Run report for event 237, 24 April 2021

It was a lucky day today – lucky that we didn’t get what we were promised. Instead, we were delivered brilliant sunshine, no wind, not a drop of water, and colouful autumn leaves everywhere! No wonder 134 people turned up to enjoy their walk/run before embarking on the rest of their ANZAC weekend. Commiserations to Brad LAWSON who also turned up but was deprived of his parkrun because of a major buggy malfunction (ie, a very flat tyre). I hope the skateboard session at the skate park was suitable compensation.

Congratulations go to Deanne ARROWSMITH who completed her 150th parkrun today, celebrating appropriately by sharing ANZAC biscuits.

Today’s team of worthy volunteers consisted of: Shayne CRABTREE (Run Director), Trish CUMMINSPeter EDMEADEdmund FISHERGeorge FISHERMark FISHERSally HOULISTONKatie LINDSAYAndrew MORGANEric OPPERMANTerina PARKINSONEric PHIMISTERJohn RHODES and Nicole SATTLER. Two weeks ago three members of the Fisher/Sattler family reached their 50th milestones and today the entire family were among the volunteers. We had a particularly strong tail-walking contingent! Another well represented group were the ‘walking injured’. Volunteering is a good way to stay connected when you are temporarily out of action.

Among those visiting for the first or second time were several who could be called ‘well-travelled’ parkrunners. There were some big numbers in the ‘total parkruns’ column with huge lists of different parkrun events in NZ and overseas. In this category are Richard BOYD and Jennie CADE (most recently, Auckland), David BROCKWAY (Christchurch), Maria HARRIS and Samuel HARRIS (Cambridge, NZ) and Alastair WILLIS (Lower Hutt). Other first-time visitors were Shayne BRYSON, Steve ORCHARD and Darlene ORCHARD (Weipa, Queensland), Gaynor BREHAUT and Ricky BREHAUT (Brisbane), Jarrod WALL, Melissa BISHOP (several places), Sian SHERRIFF (Auckland), Chris WINDSOR (Hamilton), Steve LOGAN (Kapiti Coast). Welcome to you all.

Welcome also to those doing their first-ever parkrun: Ellie MEYNELL, Jason MEGCHELSE, Joshua COOK, Abby GOLD, Lisa SOMERVELL, Tamara ROSCOE and Darrell MAYSON.

Sixteen people achieved PBs in the perfect conditions. Congratulations to: Brendan PHEASANT, Alastair WILLIS, Gareth NICHOLL, Pietro CARIGA, Rachel MEEHAN, Renee NICHOLL, Chris GERBES, Gayle SIMON, Matt DONKIN, Melvin LEE, Kevin MCGORRY, Steve HOULISTON, Luke BAKER, Richard BAKER, Yoshie ONUMA and Jordan FONTAINE.

The three front-running men were Chey DEARING (18:31), Brendan PHEASANT (18.57 – his first in under 19 minutes) and Jackson MCKAY (19.08).

The first three females were: Nikita WAIN (24.04), Rachel MEEHAN (24.27) and Jennie CADE (24.35).Very best wishes to those whose training is in full swing for the Hawke’s Bay Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km events on 15 May – only three weeks to go!

Coming up on 22 May is Anderson parkrun’s 5th birthday celebration. Our 4th birthday passed us by completely so get ready for this one. Since it falls on a 22 day, it will be a tutu day. If you have joined us since the last time a Saturday was a 22, be prepared for a flurry of tutu-wearing runners, walkers and dogs, just as there will be at all the other parkruns in New Zealand. Because it’s also our birthday there could well be additions to the tutu attire. Stay tuned – more details later.

In the meantime, stay upright and move forward. See you next week.

Trish Cummins