort.

On a side note, you can always write run reports at any parkrun that does not often put it up as a volunteer role. It is great to do run reports and it is a good way to improve on your writing skills to sum up an event. More information about this role can be found here

Thank you for reading and hope to see some of you at another parkrun soon!

Many Thanks,

Dan Joe

Thank you to Dan for this great report.  We are pleased you were able to enjoy our parkrun, our celebration and our hospitality.  We wish you well in your personal challenge to get to all parkruns in New Zealand - with the number of new ones opening all the time, that is a moving target.  We hope to see you again Dan.



Run Report 26 June 2021

Barry Curtis parkrun
Event number 399
26th June 2021

Guest Report from Nigel Milius

Seventeen years ago in 2004 when parkrun was born in the UK, Sir Barry Curtis was Mayor of Manukau City, and his eponymous park was farmland. The first stage of the park as we know it today was opened in April 2009, at 95 hectares the largest park to be developed in the Auckland region since the Auckland Domain in 1840. When he stood down as mayor in 2007 he had held the position for some 24 years. At the time, the longest serving mayor in New Zealand history (since superseded by Tim Shadbolt) so it was perhaps fitting that such a feature was named after him.

To the best of my knowledge, Sir Barry never actually took part in a parkrun, though he evidently had some interest in sport being a patron of both the Auckland Hockey Association and the Pakuranga Tennis Club. However, a bit of research tells me that others who share his name have. Among the 7 million plus people who have registered for parkrun worldwide since its inception, there are 6 Barry Curtises. Two have never actually used their barcodes, one has run just once, one twice, and the other two, 6 times each. Between them they have taken part at 7 different events, all in the UK. I wonder if any of them are aware that that there is a parkrun here, on the other side of the world, that shares their name?

The run starts along John Walker Boulevard. To anyone of my age and interests, a much more famous name than the former mayor! Olympic 1500 metre gold medallist in 1976, he was also the first man to run a mile in under 3.50 and his New Zealand record over that distance still stands today. If that pace were to be maintained over the 5km of parkrun, it would give a time of just over 12 minutes! 

Nobody got near that today of course, but compared to most of us there were still some pretty speedy folk out there this morning. First home, in 17.44, was David Brown. Great way to celebrate your 150th parkrun David, well done. Also reaching that unofficial, but still noteworthy, milestone was Tristan Nicholls in 21.14, congratulations to you too. 

A regular visitor from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, was taking part for the last time on this visit (sorry, I didn’t get your name) but is someone who I’m sure will return again, and as far as I’m aware, the only other out-of-towner was myself from Cooks Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula. This would appear to be supported by the fact that all bar one person (according to the results) in the field of 134 had run here before. That person was Raj Konkala who was running his first event anywhere. Welcome to the parkrun family Raj, you’ve already used your barcode more times than one third of the registered Barry Curtises, and hopefully you’ll use it again many more times in the future. There may have been others, there was certainly a lady at the first timers briefing, but if you don’t have a barcode you don’t show on the results. Welcome to you too, but get yourself a barcode!

First female home today was Gretchen Bourdillon in 19.26, one of 14 people (over 10%) to record PB’s. This is particularly impressive given that most people out there today are old hands at this course. Well done all of you, I think this high percentage of PB’s illustrates how parkrun encourages people who may not have done much before to get out there exercising, getting fitter, and enjoying all the physical and mental benefits it brings. It doesn’t matter whether you’re breathing down the neck of David Brown, or keeping tailwalkers Gurcharanjit Singh Mahli and Maninder Mahli company at the other end of the field, parkrun is truly for everyone.

One regular here at Barry Curtis who wasn’t present this morning also deserves special mention. Grant Lincoln was being a tourist at University of Waikato today where he clocked up his 100th 1st place finish. Most parkrunners will never see that number 1 token (unless you volunteer to hand them out of course) so to collect 100 of them is nothing short of astounding. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke either, well done Grant.

The team of volunteers were ably led this morning by Peter Rout, today’s run director, who called for more volunteers to step forward. Our favourite, free, timed 5km can only take place each Saturday because this fine band of people turn out to scan barcodes, keep time, tail walk and do all the other necessary jobs each week. And guess what? The best thing about it is you too can volunteer. Just contact the team, tell them what you’d like to do, full training will be provided and it’ll add a whole new dimension to “parkrunday”. As Peter pointed out, if everyone volunteered just 1 week in 10, the regular appeals for help would be superfluous. Nice to see Event Director Maria Shallard actually running today (though still doing the results processing). With more volunteers, those who give their time frequently may also be able to run more often. Don’t just think about it, do it!

Another part of Saturday morning to me is heading to the post run café to replace the calories so recently lost. The Sequel Café admirably fulfilled this role this morning and apart from the delicious breakfast, I particularly like the way one long table is set out for parkrunners each week. If you’re there on your own, as I was this morning, go along and join in, good coffee, good food and good company.

Having said that, perhaps leave it until the week after next, as next week, there’s a special event at Barry Curtis. Even though the park itself is new, the parkrun is one of New Zealand’s longest established events, with only Lower Hutt and Cornwall Park pre-dating it. Next week, it reaches the notable (unofficial) milestone of its 400th event. The intention is to have a shared picnic in the park following parkrun, so bring a plate of food and join in celebrating this important landmark. 

I wish all at Barry Curtis parkrun the very best for next Saturday, I hope the weather gods come to the party, and that, with the continued and valuable support of Manukau City Council (led for so long by the man for whom the park is named), you can enjoy another 400 parkruns here, and more. 

Nigel Milius, Cooks Beach

Thank you Nigel for your lovely report. Nigel has now completed Run Reports for all but one of the New Zealand parkruns. Quite an achievement! We hope to see you again soon Nigel. 



Run Report 19 June 2021

Barry Curtis parkrun
Event number 398
19th June 2021

The sky was dark and we could see the rain coming as everyone urged our morning briefing to be short and snappy.  We were pleasantly surprised at the good number of people who turned out, with 97 participants, despite the forecast weather conditions.

We welcomed 6 first timers to our parkrun, 4 of whom had decided to see through with their plan of taking that first step, despite the weather.  We assure you that it only gets better from here.  We had no national parkrun visitors, but we welcomed one excited Australian from Kalgoorlie, proudly wearing her 250 shirt for the first time.  Well done, and thankyou for joining us this week.

And we had some special milestones to celebrate, Hannah for her recent 50th event (she received a 51 balloon!) and Jordan, one of our regular juniors, for his 50th run this week, and Cheryl for her 300th event.  What a great achievement by you all.

And then we were off, and the heavens opened and the wind blew!!!!!!  Little did we know that just kilometres away in Wiri and Papatoetoe a tornado was wreaking havoc.  Our thoughts go to all those impacted by the devastation of that storm.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:


A big thankyou to our volunteers, and  to Chris and Seiko for again setting up a gazebo to provide some shelter for the barcode scanners.  Our coffee vouchers this week went to Seiko, Chris and Mia.  We would like to acknowledge Sequel Cafe for providing these vouchers for us to acknowledge our volunteers and parkrunners,  Sequel Cafe have great food and good coffee and friendly staff - they set up a big table for us each week - come and join us and join in the stories of the day's events.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Barry Curtis parkrun Results Page.

Barry Curtis parkrun started on 25th May 2013. Since then 3,900 participants have completed 37,570 parkruns covering a total distance of 187,850 km, including 5,729 new Personal Bests. A total of 294 individuals have volunteered 2,945 times.


Run Report 12 June 2021

Barry Curtis parkrun
Event number 397
12th June 2021

Guest Report from Peet Oosthuizen

155 of us were privileged on this slightly overcast day with a relatively mild temperature of 11 degree Celsius to complete this beautiful parkrun course. We hope that circumstances will return to normal for all 22 parkrun countries around the world as soon as possible.

We had an international visitor today from the UK. We also welcomed visitors from Blenheim parkrun, Puarenga parkrun in Roturua and Millwater parkrun.

The first male and the first female to finish the parkrun were respectively Jack Ryan and Shamiso Sisimayi.

Congratulations to our juniors who achieved PB’s today. They were: Timothy, Archie, Olivia, Zachary, Lihini, Siyumi, Dan and Jessica.

Also congratulations to Jordan who got the Junior Points trophy for the past year.

And congratulations to Ian Ross who achieved his 2nd age group record at University of Waikato last week.

Participants with more than 250 parkruns who participated today were:

Ian Ross (357)
Malia Toa (334)
Shamiso Sisimayi (330)
Grant Lincoln (319)
Cheryl Hill (299)
Carl Hardley-Rout (268)
Peter Rout (266)
Alfred Kuiper (263)
Seiko Whitely (263)
Danie La Grange (261)
Karen Rout (259)

Parkrunners with more than 100 different parkrun events/courses were:

Peet Oosthuizen (129) in 10 countries

Elise Heyns (107) in 7 countries

This week 155 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 12 were first timers and 21 recorded new Personal Bests.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Barry Curtis parkrun Results Page

Barry Curtis parkrun started on 25th May 2013. Since then 3,894 participants have completed 37,473 parkruns covering a total distance of 187,365 km, including 5,727 new Personal Bests. A total of 291 individuals have volunteered 2,927 times.

Hope to see you all parkrunning next week!

Peet Oosthuizen

A big thankyou to Peet, one of our visitors this week, who offered to write the run report for us.  It is so lovely to get offers of help from our visitors. We hope to see you again soon Peet.