Run report, event #235, 10 April 2021

Congratulations to those who took part in one of the other events on today. Those who woke up and heard the rain, and then turned over and went back to sleep – what a pity! Everyone else (54 of you plus the 14 volunteers) – good on you! We knew the rain would stop before the starting hooter sounded. After the first lap, Edmund was kept busy carrying discarded clothing back to the shelter.

The volunteers, armed with an array of gumboots, raincoats and contraptions for keeping the timing and scanning devices dry, were not daunted by raindrops. Many thanks to: Roslyn MANN (Run Director), Kieron BATTTheresa COWENTrish CUMMINSPeter EDMEADConnor HEYWOODSally HOULISTONAndrew JONESMegan LEAHYEric OPPERMANEric PHIMISTERJohn RHODES and Hans Peter ROMBOUTS.

Rachel MEEHAN and Brent KWAI were not put off their first parkrun by the prospect of getting wet feet. Welcome to you both.

We had some interesting milestones today. Congratulations to all of the following. Keith VINCENT did his 150th parkrun and Ken SANDERSON did his 150th Anderson parkrun (of 220 altogether). Daniel SPARLING could be described (in parkrun terms) as being of no fixed abode because he has travelled around a fair bit, but Anderson parkrun was where he happened to be for his 50th parkrun. The FISHER Family Fifty has taken some careful planning to bring together and today they did it! Nicole, Mark and George ran as a unit and finished together, even managing a synchronised celebratory leap en route. Eight-year-old George achieved his goal of becoming the youngest Anderson parkrunner to earn his 50 t-shirt. That certainly warranted a cake – thank you for sharing it with us all.

The front of the field was led by Jason WAIN in a personal best time of 18.25. He was followed by Chey DEARING (18.44) and Kevin HARVEY (19.35).

The first three females were: Sophie HOGAN (22.14), Nikita WAIN (23.31) and Rachel MEEHAN (25.18).

It was a perfect day for PBs and six people took advantage of that. Congratulations to: Jason WAIN, Daniel SPARLING, Carol CHEN, Martin HAYES, Lisa HAYES and Jesse CAMPBELL (who ran the whole 5km for the first time and knocked almost 12 minutes off her previous best).

Steve LINDSAY topped the age grade percentiles with 77.8%, Chey DEARING scored 77.49% and Kevin HARVEY 74.72%. Jason WAIN, Perry NEWBURN and Maria MCCLEOD also reached the 70s.

Huge congratulations to Giles PEARSON who has just completed the Te Araroa Trail which extends from one end of NZ to the other. It took him 115 days altogether and he still turned up for parkrun. I wonder how long it took to shave off the beard.

Reminder: Tomorrow (11 April) is the day that George FISHER tackles all of the trails in Te Mata Park, a total of 19km, to raise funds to buy native trees for the park. If you would like to support him by running with him or making a donation for native trees, check out the link in the comments below this report.

Trish Cummins