Run report #225, 23 January 2021

Another beautiful Hawke’s Bay morning with barely a cloud in the sky prompted 149 people to propel themselves around the 5km course. History was made when our first person to cross the finish line was not from this august group of runners or walkers. It is believed that for the first time at Anderson Park, our first arrival was one of our lucky eight, notably younger, parkrun participants who travelled the 5km by buggy.

While travelling the course on three wheels seems to be one way to go, a large number of people made it to the park on two wheels, with 19 bikes and two scooters leaning on the trees near the finish line. Rumours that some had travelled by supermarket trolley were quickly put to bed by Eric, who had rescued it from elsewhere in the park so that it could be returned to the New World supermarket.

Many people made it to our Napier course from other places, including Queenstown, Lower Hutt, Hobsonville Point, Botany, and even the UK. There were 13 people for whom this was their first Anderson parkrun.

The wind seemed to pick up as the morning went on, but not enough to stop the great effort from 20 people who recorded their personal best times today: Vaughn PHILLIPSONJacob WHITEHEADPhilippa MACKAYCraig SMITHEugene HWANGEugene HWANGNoah ONUMAChris HARVEYMaria CRESSEYAlan CRESSEYIain DE JOUXEdmund FISHERKatherine SHAWTodd ALEXANDERDianne PARKMegan LEAHYLarry CRABTREEWendy MCCLUSKEYAndy SINCLAIR and Linda GORELY.

First to finish were Michael SINCLAIR + passenger (19:02), Kevin HARVEY (19:30) and Kieron BATT (20:12). The first three females today were Philippa MACKAY (24:39), Kathrin SILLER (24:47) and Kathy EGGERS (26:05).

No parkrun would go ahead without the commitment of our fantastic volunteers, today comprising Dave BARKER (Run Director), Justin COWENTheresa COWENJulie CUMMINSPeter EDMEADChloe EICHSTADTCindy-Let EICHSTADTMike HAYESJoanne MAGILLEric OPPERMANEric PHIMISTERJenny TODD and Sal TURI.  Dave demonstrated not only his ability to direct a run, but also his exemplary skills in crowd estimation.

Congratulations to everyone who completed Anderson parkrun today.  Extra special congratulations go out to Kathrin Siller, who ran her fiftieth parkrun.

Justin Cowen


Run report #214, 21 November 2020

It was a lovely day for running, and 104 people agreed. The grass was well watered – by sweat this time. Attendance has been over 100 for two weeks now, so it looks like we’re inching back to normal.

Today’s hi-viz heroes were: Shayne CRABTREE (Run Director), Caleb ARROWSMITHTheresa COWENTrish CUMMINSPeter EDMEADEmmison GEARJulianne LINDSAYKatie LINDSAYRoslyn MANNMaria MCLEODFaye NORTHEEric PHIMISTER and John RHODES. If you decide you want to volunteer but you forgot to write your name on the clipboard, please send us an email ( as soon as you can. It is really helpful if we know early in the week.

Congratulations go to Phillipa LAYTON and John RHODES who completed their 100th parkrun today. John has also carried out 56 volunteer roles. He is the one who lugs the large equipment crate to the park soon after 7am every Saturday, puts out the flags, sets up the finish funnel and makes sure the signs are in position. When he gets home he washes and sorts the finish tokens ready for next week. Thank you John. Your fellow parkrunners appreciate what you do.

Another notable milestone was achieved by Ian ELGIE and his daughter Suzanne ELGIE who notched up their 50th parkrun today. They did their first together two years ago. Ian’s progress was interrupted for several months while he recovered from an injury but away he went again. Now they have their eyes on the big 100. Congratulations to you both.

Six people parkran (that is now a word) for the first time today. Welcome to: Neil SPANHAKE, Tye HUSHEER, Michael COX, Ellsie STEWART and Carole WALTERS. Another nine fronted up for their second, which is often as hard as doing the first one. Well done Jacob WHITEHEAD, Dianne BULLED, Morgan VAN VELDHUIZEN, Fraser PEARSON, Amber STEWART, Patrick STEWART, Lynda FORREST, Liam HOULISTON and Stevie RANGIAWHA.

The two front-runners set a blistering pace and crossed the line still sprinting. Unfortunately, they were visiting from Taranaki to go to some rugby match and their parkrun barcodes didn’t make the trip. The next three were Jason WAIN (19.46), Mark FISHER (20.02) and Brad LAWSON (20.17). That was Brad’s first parkrun since February and the occupants of his buggy were a bit bigger today than they were then. So well done, and welcome back, Brad.

The three fastest females were Dianne BULLED (24.59), Sarah LEE (25.30) and Meg DIRKS (25.31).

Fifteen people found that today was a good PB day. Congratulations to: Jacob WHITEHEAD, Sal TURI, Jarrod POPPLESTONE, Andrew SANDERSON DOLLERY, Pete REVINGTON, Morgan VAN VELDHUIZEN, Boe STITSON, Fraser PEARSON, Cindy-Let EICHSTADT, Janelle ZAME, Mark LAYTON, Edmund FISHER, Liam HOULISTON, Steve HOULISTON and Stevie RANGIAWHA.

The top three age-grade percentiles were achieved by Dianne BULLED (74.45%), Steve LINDSAY (74.3%) and Perry NEWBURN (73.52%).

Much earlier this year we introduced you to Jean-Fabien BARROIS who undertook to run 5km every day during 2020 to raise awareness and funds for the NZ Mental Health Foundation. He is still on track to complete his challenge, having continued his 5km per day throughout the difficult times the year has presented. If you get the chance please give him encouragement to get through the last few weeks. If you want to know more about his cause get in touch and we’ll send you a link to his information.

Looking ahead – we plan to offer an extra parkrun on Christmas day and New Year’s day (both Fridays) on condition that enough volunteers are available. We have a Run Director for each and will need a minimum of four helpers. A decision on these events will be made well in advance, so please let us know if you can help.

Have a great week. See you all next parkrun day.


Run report #213, 14 November 2020

This was going to be an 'excuses' run report but it seems as though none were needed so I'll save those up. Earlier in the week it looked as though this was going to be more of a parksplosh but the lake went down and the stream went back between its banks. Instead, with warm sun and a light wind, you'd never know that the excitement of the heaviest rain since the last time had flooded the region and threatened our space. So that's all right then. We turned out for a pleasant day and welcomed a number of visitors from around the country and one from Australia – a novelty in these times. Gidday.

Extra special thanks to the volunteers : Dave BARKER (Run Director), Justin COWEN, Theresa COWEN, Julie CUMMINS, Peter EDMEAD, Mike HAYES, Anna JACKSON, Maree LANGFORD, Roslyn MANN, John RHODES, Hans Peter ROMBOUTS and Ken SANDERSON.

It was a nice introduction to the joys of parkrun for the first-timers: Stevie RANGIAWHA, Caroline ROWE, Paul JAMIESON, Beth ALDRIDGE, Chloe EICHSTADT, Lynda FORREST, Patrick STEWART, Amber STEWART, Cindy-Let EICHSTADT, Fraser PEARSON, Jacob WHITEHEAD and Mark REID. Welcome – goodness, that's 12 out of 106 participants who were first-timers! And for six of those, today was their first parkrun anywhere. That doesn't count the shy ones who didn't print a barcode and so didn't get their names recorded. You can work out where you were by the names around you. Now go and print one off and we'll know who you are next week...

Each of the above set a PB (personal-best) time by definition. Add to them the following: Steve HOULISTON, Amanda EMERY, Leigh PERRY, Sarah MCALLUM, Amy DOVE, James SMITH, Boe STITSON, Pete REVINGTON, Jeremy MIHAKA-DYER, Andrew SANDERSON DOLLERY, and Kyle BLYTH. That's a good effort, considering the head wind.

The first flying females were: Emmison GEAR in 22:06, Kathrin SILLER in 24:54 and Philippa MACKAY in 26:32.

The first three males across the line were: Mark REID 17:59, Robin MOORE 19:18 and Matt SUCKLING in 19:20, split by an unknown. Looks like a close tussle there.

Today’s top three age-grade percentiles were recorded by our first-finisher and first-timer, Mark REID, with 82.02%, Trish CUMMINS with 79.23% and Perry NEWBURN with 72.62%.

Congratulations to Donna CAMPBELL for completing 50 parkruns today. Rather unusually, there were no other big milestone (50/100/250/500) runs recorded, but I see there are a number of people approaching 100 parkruns soon, and a few just short of 50. There are also a few who will see 150 before Christmas so well done to you all. No shirt for that one but a round of virtual applause anyway. Welcome back to Kieron BATT and Janneke VAN ROOIJEN. Now with a buggy to push, Janneke managed her first parkrun outing for quite a few months while Kieron notched up his 201st parkrun today. It was good to see them both back on the course.

That's all for today – see you all for Anderson parkrun #214.

[Apologies for the lack of photos today – there was no film in the camera!]


Restart of parkrun 4 July 2020

We are jumping for joy at the prospect of restarting parkrun this Saturday 4 July. There is a lot to celebrate! If you are planning to do your first-ever parkrun, here is the link to register. Print your barcode and bring it with you.

In support of parkruns worldwide which cannot start yet, many New Zealand parkruns have ‘adopted’ another country to support. We will be sending greetings to Scotland in the form of video clips and photos. Any form of Scottish dress or accessory will add to our message.

Checklist in preparation for the big day:

1 Find your barcode or print a new one.

2 Dress in a celebratory way (either Scottish or your own brand).

3 Be there by 7.45


Anderson parkrun Event number 177 26th October 2019

It was a lovely morning for exercise at Anderson Parkrun during Labour weekend. No wind or rain and the sun came out by the finish. It was great to have several visitors come and enjoy our fun and flat parkrun here in Napier. This week 91 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 19 were first timers and 8 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 9 different clubs took part. The event was made possible by 8 volunteers: Thank so much to our helpers who were learning their roles and did a great job. Mark SMITH • Jason WAIN • Faye NORTHE • Caleb ARROWSMITH • Julie CUMMINS • Theresa COWEN • Sarah SEW HOY • Colin HOPKIRK. Thanks so much for your help. Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Anderson parkrun Results Page. Congratulations everyone. Anderson parkrun started on 28th May 2016. Since then 2,061 participants have completed 11,465 parkruns covering a total distance of 57,325 km, including 1,988 new Personal Bests. A total of 196 individuals have volunteered 1,340 times.


Run report event #173, 28 September 2019

This week’s parkrun was brought to you by the blustery nor-wester, which meant you battled a head wind in three out of four directions. Consider it on a par with running uphill – that’s why you felt so much better when you finished!

Nine people blew in for their first-ever parkrun: Steve, Lara and Sarah FERERO, Zara and Sarah HASSELMAN, Nicole MCLAREN, Donna HICKS, Claire DONKIN and Tony SNELL. Welcome all.

Five others were first-time visitors, so welcome also to: Patrick BARRINGTON (Evesham, UK), Michaela and Colin NOLAN (Nth Canterbury), Daniel SCOTT-WEEKLY and Mary-Beth ACRES (Rotorua).

Today we celebrated our first double milestone. Deanne ARROWSMITH completed parkrun number 100 on the same day as she made her 25th contribution as a volunteer. Not only that, she dressed up in a special garment she made herself from her father’s collection of ties. Check out this work of art in the photos. All of the ARROWSMITHS were out in support of Deanne – one running and three more volunteering. What an amazing family!

One thing Run Directors often comment on is that the number present at the pre-parkrun briefing is swelled considerably by the time everyone assembles on the start line. Please remember that, as a parkrunner, you have very few obligations. One is to bring your barcode and another is to attend the briefing. We realise that it is often repetitive but it might include warnings of special circumstances (eg hazards, a change of course) and it is also when we welcome visitors and first-timers, and celebrate achievements and special occasions. Thank you to those who are always there on time.

The three male frontrunners today were: Jonathan MOORE (18.22), Kairon PIMM (18.27) and Robert STRONG (19.36).

The females were led in by Kathy EGGERS (23.12), followed by Kathrin SILLER (24.56) and Jenny TODD (25.49).

Despite the wind, ten people managed to get PBs. Admiration and congratulations go to: Anna JACKSON, Estelle MINNIE, Glacier KARAITIANA, Hunter KARAITIANA, Theresa COWEN, Katrina RITCHIE, Ocean KARAITIANA, Kathrin SILLER, Sal TURI and Kairon PIMM.

To save you counting, eight of the KARAITIANA whanau were present today. That’s one up on last week and could well be a parkrun record!

The top three age-grade percentiles were recorded by Trish CUMMINS (77.9%), Jonathan MOORE (74.59%) and Kairon PIMM (74.25%).

The awesome volunteers for today’s event were: Eric PHIMISTER (Run Director), Emily ARROWSMITHCaleb ARROWSMITHDeanne ARROWSMITH, Dale ARROWSMITH, Kieron BATTAndrew MORGANFaye NORTHEAvril THORNTON and Trish CUMMINS.

It was nice to see Andrea WILLIAMS back in the fold. Many parkrunners will be able to identify with the frustration of regaining fitness after a break (whether it is from illness, injury or even a holiday). It’s comforting to know that there are plenty of like-minded people to support you in your return to your parkrun best.


Run Report #171, 14 September 2019

I asked some of my parkrun café buddies what they noticed today? Mumma black swan had 3 fluffy beige cygnets, the oak trees are covered in the most gorgeous green coloured new leaves, everyone had a spring in their step, most people were wearing less clothing, and the blossoms are showing us their beauty.

89 people were out there today, including Avril Thornton who did her 50th parkrun. Congratulations, you look very becoming in a red tutu. You should wear it more often.

It was a beautiful morning; the sun was warm, and the breeze was slightly cool, and just right for people, to push their boundaries and get PBs. 14 in total. Most impressive were our 2 visitors from Hamilton. Michael Peck on his 51st run, and Steve Rossiter on his 101st. Well done. You could tell Hamilton parkrunners that if they want a PB then come and visit us.

A warm welcome to our first- time visitors to Anderson Parkrun, Trevor Weaver from Lower Hutt, Joanna More from Taupo, and Gayle Simon from South Africa, and 11 first time ever parkrunners. Well done all of you, it was great to have you there and we look forward to seeing you again with the letters PB (personal best) next to your name. No pressure, just you against the clock!

Thanks to our fabulous volunteers today, we couldn’t do it without you, Deanne Arrowsmith, Megan Bigg, Glenn Campbell, Donna Campbell, Theresa Cowen, Justin Cowen, Julie Cummins, John Rhodes, Ken Sanderson and Mark Smith. We appreciate the encouragement from beginning to end.

The first (known) male front runners today were Mark Fisher (19.05), Michael Peck (19.14), and Erik Blomberg (19.49).
The first female frontrunners were Nikita Wain (20.20), Kathrin Siller (25.06), and Maria Mcleod (26.10).

Today’s top three age-grade percentiles were recorded by Michael Peck (77.30%), Nikita Wain (76.23%) and Carl PATON (73.03%).
It is just so good to see the young and the younger people coming to parkrun. There were 15 under 18-year olds today and some even littler ones in buggies. Bring a friend next week.

All the best to those of you who are doing the Hatuma 10km, half marathon tomorrow.
Have a great week. If it stays warm and sunny, we might get an extra run/walk/bike ride/hill climb in and see you next Saturday all chirpy and springy again.

Julie Cummins


Run report event #166, 10 August 2019

A grey, but mild morning greeted parkrunners at Anderson Park this morning. Still waiting for winter to arrive, unlike our fellow parkrunners in the South Island, some of which may have had snow or wind or rain and really cold.

Today there were 75 parkrunners in total. When asked if there were any folk doing parkrun for the first time, no-one put their hands up. Maybe these folk (Ezekiel KARAITIANA, Ocean KARAITIANA, Rain KARAITIANA, Texas KARAITIANA, Smilla MOLLER) were too shy to indicate they were new. No need to be shy. Welcome to the parkrun family and we hope you enjoyed the morning.

The calm weather was conducive to a few PBs being achieved so congratulations to the following folk who achieved a new PB today. Keep up the good work Carl PATON, Kevin CARSWELL, Glenn CAMPBELL, Kobus KOEGELENBERG Shlomo MOLLER, Marc KARAITIANA, Jola KOEGELENBERG, Makani TREIER-DEMPSEY, Joy MOLLER, Mark LAYTON, Maureen LYNCH, Helen MCGREGOR, Leigh JONES, Theresa COWEN, Margie OOSTHUIZEN, Donna CAMPBELL.

As always parkrun is run by volunteers so a big thank you goes out to the following people: Deanne ARROWSMITH, Joshua ARROWSMITH, Megan BIGG, Andrew JONES, Phillipa LAYTON, Maria MCLEOD, Eric PHIMISTER, John RHODES. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to run parkrun (pun intended).

As spring creeps up on us, the flowers will bloom and the ducks, and swans will have their little babies which will add some cuteness to the weekly run.

We look forward to seeing you again at the same place, same time and remember #DFYB (Don’t Forget Your Barcode)

Have a great week



Run report #155, 25/05/2019

Happy third birthday to Anderson parkrun! It was great to see the sunshine, the happy faces and all the balloons. Post-run cakes were supplied by Lynlie Clapperton, the local face of NZ Home Loans, and Julie Cummins. Many thanks to both of you.

As we celebrate our three years of parkrunning we also acknowledge a group of dedicated people who were instrumental in getting Anderson parkrun off the ground. Grateful thanks are extended to: Samantha NEWMAN, Robert HAAS, Kurt BOOTTEN, Megan COSTELLO, Philip SHAMBROOK, Louise SHAMBROOK, Kieron BATT, Richard MILLS and Nneka OKONTA. You can all be proud of what you started.

Brad LAWSON chose today to do his 50th parkrun and not only crossed the line first but got a PB as well (possibly because he’d left the buggy at home). George FISHER received his J10 certificate for completing his 10th parkrun as an under-10-year-old.

A birthday is good day to start parkrunning, which three people found out: welcome to Meredith JOHNSON, Michelle BRAIN and Steven DEW.

Briar TENPLETON, Lorraine SNYMAN (South Africa) and Samantha MINNIE (South Africa) did their first Anderson parkrun. Welcome to you too.


The first three females today were: Georgia DEARING (19.23) with another PB, Briar TENPLETON (24.09) and Sarah SEW HOY (24.16).

The first three males were: Brad LAWSON (18.10), Chey DEARING (18.21) and Mark FISHER (18.49). That was a really exciting finish!

The promise of cake motivated 22 people to achieve PBs today. Among them were several who have completed this course many times: Jason WAIN, Alice TURNER, Joanne MAGILL, Mark FISHER, Lucas KRZYWDINSKI, Samantha NEWMAN, Janelle ZAME (again!).

The top three age-grade percentiles were achieved by: Georgia DEARING (79.97%), Chey DEARING (78.47%) and Kevin HARVEY (75.72%).

The awesome team of volunteers and cheer leaders were: Mark SMITH, Donna CAMPBELL, Lynlie CLAPPERTON, Trish CUMMINS, Michael EASTWOOD, Sarah LEE, Florrie NAPTHEN, Nneka OKONTA, Eric PHIMISTER, John RHODES, Melissa THORBURN, Andrea WILLIAMS.

Congratulations to Run Director, Mark SMITH, who had the results processed and was at the football field by 9.35am. That’s got to be a record! Unfortunately, he had to miss coffee to do it.

On June 1 (next parkrun day) in the UK, a campaign is being launched to promote the idea of GPs ‘prescribing’ parkrun to help their patients manage chronic health conditions. Sam NEWMAN, a local GP, has made it her mission to spread the word among GPs here, to highlight parkrun as an easily accessible way to improve physical and mental health through exercise. Let’s all support Sam in her mission and welcome those who have been recommended to try parkrun for the good of their health.


Run report #154, 18/05/2019

The wintry white blanket awaited us this morning, and then came the glorious sunshine. There were a few comments about toes and fingers that remained insensitive – and that’s just the first taste of what’s to come! Being dry and not being blown to bits were reasons for gratitude.

Michael Eastwood clocked up his 100th parkrun today and he thinks Liam in his buggy is close to number 50. Congratulations Michael.

We spared a thought for all those participating in the Hawke’s Bay marathon, half marathon and 10km events. We hope you are all pleased with your achievements. Our reduced numbers were a reflection of this but what a great choice of distances we had this morning.

Six people were inspired to do their first-ever parkrun today so a hearty welcome to: Matthew HARVEY, Dawson HOWARTH, Dave HOWARTH, Glenn CAMPBELL, Megan WELSBY and Sarah HALL.

Nigel MILLWOOD was visiting from Auckland. His home parkrun is Western Springs but he has done 17 different events in NZ, Australia and UK. We’re glad you could join us for coffee Nigel.

The male first-finishers were: Chey DEARING (18.14), Matthew ADAMS (18.33) and Kairon PIMM (19.25).

The female first-finishers were: Georgia DEARING (19.46), Sophie HOGAN (20.27) and Heather MARDON (25.46).

Congratulations to Janelle ZAME who has done 16 parkruns since December 2018 and in that time has achieved 12 PBs. Today’s run was 16 minutes & 37 seconds faster than her first. Theresa COWEN had an amazing performance as well – she knocked 16 seconds off her previous PB from October 2018. Well done you two. PBs were also recorded by Carl PATON, Heather MARDON, Jens LIESEBACH, Tamara MUNZENMAIER, Diane BELL, Kirsty ROBBEN, Donna CAMPBELL and Roger PRICE.

Many people are puzzled by age grade percentiles. Age grading compares your time with the world record time for your age and gender. It shouldn’t be taken too seriously because it doesn’t take into account factors like terrain or weather conditions. As a rough guide, a percentile above 90 indicates world class level, above 80 national class level, above 70 regional class level and above 60 local class level. Today’s top three age-grade percentiles were recorded by Chey DEARING (78.98%), Georgia DEARING (78.41%) and Trish CUMMINS (77.02%). The age groups represented are 45-49, 15-17 and 65-69 respectively (that’s what makes it interesting).

Thanks to this week’s vital volunteers: Louise SHAMBROOK, Wendy APPERLEY, Cameron APPERLEY, Eleisha GEORGE, Eric PHIMISTER, Ken SANDERSON and Charles SANDERSON DOLLERY.

Today’s special mention goes to Philip SHAMBROOK’s tights. Adjectives ranged from eye-catching to obscene. They wouldn’t do for a shrinking violet!

NEXT WEEK is Anderson parkrun’s third anniversary. The run briefing will start a bit earlier than usual so please try to be there by 7.45. Bring a balloon with a message about what parkrun means to you, then carry the balloon while you run/walk or tie it to the shelter. You will be rewarded with cake afterwards.

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