Run report #238, 1 May 2021

A mild autumn morning greeted us into the month of May. It is going to be a very active and busy month for many. It is hard to believe that this time last year we were still not able to gather for parkrun due to COVID lockdowns and restrictions. Even more amazing that some countries are still not back to parkrun yet (although I hear some countries are looking to return soon)! The park is looking lovely in the autumn colours and perhaps a few extra ducks taking shelter in the ponds today.

Congratulations to Peter EDMEAD who completed his 25 volunteer milestone last week. Peter is often seen either standing on fountain duty, cone in hand, at the beginning of the morning to ensure none of us end up tangling with said fountain, or on the finish line as timekeeper, token holder or bar code scanner!

We had three new participants join us at parkrun for the first time. Welcome to Harrison DOLLEY, Ben MITCHELL and Ebba BURTON. We hope you enjoy many more parkruns in the future!

A number of seasoned parkrunners joined us this morning for their first or second visits, including Liam FOLEY (Hagley), Michael PAWLEY (Cambridge), Mark COFFEY (Lower Hutt), Andrew TUNNICLIFFE (Millwater), Bruce SOMMERVILLE (Lower Hutt), Hannah FOLEY (Flaxmere), Michelle COFFEY (Lower Hutt), Grace NELSON, Caitlyn NELSON and Petrina NELSON (all from Rhodes, Sydney). Welcome to you all.

The pace was hot at the front with the first three men over the line close together: Chey DEARING in 18:44 (first over the line for the 3rd week in a row!), Kieron BATT (19:04) and Mike HAYES (19:14).

Not to be outdone, the first female finisher Aniela APPERLEY (20:33) was 8th overall setting a new PB on the way, followed by Rachel MEEHAN (24:01 for a new PB) and Kathrin SILLER (24:39).

Conditions were favourable for the 13 who set new PB times today - Mike HAYES, Aniela APPERLEY, Caleb ARROWSMITH, Rachel MEEHAN, Joshua COOK, Amy DOVE, Lauren BALLANTYNE, Kirsty ROBBEN (welcome back Kirsty), Carol CHEN, Matt DONKIN, Steve HOULISTON (trying to keep us with his wife), Anna JACKSON and Carrell MAYSON.

As always, parkrun is not possible without the weekly volunteers, so thanks to all this week’s volunteers: Eric PHIMISTER (Run Director), Megan BIGG, Theresa COWEN, Julie CUMMINS, Trish CUMMINS, Peter EDMEAD, Sally HOULISTON, Sarah LEE, Wendy McCLUSKEY, Terina PARKINSON, Giles PEARSON, John RHODES and Mana WHAREPOURI.

All the best to those who are heading to Rotorua for the Rotorua marathon next weekend and to those who are peaking with their training ahead of the HB marathon the following week.

Keep planning for our fifth anniversay celebration on 22 May. In addition to the tutu you will be wearing, it is suggested that you decorate some part of your outfit (eg, t-shirt, hat, the tutu itself) with something that represents the number 5. In case you were wondering – there will be cake!

Sally Houliston


Run report for event 237, 24 April 2021

It was a lucky day today – lucky that we didn’t get what we were promised. Instead, we were delivered brilliant sunshine, no wind, not a drop of water, and colouful autumn leaves everywhere! No wonder 134 people turned up to enjoy their walk/run before embarking on the rest of their ANZAC weekend. Commiserations to Brad LAWSON who also turned up but was deprived of his parkrun because of a major buggy malfunction (ie, a very flat tyre). I hope the skateboard session at the skate park was suitable compensation.

Congratulations go to Deanne ARROWSMITH who completed her 150th parkrun today, celebrating appropriately by sharing ANZAC biscuits.

Today’s team of worthy volunteers consisted of: Shayne CRABTREE (Run Director), Trish CUMMINSPeter EDMEADEdmund FISHERGeorge FISHERMark FISHERSally HOULISTONKatie LINDSAYAndrew MORGANEric OPPERMANTerina PARKINSONEric PHIMISTERJohn RHODES and Nicole SATTLER. Two weeks ago three members of the Fisher/Sattler family reached their 50th milestones and today the entire family were among the volunteers. We had a particularly strong tail-walking contingent! Another well represented group were the ‘walking injured’. Volunteering is a good way to stay connected when you are temporarily out of action.

Among those visiting for the first or second time were several who could be called ‘well-travelled’ parkrunners. There were some big numbers in the ‘total parkruns’ column with huge lists of different parkrun events in NZ and overseas. In this category are Richard BOYD and Jennie CADE (most recently, Auckland), David BROCKWAY (Christchurch), Maria HARRIS and Samuel HARRIS (Cambridge, NZ) and Alastair WILLIS (Lower Hutt). Other first-time visitors were Shayne BRYSON, Steve ORCHARD and Darlene ORCHARD (Weipa, Queensland), Gaynor BREHAUT and Ricky BREHAUT (Brisbane), Jarrod WALL, Melissa BISHOP (several places), Sian SHERRIFF (Auckland), Chris WINDSOR (Hamilton), Steve LOGAN (Kapiti Coast). Welcome to you all.

Welcome also to those doing their first-ever parkrun: Ellie MEYNELL, Jason MEGCHELSE, Joshua COOK, Abby GOLD, Lisa SOMERVELL, Tamara ROSCOE and Darrell MAYSON.

Sixteen people achieved PBs in the perfect conditions. Congratulations to: Brendan PHEASANT, Alastair WILLIS, Gareth NICHOLL, Pietro CARIGA, Rachel MEEHAN, Renee NICHOLL, Chris GERBES, Gayle SIMON, Matt DONKIN, Melvin LEE, Kevin MCGORRY, Steve HOULISTON, Luke BAKER, Richard BAKER, Yoshie ONUMA and Jordan FONTAINE.

The three front-running men were Chey DEARING (18:31), Brendan PHEASANT (18.57 – his first in under 19 minutes) and Jackson MCKAY (19.08).

The first three females were: Nikita WAIN (24.04), Rachel MEEHAN (24.27) and Jennie CADE (24.35).Very best wishes to those whose training is in full swing for the Hawke’s Bay Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km events on 15 May – only three weeks to go!

Coming up on 22 May is Anderson parkrun’s 5th birthday celebration. Our 4th birthday passed us by completely so get ready for this one. Since it falls on a 22 day, it will be a tutu day. If you have joined us since the last time a Saturday was a 22, be prepared for a flurry of tutu-wearing runners, walkers and dogs, just as there will be at all the other parkruns in New Zealand. Because it’s also our birthday there could well be additions to the tutu attire. Stay tuned – more details later.

In the meantime, stay upright and move forward. See you next week.

Trish Cummins


Run report, event 236, 17 April 2021

An autumnal feel greeted our parkrunners/walkers this morning. It was a mild, windy morning, but certainly one eye was being kept on the looming dark clouds hovering in the distance. Fortunately the rain kept away whilst 124 came out this morning (double last week’s participant numbers)!

A few milestones were celebrated. Congratulations to Jenny PEARSON who reached her 100th parkrun and Daniela SALZMANN who completed her 25th volunteer role. Sarah LEE did her 150th parkrun in Tauranga earlier in March and today we were able to capture her photo.

Keith VINCENT, who did his 150th parkrun last week, today celebrated a big birthday so congratulations again Keith. Enjoy your new elevated status.

Welcome to parkrun first-timers Drew PORTER, Renee NICHOLL, Elsie LUCAS and Jordan FONTAINE. Drew set a cracking time of 21:51. Welcome also to Angela NEILSON who joined us at Anderson parkrun for the first time today, having done most of her parkruns in Melbourne, and also to Hannah JAMES-JOHNSON, a well-travelled parkrunner.

Conditions proved to be very good for setting PBs, with 21 achieving new best times today. Congratulations to Brendan PHEASANT, Paige GEAR, Daniel SPARLING, Mark BOYD, Ken MACLAREN, Adam SPENCER, Luke HAWKINS, Rachel O’SULLIVAN, Anna DAWSON, Nic DURKIN, James WAKEFIELD, Nadia LIESEBACH, Larissa FONTAINE, Febe OPPERMAN, Adair OOSTERBROEK, Edmund FISHER, Gayle SIMON, Liam HOULISTON, Steve HOULISTON, Larry CRABTREE and Yoshie ONUMA.

First men over the finish line were Chey DEARING in 18:38, Brendan PHEASANT 19:03 and Kieron BATT 19:45. Brianna LEE was the first female to finish (and third overall) in 19:18, followed by Paige GEAR 20:50 and Nikita WAIN 23:22.

There were two people on the course today with quite large ‘total parkruns’ to their names. Alison SPEAKMAN and José JONES (now a ‘local’) have both done over 200 parkruns at Lower Hutt and they have both notched up many different events. Alison’s total is 279 and Jocé’s is 278.

Congratulations to young George Fisher who last Sunday ran all the trails in Te Mata Park to fundraise to plant native trees in the park. He raised over $1000 towards this project – well done George!

Without the volunteers, parkrun would not be possible so thank you to Dave BARKER (Run Director), Deanne ARROWSMITH, Megan BIGG, Trish CUMMINS, Peter EDMEAD, Sally HOULISTON, Andrew JONES, Maria MCLEOD, Nneka OKONTA, Eric OPPERMAN, Eric PHIMISTER, John RHODES and Daniela SALZMANN.

Enjoy your weekend, see you all next Saturday.

Sally Houliston


Run report, event #235, 10 April 2021

Congratulations to those who took part in one of the other events on today. Those who woke up and heard the rain, and then turned over and went back to sleep – what a pity! Everyone else (54 of you plus the 14 volunteers) – good on you! We knew the rain would stop before the starting hooter sounded. After the first lap, Edmund was kept busy carrying discarded clothing back to the shelter.

The volunteers, armed with an array of gumboots, raincoats and contraptions for keeping the timing and scanning devices dry, were not daunted by raindrops. Many thanks to: Roslyn MANN (Run Director), Kieron BATTTheresa COWENTrish CUMMINSPeter EDMEADConnor HEYWOODSally HOULISTONAndrew JONESMegan LEAHYEric OPPERMANEric PHIMISTERJohn RHODES and Hans Peter ROMBOUTS.

Rachel MEEHAN and Brent KWAI were not put off their first parkrun by the prospect of getting wet feet. Welcome to you both.

We had some interesting milestones today. Congratulations to all of the following. Keith VINCENT did his 150th parkrun and Ken SANDERSON did his 150th Anderson parkrun (of 220 altogether). Daniel SPARLING could be described (in parkrun terms) as being of no fixed abode because he has travelled around a fair bit, but Anderson parkrun was where he happened to be for his 50th parkrun. The FISHER Family Fifty has taken some careful planning to bring together and today they did it! Nicole, Mark and George ran as a unit and finished together, even managing a synchronised celebratory leap en route. Eight-year-old George achieved his goal of becoming the youngest Anderson parkrunner to earn his 50 t-shirt. That certainly warranted a cake – thank you for sharing it with us all.

The front of the field was led by Jason WAIN in a personal best time of 18.25. He was followed by Chey DEARING (18.44) and Kevin HARVEY (19.35).

The first three females were: Sophie HOGAN (22.14), Nikita WAIN (23.31) and Rachel MEEHAN (25.18).

It was a perfect day for PBs and six people took advantage of that. Congratulations to: Jason WAIN, Daniel SPARLING, Carol CHEN, Martin HAYES, Lisa HAYES and Jesse CAMPBELL (who ran the whole 5km for the first time and knocked almost 12 minutes off her previous best).

Steve LINDSAY topped the age grade percentiles with 77.8%, Chey DEARING scored 77.49% and Kevin HARVEY 74.72%. Jason WAIN, Perry NEWBURN and Maria MCCLEOD also reached the 70s.

Huge congratulations to Giles PEARSON who has just completed the Te Araroa Trail which extends from one end of NZ to the other. It took him 115 days altogether and he still turned up for parkrun. I wonder how long it took to shave off the beard.

Reminder: Tomorrow (11 April) is the day that George FISHER tackles all of the trails in Te Mata Park, a total of 19km, to raise funds to buy native trees for the park. If you would like to support him by running with him or making a donation for native trees, check out the link in the comments below this report.

Trish Cummins


Run report, event # 234, 3 April 2021

It was the perfect morning for an Easter parkrun, the 234th event in the Anderson parkrun history. 119 runners and walkers were keen to work off some calories before indulging in hot cross buns and chocolate eggs.

Have you ever seen more first-timers and visitors than at today’s first timer briefing? Great to see so many people giving it a go. A warm welcome to the parkrun family to Katie SMITH, Gareth NICHOLL, Ken MACLAREN, Kayla KRUGER-BOTHA, Glenn LUCAS, Levi KRUGER-BOTHA, and Amelia KRUGER-BOTHA.

Many parkrunners joined us today from across New Zealand. Zachary BOUDA, Jonathan BOUDA, Heather BOUDA (Hamilton), William DAWSON (Auckland), Saul BUTLER (Wellington), Mike HOSEGOOD (Wellington), Brooke KINAJIL-MORAN (Wellington), Julie SWINDEN (Wellington), Colin LITTLE (Taupo), Chris MCGIRR (Auckland), Anthony HORN (Palmerston North), Solly HEYDENRYCH (Palmerston North), Linda RAWLINS (Wellington), Jon ROSKVIST (Wellington), Carol CHEN (Flaxmere) and Ann TYLER (Wellington).

The first flying females today were first-timer Katie SMITH (21:21), Nikki COX (21:36) and Katie LINDSAY with a new PB (22:13). The first males sprinting across the finish line were Mark FISHER with a new PB (18:27), Kieron BATT (19:22) and Brendan PHEASANT (19:28). Well done you!

The cooler temperatures and the absence of the dreaded head wind (when coming past the playground) helped several parkrunners achieve their personal best. Congratulations to Mark FISHER, Katie LINDSAY, Matthew KEOGH, Martin VENTER, Kathrin SILLER, Samantha NEWMAN, Mark BOYD, Jens LIESEBACH, Noah ONUMA, Luke HAWKINS, Boe STITSON, Olivia FIELD, Michael GUNN, Lyrissa FONTAINE, Megan PALMER, Matt DONKIN, Mark LAYTON, Lisa HAYES, Caroline ROWE, Wendy MCCLUSKEY, Zoe MASON and Yoshie ONUMA.

Today, the best place to hang out would have been near our tail walker and Easter Bunny Deanne ARROWSMITH who carried a heavy basket of Easter eggs (what a workout!) around the park. Great stuff Deanne! And, of course, thanks to the other fabulous volunteers: Mark SMITH (Run Director), Caleb ARROWSMITH, Emily ARROWSMITH, Donna CAMPBELL, Glenn CAMPBELL, Peter EDMEAD, Anna JACKSON, Nneka OKONTA, Eric OPPERMAN, Kathrin SILLER and Keith VINCENT. Please have a look at next week’s volunteer roster; there are still some roles to fill. Simply email to to get involved. The tasks are easy and there are plenty of people to help. See you all next Saturday!

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