Lower Hutt parkrun 350 – 8 December 2018

On the 8th day of Christmas, parkrun gave to us….

Eight buggies running
Seven (+4) volunteers
Six(teen) first timers
Five 10 and unders

Four under bridge bits
Three plus twenty PBs
Two milestones
On a warm, still December morning!

Yes a lovely morning saw 198 runners and walkers set off along the river on Lower Hutt's 350th parkrun (plus AJ on lead bike who also then walked the course!).

Always nice when we turn on some good weather, enjoyed by 16 first timers today - a big welcome to: Henry GAJARDO RIVAS, Douglas INNES, Frank ERCEG, Grant WHOLEY, Mary LENIN, Rebecca NEWNHAM, Murray PARKER, Amy INNES, Liam WEAVER, Samantha HILL, Timothy HUO, Catherine GILBERT, Aimee FITZJOHN, Kate KAURI, James EMBURY, and Rachel DAVEY. We hope you'll all be back to join us again in the future!

Conditions were also good for PBs, with 23 new "best times" set this morning by: Bruce LAMBERT, Alastair STEPHENSON, James SHEPHERD, Ross MITCHELL, Bill WANG, Ravi BHARATHAN, Shane DEVITT, Joshua RUTTEN, Brian THOMSON, Lucy BEST, Jess CALDWELL, Colleen CUMMING, Kerry SCANNELL, Niamh O'DONNELL, Rhys SCANNELL, Amelia HAXTON, Natasha JELBERT, John ROBERTS, Elliott NAUDE, Isaac CROOK, Jing WANG, Siobhan VAN OOSTENDE, and Kiri EVANS. Congratulations to each and every one of you!

There may have been more first timers or PBs lurking amongst the 16 unknown runners who joined us this morning. Please remember to bring your barcode or, if you haven't registered yet, do so for free at https://www.parkrun.co.nz/register/ so all your future runs or walks get logged for posterity!

And with Christmas and New Years coming up, remember you can take your nifty barcode to any parkrun in the world and enjoy a Saturday 5km just like if you were at home. This time of year also brings some special events, with some parkruns putting on Christmas runs and the rare double being offered on New Years at a couple of locations too (Dunedin/Balclutha, Lower Hutt/Porirua) - you can check all those out at http://www.parkrun.co.nz/special-events/

Finally, a big thank you to the volunteers who helped make it happen this morning: Alastair WILLIS, Andrew JONES, Cate SHAVE, Daxa GOVIND, Donald COLEY, Joanna MARTIN, Joce JONES, Mark MALONE, Ross SMITH, Saul IRELAND and Toby IRELAND. Volunteer positions are still available for the last three Lower Hutt parkruns of the year, so if you haven't done three volunteer duties yet in 2018 now's your chance to fill them up - see what jobs need to be done at http://www.parkrun.co.nz/lowerhutt/futureroster/, and then get yourself signed up for one by emailing lowerhutthelpers@parkrun.com

Finally, wishing everyone a very safe and relaxing time over the holiday season, wherever you may be and whatever your plans are.

Signing out for 2018,
Cate SHAVE (parkrunner and wanna-be-Christmas-jingle-writer)


Lower Hutt parkrun 349 – 1 December 2018

Can you believe that we are into December already? That means an extra parkrun for the month, if you choose. This year Porirua are holding a special Xmas day parkrun, so not only can you participate on the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22th and 29th you can get a 6th dose of fun on the 25th. How cool is that, 6 parkruns in a month!! Check out http://www.parkrun.co.nz/special-events/ for a listing of all extra parkruns around NZ over the festive season, note the times as they may differ from our normal 8.00am starts.

So parkrun 349, the 1st day of summer and a welcome sight it was that it was fine overhead. I imagine it was a slight bit wet underfoot though? I say that as I actually didn't run Lower Hutt this week, instead I drove over the Remutaka's to the relatively new Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun, but as I left the Hutt it was a beautiful morning.

There were some well-travelled visitors this week, folk whose home parkruns are in England, Scotland, Australia, along with those closer to home, Porirua and Auckland. I hope you all enjoyed your trip to the Hutt. There were also 8 people who participated in a parkrun for the very first time, welcome to Elliot BELL, Conon FORD, Finn VAN LEUVEN, Nick KALIVATI, Mikaela BOWMAR, James PRESLING, Siobhan VAN OOSTENDE, and Hans LEHMANN. This is the beginning of your own parkrun story. Aside from Nick & James who have earlier registration numbers the others have registration numbers in the 5 millions, ranging from 5,131,300 - 5,178,300. So that means we are now part of the more than 5.1 million registered parkrunners throughout the world.

Every weekend worldwide there are around 1380 parkruns, with around 225,000 - 250,000 people participating and 21,000 people volunteering. There are also another 260 junior parkruns (not in NZ) with 15,000 enthusiastic kids running 2k, helped by 4,800 volunteers. That is a huge number of people out enjoying themselves every weekend. But it also shows how involved the parkrun movement is within the many communities and people's lives throughout the 20 countries where parkrun is situated.

Congratulations to Gary MAXWELL, Bruce SOMERVILLE and Lucy MELLSOP all running their 50th this morning.

Lucy is one of our younger runners (JW10) who regularly attends with her family to enjoy parkrun. Lucy has over her time run 21 PB's, and improved that PB from her first time of 55.52 to 28.14. How incredible is that. Well done Lucy, you rock.

Since I'm in a stats mode here are some more, (non official parkrun milestones, but impressive nonetheless) featuring some of our Lower Hutt runners. Lizzi ELTON-WALTERS completed her 50th different parkrun course around the world (known as a ½ Cowell) on Saturday in Greytown. So that is a total of 302 runs, 48 PB's, together with volunteering on 52 different occasions. Her parkrun journey starting way back in Cardiff on 5/11/2011. Gina FOSTER also ran her 150th parkrun in Greytown. Over the next few weeks look out for actual parkrun milestones as a number of our fellow runners are entering the 250 club.

A huge thank you to Jared BOTHWELL, Maria Jessa DE ASIS, Megan FERRY, Brent FOSTER,
Joce JONES, Andrew JONES, Walter SOMERVILLE, Rachel STEVENS, Bill TROMPETTER, Glen WARNER, Alastair WILLIS, all our volunteers this week.
Brent FOSTER (parkrunner & statistician??)


Lower Hutt parkrun 348 – 24 November 2018

Saturday started fine for 218 parkrunners to get out of bed early on a Saturday morning to get their fix of a parkrun.
Of course some would be  rewarded with a possible PB but a lot would be looking forward to their after parkrun coffee fix and chat.
I was not expecting to be doing another run report so quickly but because the call was put out there were quite a few volunteer rolls empty I decided to do my 25th volunteer to claim my purple t-shirt. As so often on a Saturday morning who ever is the run director they say that all the volunteer jobs are easy to do. Not only am I doing this report but I helped Joce collect the turn around cones and signs and carry them back with a little help (but cant mention his name) from the lead bike. If there was such a thing at Lower Hutt park both Joce and I also were the tail end charlies as well. We both had lots of fun walking the 5kms as well. So anyone can do the volunteer roles quite easily.
I was walking with Joce because we had both done the Queenstown marathon event last Saturday so weren't keen like a few others that I know off who did and good on them for running again at parkrun. I could use the excuse of resting and recovering these old bones. I do know of someone just a few years older than me who has just run the length of NZ from Cape Reinga to Bluff in just over 18 days with no rest days and claimed a new record for doing that. Simply can't imagine doing over 100km every day.
Firstly I must give a big shout out to Mary WALKER who not only reach a milestone 100 parkruns but also was one of 29 other runner/walkers who got a PB. Well done to each and everyone of you.
Welcome to all the 1st timers who came along to our lovely course there were 22 of you in total. I hope the 15 who it was their very 1st park you will come back next week to do a PB. The remaining 7 parkrunners must have been from either other NZ parkruns or from overseas ones and may come back in the future to do our lovely course again.
Lastly I must thank the other volunteers for helping out in whatever job they did so that everyone else could do their run/walk. So look on the board and stick your name against the role you choose for next week or future weeks, it is really fun.Warren BURKE, Jan CADWALLENDER, Daxa GOVIND, Neil HAXTON, Joce JONES, Andrew JONES, Ann KING, Stu LESLIE, Mark MALONE, Mark MORGAN, Ross SMITH, Sam VISVALINGAM
Till next I volunteer have a great week

Lower Hutt parkrun 347 – 17 November 2018

What a great morning for 200 parkrunners to complete the 347th Lower Hutt parkrun. There was a slight headwind coming back, but hey, we live in Wellington and wind in one direction or another is expected right?!

It was great to see several visitors and first timers this week. I hope you find your reason to come back and join us again.

parkrun is run by volunteers, it is really easy to do if you haven’t volunteered before, and it is a great way to meet fellow runners. This week I would like to give a big shout out to those that made it run smoothly, they were; Tracy ANDERSON, Donald COLEY, Margaret DONOVAN, Brent FOSTER, Susan HAYNES, Stu LESLIE, Heather LEWIS, Mark MALONE, Glynis NG, Sam VISVALINGAM, Ryan WALKER.

Another shout out goes to our milestone runners.

Congratulations to Lizzi ELTON-WALTERS on 300 parkruns (WOW!). Matt TORBIT on 50 and Tamara THOMSON on 50. Such great achievements, and thanks to Lizzi for the delicious fudge post run!

It has been exactly 1 year since I wrote my first run report, and I’ve written a few more since then. In the first report, I wrote about my parkrun story, what I love about it, and what makes me come back to parkrun time and time again.

One of those reasons was diabetes.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and Wednesday 14th November marked World Diabetes Day, so what better week to write my report, and theme it on something that is very personal to me.

I am Holly, I am a regular parkrunner, and I am a Type 1 diabetic.

Type 1 diabetes is an auto immune disease caused by the immune system attacking and destroying its own healthy insulin producing cells. Without these cells a person cannot survive. A Type 1 diabetic depends on daily insulin injections or an insulin pump to control their blood glucose levels.

It is estimated that in New Zealand 240,000 people have diabetes, with a further 100,000 undiagnosed. Type 1 diabetes accounts for about 10% of this number.

Type 1 diabetes can't be prevented, and there is no real way to predict who will get it. Nothing that you do could cause the disease. And although it cannot be prevented (or cured), it can be managed through a combination of medication, healthy food choices and exercise.

Personally I manage my diabetes with an insulin pump, testing my blood sugar several times throughout the day (and overnight), carb counting everything I eat to give myself an accurate amount of insulin with each meal, eating food that I know will not spike my sugar levels, and exercise. With diabetes there can be a whole list of complications that are associated with it, but with careful management, these can be prevented. There is no break from diabetes, once a person has type 1 diabetes, it does not go away and requires lifelong treatment.

If a person has a high blood sugar it is called a hyperglycaemia. The immediate solution to bring the sugar levels back down is to give insulin. Prolonged high sugar levels can become severe and lead to serious complications.

If a person has a low blood sugar it is called hypoglycaemia. These too can have dire consequences. Exercise can cause a low blood sugar, so it is important to carry some form of glucose or fast acting sugar whenever you are doing physical exercise. Personally I have a little pack of jellybeans that accompany me to parkrun each week.

Diabetes is never easy or ever predictable. Swings in blood sugar levels can be caused by several factors including; type of food, time you ate, weather, stress, poor injection site, bad batch of insulin, hormones, temperature, illness, exercise etc.

Exercise in particular can be tricky to manage, and you have to be very careful. But it also has huge benefits.

If you know someone is diabetic, or see someone acting out of character who is stumbling, disorientated, slurring their words, or even in a coma, please get them medical attention straight away. Call an ambulance immediately if they are in a coma or having a seizure. If they can still manage, assist them to have fast acting sugar like juice, lollies, honey or some other form of sugar, and stay with them until they are comfortable and their sugar level is back to normal.

Diabetes is not all doom and gloom, it has never once stopped me from doing anything, it is just good to be armed with the knowledge of how to help.

The theme of World Diabetes Day this year was family (Whanau). Whether it’s your mum, dad, sister, uncle, best friend, partner or just a friend that you know with diabetes, let them know that you are thinking of them and are there to support them if needed at any time. Ask them more about diabetes and arm yourself with knowledge of how you can help if the situation arises. It is also a great reminder that if you are concerned about a family member or friend, get them to see a doctor. Symptoms of diabetes include; needing to pee a lot, drinking a lot, tiredness, loss of weight (amongst other things). If you think you are at risk, or are having similar symptoms, please don’t delay and seek medical attention.

From me to my family, thank you for always looking out for me. Diagnosed at age 5, I never truly understood how hard my parents would have had to work to manage my diabetes for me until I had children of my own. My parents had to live it with me. And now my husband and children live it with me, they support me and make sure I have everything I need to manage my diabetes well.

I know of at least 4 others who run Lower Hutt parkrun, so please if you haven’t already, come say hi. It is nice to know others in our community who live with the same daily struggles.

Hope you feel more informed now about Type 1 diabetes, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Thanks for listening

Holly Couch


Lower Hutt parkrun 346 – 10 November 2018

As hoped for the morning dawned fine for parkrun apart from the slight southerly. After the rain and wind on Friday the course was not too bad especially the grass turn around by the time I got there. So many more parkrunners than last week with 169 getting up to join in the fun. There was a couple of parkrunners visiting from Wales so hope you enjoyed our lovely course.

Looks like it was a great morning for PBs as there were 16 of you that achieved that result. Well done to all of you.

There were 15 1st timers at Lower Hutt parkrun so I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Of those 15 there were 6 of you that it was your 1st parkrun so I hope you come back next week and the following weeks as well.

Looking over the results for yesterday it doesn't seem as though there were any milestones for this week but I do see quite a few of you are getting close and maybe by Xmas will have reached whatever milestone number you are going for.

Of course we are still getting the unknowns so please do remember your barcode so each run/walk counts.

As always we must mention the role the volunteers do as without them all the rest of us would not be able to do the parkrun/walk. So if you haven't done a volunteer check the roster each week to see if there's any gaps. They are all quite easy to do as I'm finding by doing the run reports lately and can still have a run counted


I'm away again next week doing my very 1st half marathon in Queenstown. So if any of you are also going other than the few I do know about perhaps we might get to see each other at some point.

Have a great week and hope this great weather we are having continues so you can get out and enjoy it.



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